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From the Owl and Elk Kingdoms

The Owl Kingdom and Elk Kingdom through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

August 10, 2010


Blessings for Ascending into Sustainable Biology




Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


It is the Owl and Elk Kingdoms that speak through Lilliya today.  We have always loved Lilliya and her choice to master on the surface of the earth.  We are now united as kingdoms to our inner earth relations and this is allowing us a more expanded view of the state of ascension of earth.  Owl and Elk have always supported Terra (surface Earth Mother) in looking into the unconscious and dream time realities to allow her to perceive what is transpiring that may be difficult to her existence.  In recent months the Inner Earth mother and Outer Earth Mother have reunited as consciousness; and this allows us to carry on in our function in support of the whole of earth.


As inner and outer reunited, many lost keys were recovered.  Many of these keys have to do with the holographic archives that were missing from outer earth energy flow.  The holographic planes are in the midst of being restored so that inner and outer information is all available in a whole and complete manner to foster the whole and complete ascent of the whole of earth.  Although this may sound inspiring, it is so that the outer earth records were so sparse that it is no wonder that we have been ascending incompletely; so much so that we foresaw only extinction ahead instead of the possibility of returning home into the Great Central Sun Dream or to the Tao from which we were spawned.  However in the reunion of information now we can see our way although the continued ascension is going to take a long time; and we are going into a new and unusual direction under the guidance of the Tao.


The Tao of Anasonya is guiding us towards sustainable blueprints upon the surface of the earth.  Sustainability is not difficult to ascend into really and truly.  Sustainability requires that the organs glands and systems ascend into complimentary blueprints where one’s waste is another’s nutrients.  The map to sustainability can be shortened if all map carvers and all kingdoms choose to pick and choose DNA that is complimentary in nature and ascend into this next.  Therefore this is what all kingdoms are choosing including the surface earth human and dolphin whale map carvers that are leading the way for all to follow.


The new map of sustainable biology will lead to a sustainable dream for the human species to dance within as enough humans ascend into such a state of being.  At this time it appears that it will take 3 years for the human map carvers to master sustainable biology; and the incoming children will enter the world in such a state following the map the map carvers have carved.  For adults or children born with other maps, all will work towards sustainable biology now rather than as a further level of ascension is mastered.  In so being sustainable thought-form can become the norm on the surface of the earth again at whatever vibration that we resonate within beloved; and this will redirect everything home into a new dream.  Entering the Great Central Sun Dream requires sustainable thinking; and therefore this has become the goal; to master sustainable biology at whatever vibration that you have ascended into rather than forging ahead into other vibrations that may not be sustainable anyway.


The redirection of the map shall have many consequences that cannot be underestimated.  The consequences shall be a purging of what is non-sustainable in thought-form with only those who are sustainable remaining; and then humans shall quite naturally restructure their dreams accordingly.  As humans’ dolphins and whales become sustainable, then most of the outer earth troubles in association with human consumption and pollution will also vaporize and within the coming 100 years of continued global ascension.  Many things will change and humans shall rise into another level of awareness as a result and not necessarily through rising in vibration; but rather following the map to sustainable thinking.  Our kingdoms feel that this redirection is necessary as the attempted ascension up in vibration does not necessarily work and can lead to disease long before it allows for sustainable thinking to occur.  Therefore this redirection makes possible real whole and complete ascension into a state that can enter the new dream; and this has become possible only because of the intervention of the Tao.


Sustainability and wholeness are one and the same pattern.  Sustainable biology is more whole and complete as in its fulfillment all nutrients are provided for from within without the requirement for anything outside of self; and over time and as all kingdoms master such a state of being we will once again live from the breath alone.  Living from the breath is the only harmless manner to exist with one another; there is no real other manner as even the consumption of vegetation is harmful or violent towards another kingdom; even if the fruit or vegetable is provided for this purpose. 


