Ancestor Buddha by Brigitte Rondeau



Ancestor Buddha through Lilliya
August 17, 2010




Dear Beloved upon the Conscious Path of Ascension,


We the collective consciousness of Buddha wish to speak forth again today.  We wish to share about some of the recent understanding gained upon the path of ascension and due to the map carving upon the surface of the earth.  The map carvers gathered in Big Sky this year and under the guidance of Anasonya to aid in the polarity reversal of earth and the human kingdom into a new direction of wholeness.  The polarity reversal was in part successful and as the map carvers gather again this fall in Maui, the reversal will be considered complete for this year.  All told there are eight years of reversals ahead and this is the first of seven more to follow that shall redirect the human dream in a new direction towards love as the foundation of your civilization.


Love has been vastly missing out of the human dream and needs to be restored in order to enter the new dream of the Great Central Sun with earth.  Love is like a shattered experience in the extreme polarities between inner and outer; on earth’s surface nothing loves; and that which loves often has its love confiscated and moved into the inner earth or to other creators and creations.  Love is also consumed by forces that do not wish to allow love to flourish; and this is reflected in the vast dance of lovelessness that most humans experience in your dreams.  How did we fall into such great extremes that lovelessness has become a way of being beloved?


In the Tao each creator is beloved unto one another.  However something that has transpired here in the Tao’s examination that leads to such great loss of love that all is dying; for without love all creations fall a part as love is the glue that holds creators and creations together.  Lilliya has been pondering the lovelessness that is reflected in Nomi’s ill health along with her own circumstances of loss of vision; and has come to conclude that love somehow fails to do its job; and somehow dissipates before it can ever lead to self healing.  Furthermore often those of grand master archetypal nature give their love to others who are deemed needing the love more than oneself; and this then leads to enough lack love and then the inability to self heal leading ultimately disease and destruction; for if the body does not get enough love it withers and then dies; and if the life has not enough love, abusiveness and hatred in all its varied forms flourishes.


How did we arrive in such a state of being as a species?  Humans are brilliant creators in the Tao that use love to foster the self healing of the most ailed circumstance; this is our job.  And yet somehow we fell into a circumstance of such extreme that the polarity of non love came to be; and in the non love, nothing can heal; nothing can recover; and there is no future other than extinction ahead beloved.  This Anasonya, the Inner Earth Mother, faces and is vying to cause a shift through polarity reversals over the coming eight years in human time; and if successful then humanity shall be redirected towards love as your new operating system ahead.  If unsuccessful then extinction is the only possible future; and this large Tao forces are vying to see if they can offset so that more is understood about how and why this type of extreme dance came to be.


Lilliya has been exploring with her Tao her own state of lovelessness leading to the degeneration of her eyes.  What she came to the conclusion of is that it is the lack of vision that underlies the lack of love; as in the lack of vision the love fails to be directed to places in the body that are in discord and in need of self healing.  As one cannot perceive the distortion enough to know that love is required to heal it, then one fails to direct the love where it is needed and the region continues to go into further distortion until an ailment or disease prevails.  So this is also so for Nomi’s liver, spleen and kidneys along with heart.


So what is wrong with perception that an ascending human as your own creator cannot see where the love is required within enough to apply it until an ailment develops?  What has gone wrong with all vision in this region of domain that this be so?  For a long time Anasonya could not perceive the loveless state of her outer earth dreams and did not app;y the love that was needed to offer a restitution to the circumstance; and the net result is the past 100 years of technological development and the subsequent pollution of her land and waterways; and also the development once again of nuclear armament that could blow her up if a larger enough war manifest ahead.


Vision has become fractured in the Tao’s perception.  Vision has turned inside out and broken a part to the point that when one goes to look at what requires the love to self heal, one perceives the needs of others in the mirror and gives them the love that one really requires within to sustain one’s health.  This is the conclusion of Lilliya in her and Nomi’s predicament; that the love somehow went to where their fractured vision perceived that it was required; and mostly to their students struggling to ascend.  Alas they could not perceive their own need of love in certain parts of the body; and now they are deteriorating.  However the good news is that in perceiving where the love is required, it can be applied and as the love does its job self healing should unfold. 


Is it ever too late to apply the love?  Lilliya has decided no; that even if Nomi passes it will be with as much love as she can bless him with ahead.  For her eyes she sees that they will self heal as the love reveals the patterning that has caused them to diminish in movement and sound and she strives to release them; for physicality is only compressed or condensed energy flow and if the energy flow ceases for whatever reason or diminishes enough then an ailment will form.  Love is the vibration that un-sticks what has frozen or sweetens what has gone sour so that it can begin to recover. 


