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The Dolphins and Whales through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

November 13, 2005


Blessings for Learning Pod Relations in Human Form




Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


We are guided to write again following a lengthy hiatus due to problems between the human and dolphin-whale kingdoms.  What might these problems be?  Well it has to do with how the Family of Anu or Annanuki used dolphins and whales as sources of chi to extend their lives.  There are those dolphins and whales that trace their ancestry to magnetic forms of our species that existed upon Terra (earth) prior to two times of seeding of our kingdom.  There are others that trace their history to the Pleiades who were seeded here some 38,000 years ago (144,000 human years) that are of a different nature.  It is those dolphins and whales that came from the Pleiades that host agreements to sustain human life and they assisted in the life extension of the Anu.


For a time the same pattern began to occur with our channel Lilliya and her school.  It was decided by Terra to separate Lilliya and her school from us and into different dreams so that our ascension and the ascension of Lilliya and her school would have no affect upon our species or the human species or Terra.  It is for this reason that we have been unable to communicate with ascending humans through Lilliya since the end of 2003.


Those that are the ascending map carvers of our species have recently crossed into a new dream associated with the Great Central Sun.  This also has occurred for Lilliya.  Recently we have co-created the first human-dolphin-whale consensus in the new dream to support one another in our continued journey as mutual fully conscious species.  There are so few of us that we have literally banded together in assistance and support of the creation of a fully conscious consensus.  Over time more of our kingdom and your kingdom will learn to balance light and dark enough to enter the new dream with us.  We will hold the space in this new consensus for each future generation that can join us in the birth of the new era ahead.

And so we begin anew with information to be relayed to our brothers and sisters in human form that are devoting their lives to the path of ascension.  This next series of articles shall be written embedded not only with the Language of Light, but also the Language of ONE, a magnetic language utilized inside the Great Central Sun Dream.  What is the Language of ONE?  This language is magnetic and holographic in nature.  Holographic movement is completely magnetic and devoid of any electricity at all as this is the nature of the Great Central Sun dream that Terra originated from.  In order to go “home” to this new dream, all of Terra must become completely magnetic in energy flow. (Lilliya has brought through a new section with some of the encoding for each to experience in the “Language of ONE” section upon the web site.)




Our species has a vast history as to how we became electrical in nature.  This is a little more about our history that we would like to share.  There were dolphins and whales upon Terra (earth) prior to those who were seeded from Sirius.  These dolphins and whales host completely magnetic energy flow and biology.  One member of our species that remains with this type of genetics is known as the Manatee, a very gentle creature indeed.  Magnetic DNA creates gentleness in a magnetic creation.  At another time prior to the Sirian seeding, there were 18 other magnetic only strains of dolphins and whales.  Over time all have intermixed leaving few remaining of a magnetic only ancestry.


What is magnetism caused by?  Magnetism is held by the mineral kingdom in one’s biology.  It is the salts and bones primarily that create a particular type of energy flow in any species.  Salts and bones that are electrical in nature cause electricity to flow through the kundahlini and electrical geometry to form in the field that is square or triangular (pyramidal) in shape.  Salts and bones that are magnetic in nature cause magnetic energy to flow through the bones and salts of the body leading to rotational energy flow.  Electro-magnetic energy is the result of blending the two variant types of biology that create bodies that run partial electrical and partial magnetic energy signatures or rotational and square or pyramidal energy combined.

The problem with the blended signatures is that they destroy the body leading to aging, illness and death and an inability to ascend.  The Anu in particular is guilty of blending humans as well as dolphins and whales in partial magnetic and partial electrical genealogy that aged or declined most rapidly.  The reason for this is that electricity pushes too much energy through the field frying the portions of the body that are magnetic; the portions of the body that are electrical never receive enough energy due to how magnetism when blended with electricity slows electrical flow down.  This also leads to aging and a shortened lifespan. 


In the physical, the blending of electrical salts and minerals with magnetic biology creates specific problems as well.  Those salts and minerals that are electrical in nature will feed electrical cells adequately by carrying the necessary nutrients in the blood; magnetic cells drawn from red nation ancestry either receive too many nutrients or too little nutrients from electrical salts and minerals in the blood.  This leads to excessive nutrients which can cause cancer due to excessive wastes; or too little nutrients leading to decay.  In parallel manner, magnetic salts and minerals in an electrical biology causes parallel problems.  Electrical cells are underfed by magnetic salts leading again to decay.