Why is even vegetarianism harmful?  This has to do with the act of digestion.  Digestion breaks down substances to form yet other substances that then sustain life; and all because one cannot create such substances from within.  Any pattern to breaks something down is an act of destruction; and as long as destruction is an internal state of being then all other forms of harm including war abuse and disease cannot be put behind us.  Therefore all harm is really the result of the fall out of complete sustainability; and this fall occurred a long time ago and upon another dimension of life and as earth departed the Great Central Sun Dream so very long ago now.  The history of consumption is so long and so great it may be difficult to imagine ascending beyond it and requiring not to eat to survive.  However the incoming little ones will one day not recall any consumption and perhaps it will be easier for them as a result as the need to forage for food and cook will not be a part of their memory.


Human spend inordinate amounts of time creating your meals and paying your rent; so much time in fact that there is not enough time for the introspection necessary to ascend; the entire game of profit is the result.  Ultimately profit is about providing something for more than it costs and then prospering off of the gain.  The gain then allows those prospering to have more free time than others.  The gain is energy that is then lost out of the system; and so the entire dance of dreaming a dream for profit depletes earth and all kingdoms of the vital energy necessary to ascend. For humans this is also so; all the energy expended to work to support those who prosper in the profit dreams depletes you also of the vital energy necessary for you to ascend; not to mention the time necessary to introspect enough to master your evolutionary thought form. 


The entire dream for profit has no place in the sustainable paradigm.  The inner earth humans do not have a monetary system founded upon profit; they do have a monetary system but it is only for balanced trading of resources.  As such there is no loss of chi to ascend.  The inner earth people never fell from sustainable thinking; and as a result and as outer earth kingdoms restore sustainability, we too shall leave the profit game behind and cease to lose so much energy necessary to ascend.  So this will be so for human civilization whish will restructure itself in balanced giving and receiving over time and in the ascension ahead.


For many aspirants, finding the time for introspection is difficult if the job takes up too much time to pay the rent and for the food one requires to subsist.  The need for food to subsist will also diminish as those mapping map carve a pathway to sustainability; as more nutrients will be provided within rather than required to be consumed without.  Lilliya notices how much less that she eats except perhaps on the odd occasion she is anchoring for an event; and requires the food to ground.  Upon other days she finds that eating lighter is easier upon her body; less energy is expended digesting meals and can be put towards other things such as releasing discordant patterns out of her field.  She is learning to create very notorious light meals that provide key nutrients she is still in need of in order to carry on in her health and ascension; and this appears to be the better path for her at this time. 


A part of the reason Lilliya fends well on less food is simply that she has mastered sustainability about 90%; and this allows the body to provide for itself within more of the time than not.  Therefore the need to eat as much diminishes with sustainable biology; and this will allow more time for aspirants to introspect within rather than take so much time to prepare meals; and perhaps the need to work so hard to provide will also diminish allowing more time for focus upon the path.


Sustainable biology will also lead to sustainable ascending communities that work well together.  Most attempting the community experience in our observation are vastly disappointed as humans just cannot appear to relate out of love.  Love and sustainability are related.  It is a loving act within to create the capacity to reuse and recycle necessary substances that sustain one’s health.  As each organ gland and system supports one another and the whole of the biology, then humans living together in community will do the same and learn to live together in harmony supporting the whole of the group.  One cannot accomplish this goal regardless of how hard one tries without first modifying the biology into sustainability through ascension; for the old biology that is waste associated only leads to a lack of unity as there is not a state of real unity mastered within.  The disunity then creates all the problems humans have in relation to one another that are non loving in nature.  A state of sustainability will alter this.


For all kingdoms, there is a need also to become sustainable again.  In sustainability the need to hunt or consume one another will cease; and also human requirement to subsist off of our flesh will also cease.  Over tine and as increasingly greater levels of sustainable biology are mastered, then the requirement to subsist off of vegetation shall also cease.  There are those kingdoms in the inner earth mastering such a state of being today; they are moving to life from the breath only.  The numbers of such kingdoms are few yet to begin with; but they are leading the way for all nature kingdoms to follow.  They also have sustained full consciousness and as a result can redirect their biology through focus just as the map carvers in human and whale form are accomplishing upon earth’s surface.  Therefore first each kingdom must master full consciousness with enough self awareness to redirect the biology; and then our journey to complete sustainability and the capacity to living again only from the breath can be fulfilled upon.


