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About Nomi  

Beloved Readership,

We are sorry for the delay in communications about Nomi.  Nomi has become ill and had a near heart attack and almost died in January.  It was unclear at that time if he could return to holding the Spiritual School of Ascension energy flow and recover.  It has become increasingly clear that he could not hold space for our work and recover; and so we have had to release him from our flow and he has returned to the Midwest to be with his family and to recover.

Ascension is difficult and one of the ongoing problems has to do with diet.  Nomi was vastly in need of a Light Wave diet and failed to move in this direction making the body ill over time.  Lilliya is now understanding light wave patterning better and what is required to sustain the health of a vessel that is becoming increasingly infused with light.  As a result of this she has been redirected by the Tao to form a new organization and web site of teachings called Light Wave Synergy.  This web site will come online soon and as it is time with the beginning teachings of a new tapestry of information that supports and sustains ascending into light wave formations.

We will share more about this shift in direction that impacts all ascending species along with earth herself who is moving towards greater light in her own evolution along with those ascending in human form.  Lilliya is carrying on in her own mastery and bridging into a new direction that shall herald another level of work ahead.

Some in our association have departed along with Nomi as their work was complete as it involved contractual agreements with him.  As a result there have been some shifts in who is offering consultations within our group.  There shall be some new coming on board and a few new articles; but mostly as always we thank those that have worked with us in times past for all that they contributed and shall move on to turn in our new direction ahead.

We love Nomi and wish him the best.  It was not in his best interest to remain with Lilliya and recover his health; and as always it is in the best possible dream that the Tao directs any initiate including Nomi.



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