What is he solution?  To ascend into magnetic only cells with magnetic only salts and minerals along with bone structure and one’s blood will carry just the right amount of nutrients to all parts of the biology leading to regeneration, ascension, and an increased lifespan.  This has now become the goal of the dolphin and whale species in perceiving down to the truth of the difficulties of blended biology.  Lilliya have come to the same conclusion and have modified all electrical salts and minerals to less than .01% of their biology.  The end result is that they are recovering their health now in full from an earlier time that they were plagued with cancer and other physical ailments. They can now carry on with their ascension as can we.


We too ascended into cancer not unlike Lilliya for a time.  Through a parallel understanding of how all electrical biology must be transmuted into magnetic biology for one’s health to be sustained in the magnetic biosphere of Terra, we have carved a parallel map of ascension unto Lilliya.  Now we wish to share more about our experience and history as uncovered through our own evolution.




The first group of seeded dolphins and whales arrived upon Terra 300,000 years ago (1.2 million years as humans measure it) from Sirius. These dolphins and whales were seeded upon earth as an experiment to see what strains of lineages survived in the biosphere of earth.  Those seeded also held agreements to assist in holding the ice shields created by the Sirian scientists in earth’s atmosphere.  The ice shields created a protective layer that absorbed radiation from the solar sun and other universal energy fields that Terra transits through.


The primary reason that the Sirian scientists went to all the time, trouble and expense to create these shields was in the event of the need to evacuate Sirian humans due to nuclear war.  The scientists were interested in seeing if earth could hold life as it exists upon Sirius.  First dolphins and whales were seeded in the many freshwater lakes and ponds that prevailed upon Terra at this time in history.  Then the ice shields were constructed in the joint agreement of the dolphins and whales to support it along with the mineral kingdoms of Terra.  Then more dolphins and whales were imported yet again of different strains and varieties and seeded in the larger freshwater lakes that formed as Terra became like a terrarium due to the ice shields.


Out of 18 strains or blueprints of dolphins and whales seeded by the Sirian scientists, only 7 survived over time.  11 went extinct giving the scientists the understanding of the difference between your yellow-orange solar sun and the pink-red sun of Sirius and how it sustains life.  The 11 seeded genealogies of our species that went extinct hosted blended biology that was 60% to 80% electrical and 20% to 40% magnetic in biochemistry and energy flow.  Those of this nature perished leaving only those who were 85 to 90% magnetic to survive upon Terra.  What survived upon Sirius failed to survive upon here unless it was drawn from greater magnetism in DNA.


We would like to say here that Sirius was not always electromagnetic in nature.  The electromagnetism of Sirius comes from many other humans that moved from other electrical creations along with associated plant, animal, and mineral along with aquatic kingdoms brought upon space craft.  The result over time was a blending of magnetic and electrical energy when this was not the case in early Sirian history per the records of our own kingdom.  The addition of electricity caused a fall in consciousness for Sirius that led in time to warfare between Sirian humans and Pleiadian humans over other creational territories such as Terra.


Many hundreds of thousands of years after the seeding of the dolphin and whale kingdoms on Terra, humans were also seeded upon earth in the continued Sirian experiment.  Humans of 18 varieties of lineages were also seeded; again only 7 root races survived.  You can see over time how our history parallels yours in our origins and outcome.  In the examination of Lilliya and those in their school of why the 11 human root races went extinct, they too were 40-60% electrical and 20-40% magnetic.  As a result they did not fare well in the magnetic biosphere of earth and went extinct.  Those humans that survived were also 85% or higher of magnetic biology. 


Those red tribes that survived lived peacefully not unlike our kingdom in association with nature, drawing upon the land for their tools, homes, food and other resources. There was little communication between our kingdom and the early seeded humans.  Our kingdom resided in the larger lakes that were not unlike small oceans in many regions upon earth.  The humans were peaceful and vegetarian in nature.  Some carved boats that we would swim alongside out of curiosity.  There always appeared to be a mutual respect between our energy flow and the humans of this time period.