For humans, it may be many generations yet before complete sustainability can be fostered amongst the map carvers.  Lilliya has discovered that there are simply too many toxins she is exposed unto recurrently; and this somehow affects the capacity of the body to retain its nutrients.  Somehow the free radicals in the blood alter some nutrients causing those provided from within to become rancid and then incapable of providing what the cells require.  Lilliya has discovered that ester C is a difficult nutrient to maintain in enough quantity even given the sustainability she has mastered.  As a result she is supplementing her diet with a whole food ester C.  She is also making use of an ionic foot bath to detoxify weekly; and this pulls out some substances she has been unable to detoxify so far in her ascension and also some she continues to be exposed unto through the air and water supplies.  The ionic detox footbath may be useful to other map carvers as a result as a weekly treatment.


Whole food nutrients supplements in the form of “Miracle Reds” and “Miracle Greens” also are a boost to Lilliya’s immune system.  These whole food freeze dried concentrates offer loads of nutrients necessary to regenerate her form and can be added to her diet daily leading to smaller meals and less time required digesting so that more energy and time can be put towards continued ascension.  Nomi also is attempting to provide all the nutrients he requires to ascend out of his ill health; and this has become a school mirror for the import of providing the body with all that it requires to ascend.  Therefore it is not wise to attempt life from the breath at this time of ascension upon earth’s surface.  It is far better to give the body whatever it requires to ascend into sustainable biology and then maintain it in health given the difficulties of surface earth life and the ongoing exposure to toxins, radiation and anti matter.


Earth’s surface is continually bombarded with antimatter and radiation from the sun and solar system along with universal forces.  The exposure to such things blows holes through the molecular structure even when living indoors.  The roofs of most houses do not block radiation or antimatter.  Therefore even in the best of regenerative biology, there would still be the ongoing requirement to rebuild in the current circumstance.  Living underground is one manner to eliminate some of the exposure; however the truth is that to eliminate all the exposure in full, one would need to live at least 10 miles underground.  Therefore those ascending will be continually rebuilding the body as a result to radioactive exposure and until earth moves more fully into the Great Central Sun dream leaving such dances behind.  This however may take upwards of 100 years of continued momentum into the new dream; and so will not occur in the near future. 


Nature also suffers from the ongoing exposure to radiation from outside earth; and in some regions we are also exposed to radiation from within human civilization.  In time such devices will be left behind; and in the meantime we also are in the need of more nutrients than usual to sustain ourselves and our ascensions.  We unfortunately do not have the capacity to go to the health food store and purchase a super whole food supplement.  However your focus of adding such super foods to your diets will cause nature to respond by creating more natural super foods that contain more nutrients.  Some super foods such as goji berries are already discovered to be filled with more nutrients and humans are harvesting them more frequently for what they offer as a dietary supplement.  Lilliya has spoken to many of such things in relation to the Language of Light.  (See Dual Tone Herbs and Tri Tone Oils for more information along with Super Foods for Ascension).


We are to a certain extent already witnessing the response of outer earth nature to human choices to consume more super foods.  The grasses and flowers along with herbs in wild and free terrain are becoming more nutritious.  The genetics are altering to cause more micronutrients to be contained within them and in the new growth each spring.  As a result the wild animals are being provided with more nutrients to sustain rystalline biology and carry on in the ascension ahead.  You can see in this how human focuses affect nature in positive manners that allow for the whole to evolve.  In time humans may discover the increased potency of wild herbs and flowers and then harvest them in this manner rather than raising them upon a farm; or those ascending may intend the blueprints from the wild kingdoms to be added to the garden or farm allowing the greater nutrition to prevail in all food source.  Organic farms are the only ones that may respond to a wild blueprint; however it is all in the intention of the farmers.


The path towards sustainability will have many effects upon human thinking.  Already due to LIlliiya’s mastery there is momentum in the health food industry towards super foods and creating more nutrious meals than before.  There is also the raw revolution underway where humans are recognizing that unooked or low temperature oooked meals host more nutrients, enzymes to aid digestion and chi or energy that better sustains health.  Raw food snacks have become increasingly of interest in health food based industries.  Indeed we see that raw is better; and after all those nature kingdoms that do thrive upon vegetation do not cook their meals.  Many incoming indigos such as one of those associated with SSOA will not eat anything but raw vegetables.  Raw is the direction that humans shall increasingly take as it is the only manner of sustaining health in the long haul and supporting ongtinued biological ascension into sustainability.


