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About the Language of Light

Earth Mother through Karen Danrich, "Lilliya"
April 6, 2000


The Language of Light Glyphs are constructed on 144 concepts that are reflected in shape, color and tone. The tones are equivalent to the tones or vibrations of creation. Over time on Earth, the tones of creation became distorted and then destruction and separatism became prevalent on Earth. The Language of Light is the original glyphs, tones and vibrations utilized on Earth prior to the distortion. It is with great love and joy that we share these glyphs with those of you who are ascending at this time in history!

The Language of Light is based on unity consciousness where there are no destructive thought forms. As one embodies all 144 glyphs of the Language of Light, one transcends all destructive patterns on all planes of reality: conscious, subconscious and unconscious and masters a fully conscious level of evolution.

The first 10 glyphs are singular in nature and comprise the foundation of the Language of Light. The first ten glyphs are the foundation of the new language. The remaining 38 glyphs are created through combining two or three of the original ten notes into varying shapes which give them a different tone or vibration and consequently a new meaning.

Those who attain the state of the Bodhisattva (embodying 6000 strands of DNA) in their personal ascension anchor the first 48 glyphs in their field and take the first steps towards unity consciousness in their personal life experience. The Bodhisattva then draws on the unity consciousness language in all that they do to sustain a state of non-conditional love and joy.

The glyphs themselves are categorized in nature. The nature of each glyph not only governs a particular meaning but has a particular effect on one's consciousness and field. There are four major categories for glyphs within the first 48 glyphs, which are respectively:

ACTIVE: 'Active'-based glyphs are a reflection of the masculine within which governs outward moving activities or the 'doer' side of yourself. Focusing on the action-based glyphs will assist in triggering activity or change in one's life experience.

PASSIVE: 'Passive'-based glyphs are a reflection of the feminine within which governs inward moving activities or the 'being' side of oneself. The passive-based glyphs, when focused on, will assist you in turning inward and better understanding one's own inner state of being.

INTEGRATIVE: 'Integrative'-based glyphs are a reflection of the union between the masculine and feminine within or the union between spirit and form. Another term for this is 'Divine Union.' The integrative-based glyphs will assist in balancing the masculine and feminine within or balancing your inner and outer realities. Focusing on these glyphs will also assist in balancing the dance between spirit and form.

COMPLETION: 'Completion'-based glyphs are a reflection of the divine union within being transferred into your outer experience of the world. The completion-based glyphs, when focused on, will assist in allowing for 'communion' or unity consciousness with others in a group, region or organization. Additionally, as these glyphs are focused upon, one's own separation based thought forms that create disunity in one's life experience will surface to be cleared.

As one focuses on a given glyph, or a given series of glyphs, you will draw the particular tones into one's field. Each tone will have the effect of clearing the distortion one is currently working upon within one's given level of evolution. Each tone assists in clearing karma, patterns and stuck areas of your etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies and greater auric field which surround the form.

Symbols 49 and up are comprised of two of the original 48 glyphs which are combined in a new sequence giving a new meaning, along with higher vibration, tone and color.  Tri tones are comprised of three of the original 48 glyphs which are combined into a yet another new sequence, meaning, along with higher vibration, tone and color.  Quad tones have yet to be added but will be soon.

As you focus on bringing the Language of Light tones into your grid work, you will bring forth your ascension a little at a time. Daily focus will assist in releasing distortion in one's thought-form and field.  We hope this information serves each who draw on it well in your personal evolutionary pathway. We wish you much joy on your journey!


Earth Mother

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