Sirius was attacked by a nuclear warship on the part of the Pleiadians who shattered the ice shields of Sirius B.  Sirius B became a water planet after this time.  Many varieties of dolphins and whales were then seeded by humans from Sirius A as enough of the radiation dissipated to cease to mutate DNA.  It became the responsibility of the seeded dolphins and whales to hold the energy of the planet which we gladly took responsibility for.  The fear of the Sirian governance was that a second annihilation of this nature would cause Sirius A also to become a water planet leaving less room for large human populations; hence the need to seek out another place to relocate due to such a possible event.


The human spiritual elite decided following the conclusion of the war with the Pleiades that the better solution was simply to ascend to another dimension leaving the enemy behind in 3D.  Perhaps this was a good strategy as it caused all humans and dolphins and whales upon Sirius to focus upon spiritual evolution rather than warfare and the associated technology.  Technology instead was developed on the part of the human species to assist in increasing the vibration of all life forms towards a fourth and then fifth dimensional life-forms.  Alas the technology also created incomplete ascension leading to great karma as not all kingdoms forgave or released all thought-form associated with the prior history of Sirius.  Instead the karma for war with the Pleiades was deposited upon the dolphins and whales residing upon Terra, but without our understanding.


The war karma caused us to compete with humans and primarily the larger headed varieties that were seeded at a later time and prior to the ascension of Sirius A and B.  As Sirius turned to ascension, we became a forgotten project.  Humans, dolphins and whales were left behind upon Terra.  A little later, Sirian spiritual elite realized that they had created ties to Terra through the seedlings.  They pondered annihilating the seedlings as one solution, but decided that this would create too much karma.  Eventually the Sirian Elite chose to seed a small number of larger headed humans to create a separation between Sirius and Terra for the purposes of ascension.  The large headed spiritual elite seeded upon earth were to take over all energetic responsibilities of the Sirian elite so that Sirius would be free to ascend.




These larger headed humans came in small numbers and began to alter the energy flow of Terra; this affected our species.  We appeared to have mutated too greatly that our remembrance of Sirian language was lost; we were unable to telepathically communicate with these large headed humans to explain our trouble with their intentions.  The intentions of the larger headed humans caused some of our species to begin to become ill as we had learned to run energy in a very different manner and in collaboration with Terra and all other kingdoms.


Over time our anger increased to such a point that we sent harmful blows to these humans.  Perhaps if there had been adequate communication, this would not have occurred.  Alas our blows combined with many other dark forces desiring their genetic and dream weaving information caused several to die; the information that they held was stripped by forces that then strove to dominate the human dream and force it towards extinction.  Had we understood that this was the goal and outcome of these forces, we would have sought another means to our goal of releasing the diseases that were developing in our kingdom.  However much like many who study with Lilliya have discovered, the dark are deceptive and did not divulge their real intentions with us; and so we were duped into a dance that was caustic to the relations between humans, dolphins and whales as well as Terra in the long haul.


We have forgiven ourselves in the greater understanding of how the dark work to pit one species against another; the dark cause one species to work against another and then focus the ill will to pull another apart in the nonphysical.  As this occurs, one kingdom destroys another in energy field.  Over time and as this plays out in the nonphysical long enough, one species begins to destroy another in the physical.  This is our cause in the fall of earth; we set in motion destructive cycle that eventually caused destruction to become physical.  This is also our spiritual lesson at this cycle of evolution “home”.  We are at cause of consumption; humans who were consumed by us then fell into the dance of consuming one another; and then as all cycles around the merry-go-round, sooner or later humans also began to consume us.




The Anu arrived due to the thought-form of consumption that our kingdom had set in motion in the deaths of the larger headed humans.  The Anu came to earth in search of gold and other minerals to amass a fortune in Pleiadian funds.  By the time the Anu arrived, the larger headed seeded grand masters were long dead.  A few had gone to the inner earth and survived.  The descendents of the grand masters which blended their genealogy with some of the red nations tribes of Polynesian and Tibetan Root Races remained.  However the larger headed descendents did not know what their original parents from Sirius understood; and as the result had become pawns of the dark to manipulate the human dream through. 