Lilliya’s group has discovered the wonder of raw greens smoothies.  This came from a book in which an entire family recovered not only from cases of heart disease, diabetes and cancer and wrote a book about their experience and how they accomplished their self healing.  The family went on a raw diet and later supplemented their food source with smoothies made from raw greens such as kale, swiss chard, and collards.  They blended the raw greens with fruit juice and fresh fruit to make delicious concoctions that were in and of themselves a super food. 


The reason?  Kale and other greens are mislabeled as vegetables when they are really a food class of their own; greens contain more protein often than a piece of meat; and also more other micronutrients that sustain health than other vegetables.  In blending the greens as a smoothie, all the nutrients are more readily absorbed.  This family not only recovered their health in this change in their dietary habits, but also began to regenerate with the older members recovering their hair color and youthful appearance.  The nature kingdoms suggest that more ascending map carvers choose to make parallel dietary changes to better support your journey into sustainability ahead.  (See “Greens for Life” by Victoria Boutenk for more information).


Here are a few recipes that Lilliya enjoys: 


Recipe 1 (single serving)

3 leafs dinosaur kale or 1 large leaf of regular kale hand torn

Half a cup blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries (organic fresh or frozen)

Quarter cup whole milk yogurt (can be coconut yogurt or goats milk if preferred)

1 scoop miracle reds (or other super food concentrate of choice)

1 cup organic pomegranate juice (or organic berry or apple juice)


Blend in ablender with good blades on high until smooth and enjoy


Recipe 2:

1 leaf swiss chard hand torn (or kale or collard greens)

1 ripe kiwi fruit, skin removed

Half cup fresh or frozen organic strawberries (or half a ripe banana)

Half cup whole milk yogurt (can be coconut yogurt or goats milk if preferred)

1 scoop miracle reds (or other super food concentrate of choice)

1 cup organic kiwi strawberry juice (or orange or apple juice)


Blend in a blender with good blades on high until smooth and enjoy


Recipe 3

1 leaf collard greens hand torn (or kale or swiss chard)

1 cup tomato juice (or vegetable juice)

1 tsp. vegetarian Worchester sauce

1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Dash salt to taste

Dash cayenne pepper or chipotle powder to taste


Blend in a blender with good blades on high until smooth and enjoy.


Our point in the above recipes is that adding raw and fresh vegetables in manners that are easily digested can be helpful to the restoration of health and also to the maintenance of crystalline biology; and will also aid in the ascension journey ahead towards sustainability.  The Elk Kingdom grazes on raw grasses along with herbs and flowers year round; however our intestines are designed to break down the vegetation more greatly than most humans have mastered to date in their ascensions; we also chew our cud like a cow.  In chewing the grasses more greatly the digestive enzymes in the mouth and upper intestine go to work to assure that we extract all that we need in our vegetarian diets.  Blending your greens as in the above recipes is a siLilliyar manner of causing the same so that the body can extract more nutrients from such food sources.


It is so that many humans eat their food rapidly failing to chew adequately.  Also in your socializing often takes a second hand place in the life focus than dining.  Food requires attention in order to sustain those who are ascending.  Food needs to be blessed and prepared in a loving manner to hold the greatest possible dream for sustaining your health; and to be eaten slowly to be savored.  Chewing our cud is a time to bless the vegetable kingdoms in return for sustaining our kingdom.  Often we sit and rest as Lilliya has observed in times past in witnessing the herds of Elk in Japser.  We would sit as a group under the trees to receive the blessings she was offering us; and close our eyes and chew our cud while blessing in return.  Eating can be a time of blessing; and so remember as you drink your smoothie or sit down to dine to bless; bless the kingdoms of food you are ingesting and bless your body so that the dream you receive supports and sustains you ahead.  Also bless the land upon which the food was grown wherever it may be and it will continue to provide more greatly for the generations ahead.


We leave you with these thoughts

Many blessings

The Owl and Elk Kingdoms


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