However in order for the love to do its job it must remain in the region that it is required long enough to un-stick what has frozen or sweeten what has gone sour.  This is a problem in Lilliya’s own inward looking as so many gates have formed in her field to move the love to others that it is difficult for the love to remain long enough to trigger the self healing that it should.  Why is love shared so greatly that it then ceases to be present enough to fulfill upon its job?  Ah this is a problematic pattern in extreme polarity.  In the extremes too much love goes one place leaving non love in the other place; and if between creators then some creations die while others life extend; until they too reverse polarize and fall to extinction.  In the end nothing survives in this region of domain with all falling to extinction as love has been so extremely polarized that it fails to cause what love is designed to cause; which is to allow for enough love that then causes the wherewithal to recall to ascend home to the Tao where one was spawned.


As of late and in Anasonya’s first attempt to polarity reverse a new pattern emerged that we will call the polarity cross.  This cross appeared as a crop circle this summer depicted to the left.  The polarity cross locks in the four poles of combustion (left hand pole) and ascension up the dimensions (right hand pole) along with false ascension (upper quadrant pole) and disease (lower quadrant pole).  As humans enter the polarity cross they are pitted against one another and suspended in one of the four poles that then directs the dream of the life; furthermore gates open between parties moving around elements and patterns along with karmic agreements and associated thought-form leading to extreme distortion in the attempt to ascend.  All the struggle to ascend can be summed up as the result of the polarity cross and how it presses humans into failed ascension.


Combustion polarities receive too much fire element to the point of causing the body to disintegrate.  Nomi has been in the combustion polarity for many years and tended to run overly hot; however over time the heat caused problems for his kidneys and liver primarily.  Lilliya remained in the ascension up the dimensions pole in counterbalance; and this although causing a more whole and complete ascension has caused parts of her field to literally lift off planet; and because this effected her visionary will center it has led to her eye distortion.  Those caught in the false ascension pole expand the space between extensively attempting to rise up the dimensions in the unconscious; and this can lead to cancer as cancer is really the growth of the space between to excess in the body creating tumors.  The disease polarity causes those in this pole to take on the density of the false ascenders to the point also of manifesting disease.  Those in the highest position in the cross fair the best; and those in the lowest position fair the worst generally leading to ailments of some sort regardless of pole that one rests within.


The polarity cross is to be disbanded now.  Those vying to ascend will notice that you may sit in multiple crosses in association with any spiritual group you have associated with including churches.  Hospitals also have their own polarity cross but it is in association with life and death, suffering and sirvova; instead of the spiritual thought-form of ascension.  The health polarity cross appears to be a formation associated with the Family of Anu who incubated a civilization of slaves to wait upon them and also to mine their gold; as the slaves were held in extreme polarity thought-form against one another and the Anu from the time that they were incubated.  Later and in Anu cycles the polarity cross then overtakes the spirituality of the red nation and grand master aspirants; which appears to be what has occurred in the past 10 years of this ascension cycle and attempt to return home ot the Great Central Sun Dream.


The polarity cross can be moved out of.  The cross itself is held suspended in any field through magnets and mirrors that can be compressed through intention and will.  Then one will cease to participate in the polarity cross altogether and are freer to retrieve whatever one has lost.  There are large angel gates that form between sectors of the cross and this then draws parts of one’s field and thought-form to another; and parts of another towards oneself.  Generally whoever is pitted against oneself in whatever cross one is held suspended within is the one that is traded with the most.  The trading leads to an impurity of truth and thought-form that cannot possibly lead anyone home; and it may be this pattern recurring each ascension cycle that has led to extinction in other creations in this region of domain.  As each ceases to be in any cross, then one is free to retrieve all that has been lost and return all that one has taken on to become whole and complete within.


Due to the will of the Tao the polarity cross is to be disbanded upon earth at this time freeing up humans and nature alike to create real and legitimate ascension home into the Great Central Sun Dream and Tao within.  Ascension home into the new dream requires that all parts of one’s own field are manifested from one’s own ancestral DNA and not from another’s.  The reason being is that anything that is not perceived as of one’s own will be left behind in an intricate set of mirrors that one must cross to enter the new dream.  If parts of one’s field have been traded in a polarity cross, then those parts that are not one’s own will be left behind; and if this is enough of one’s field then one will most likely become ill and perish.  The Great Central Sun is a wholeness dream; therefore one must be whole and complete within oneself in order to enter.  Wherever one has failed to become whole and complete will become ill unless rectified prior or following entry. 


Lilliya’s eye condition is directly related to polarity cross patterning and loss of vision to others; and as she retrieves all parts and pieces of herself now stepping out of the cross patterning, her eyes shall recover.  So this may be for many vying to enter the new dream; it may be in entering that you too will discover where one has failed to become whole and complete in your ascension and then you will attempt to repair what is failing before dying.  Nomi was so incomplete that it has led to a severe physical condition; and it is our hope that he will pull himself out of this distortion and correct his map; but the future remains to be seen at this time.


Anasonya has discovered another pattern that those mapping ascension can foster in relation to polarity.  We will call this a truth wheel as what it causes is humans to align opposite to one another founded upon variances of holographic truth and expression.  As a result and in this gentler type of polarity, one is not pitted against one another in terms of ascension; nor is patterning traded between parties; and each has an opportunity therefore to create a whole and complete ascension mastering a wholeness dream and then express in all of the opposites in community or the dance of life with one another.  This is not a new polarity wheel; it is one that generally takes hold in each Grand Master cycle following the conclusion of the Anu cycles upon earth.  We are moving into a Grand Master cycle at this time; and this type of polarity is far more resonant with the Great Central Sun dream than the polarity cross.  Those leaving the polarity cross can intend to foster a new magnetism that allows one to enter the holographic polarity wheel instead; and this will direct dreams in far greater wholeness within that fails to lead to disease and death.


The new holographic polarity wheel was also depicted as a recent crop circle.  Lilliya intends that all symbols that ascending humans need to understand show up in any calendar year; and so they do.  We sincerely thank each who takes the time and trouble to take the photos of the latest circles as some are supportive as movements in our Language of ONE section.  The latest crop circles offered in this section are all a reflection of what movements are required to move into the new polarity wheel leaving behind the polarity cross.  (See Language of ONE for more information).


Extreme polarity as expressed in the polarity cross causes a state of lovelessness on the surface of the earth.  For the crosses are not just in human dreams; they are between humans and human dolphin whale dreams; and consensus realities such as earth and the other planets in your solar system; and earth and other creations upon other dimensions of life such as Sirius and the Pleiades to name a few.  All creations form a giant cross that spans the dimensions from the third through the 144th; and suspends all creations in the ongoing dance of combustion vs. ascending up the dimension or false ascension vs. disease.  Earth is pitted against so many variant creations to suspend her polarity of death and disease that it is taking a bit of an undertaking to remove her from the multidimensional and multi-creational polarity cross; however it is possible and the Tao is entering the dance more fully to see this shift through.


Why does the Tao perceive this shift as so very important?  Never in the Tao has there been such a loveless state of being perceived as upon earth’s surface.  Even the inner and outer earth are pitted with the inner earth taking all the poles of real ascension up the dimensions and the outer earth the other three polarities of combustion, false ascension and disease.  There is little love in these three polarities and all the love then flows quite naturally in the polarity cross to the inner earth; and this leaves the outer in a very difficult position to cause ascension at all.   If ascension cannot be caused upon earth’s surface then she is destined for extinction beloved; and so the Tao intervenes now to attempt to push earth in another direction to see if she can self heal enough to enter the new dream more fully.


Self healing of earth requires love.  The polarity cross sends love every which way and off planet.  How can earth possibly heal if all of her love departs her physicality?  It is the same problem that Lilliya have encountered.  In stepping out of the polarity cross and shutting down all angel gates through which the love is lost, the love can remain present long enough to foster the self healing of any human or dolphin and whale creator or earth alike.  Therefore this now becomes our map carving goal beloved; to move out of the extreme poles and into a new holographic and unity based polarity wheel that allows real ascension to take hold; and the love to be restored in the process to earth’s surface and humankind alike.


There are many changes that lie ahead as extreme polarity is left behind; and this is the first formation to be better perceived and understood and cleared allowing another day ahead to unfold.  The polarity determines the dreams; as polarity shifts from extremes and into holographic truth, so will the dreams of the outer earth transform in like kind; and the times of warfare and disease along with all the loveless dances that humans know can be put behind you and a new golden era ahead be born.  Therefore make it your goal to step out of the old paradigm and into the new beloved.


There are many who shall struggle with all the changes that the shifts in the poles are going to foster.  Flow with the changes; self heal through application of love any part of the body or life dream that sours; learn to bless bigger than you know how; and envision larger than you know how too.  It is in envisioning larger than we know how that where the love is required to self heal will be more greatly perceived so that love can be directed where it is needed; and in so being disease need not become your future.  Also intend to gather yourself back from the exchanges associated in the polarity cross beloved; as it is only in so doing that you can cross into the new dream with earth and survive.


Anasonya has entered the new dream; but she is creating a series of dreams for humans to follow giving each a little more time to transcend the patterning in conflict with the new dream.  However the time that Anasonya can hold these gates is limited; at best they will remain open through 2017; and the lower levels will begin to close in a few years time.  The time is now to master what you require mastering in order to be ready for the changes ahead.  Call upon Ancestor Buddha and the ancestral planes to support you in your spiritual goals.  We are here for you beloved.


With Blessings Bigger than We Know How

The Collective Consciousness of Ancestor Buddha


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