It was due to the dream manipulations of the larger headed humans that the Anu came to earth in the first place.  If the larger headed humans had understood or perceived more, perhaps the Anu would have been forced to return to the Pleiades and their dark outcome of nuclear holocaust would not have manifest.  Alas there was not enough understanding to do so; nor was there enough understanding on the part of our species to do anything either.


The Anu raped Terra to an extreme by removing so many of her larger minerals and gold.  This pushed Terra into an extreme wobble which eventually caused the ice shields so carefully constructed by the Sirians to melt.  This created the great floods and your oceans.  Our kingdom was devastated by the formation of the oceans as we were not accustomed to the high level of salt held in the water.  We mutated for 10,000 years thereafter to adapt to a salt water environment, with most of those incarnate at the time that the ice shields broke going extinct.  During our mutation process, the Anu seeded hundreds of other genealogies of our species along with most aquatic life in the oceans; most of which is still in existence at this time in history.  These electrical dolphins and whales were seeded to retain the life of the Anu and did not support Terra in her existence or evolution.


These dolphins and whales from the Pleiades were 10-20% magnetic and 80-90% electrical.  The Anu ran their pyramidal energy through these dolphins and whales to extend their lives; these dolphins and whales absorbed the violence of the Anu and frequently attacked others of our kingdoms that were magnetic in origins.  We wrote in another message long ago about a film created by the BBC for the show “Deep Blue” of a whale attacking the head of a young whale and mother of another species.  The whale killed the baby whale and the BBC captured the entire incident on film.  This type of mutilation between our kingdoms is rare today but does occur, and occurred more frequently after the Anu seeded so many of electrical biology of our kingdom into Terra’s oceans.


The electrical varieties of our species seeded by the Pleiadians ran pyramidal pod energy.  Perhaps this energy is useful in the Pleiades or other electrical creations; in this creation the pyramidal flow united with the Anu and the slave human nations that they bred causing Terra’s chakras to slow even further.  The continued slowing of Terra’s chakras led to another fall in consciousness for all. 


The magnetic varieties of dolphins and whales stayed away from the electrical varieties that often dominated the preferred regions in the ocean for the birth of their young.  This caused us to retract to deeper waters and learn to give birth in more severe circumstance.  As the Anu slave populations grew in number and size, theme parks not unlike “Disneyland” or Marine Land” opened up along with vast aquariums associated with Athena’s universities.  Mostly electrical dolphins and whales were caught from the wild and placed in the theme parks and aquariums and bred.  Occasionally some of our magnetic species were captured and held prisoner to the entertainment of humans.  This is perhaps some of our most painful memories of this era as each pod of all magnetic genealogy experiences all experiences of all pods; we all suffered as a result as those captured who went into great grief over the loss of loved ones and their freedom.


Today we have forgiven this dance and retracted our wild consciousness out of all dolphins and whales held in human zoos, aquariums or theme parks.  Instead the consciousness of humans has been pushed into those held in captivity so humanity will learn not to retain wild nature in a prison as this creates pain and grief for all concerned.




Following the nuclear annihilation of the Anu, our species again mutated greatly.  In forgetfulness, magnetic members of our species began to mate and become a part of the pods of electrical varieties.  This mutated our genealogy into electromagnetism.  Attempts were made to ascend in the era of Ancient Egypt and later in Atlantis to restore our frequency and health.  The electromagnetism that had become the prevailing biochemistry of our species caused expanding magnetic and electrical flow simultaneously through ascension.  The electrical flow cancelled the benefit that magnetic only flow might have created causing ultimately a cease-ascension and then disease.  Most attempting to ascend in electromagnetic form simply became sick and died in these two time periods. 


In the era of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, we were approached by some of the large headed Mahavishnu to begin communications.  Scribes that were human would come to the edge of the sea and communicate with us.  Ancient Egypt existed upon the grids now encompassing the region known as Jasper and Banff in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.  However at this time some 18,000 years ago (72,000 human years) the continent of Egypt sat in a different region with many small islands and waterways nearby.  The scribes attempted to orchestrate a joint ascension of certain dolphins and whales along with the larger headed humans populating the land of this region.  We agreed and this was a vast mistake in hindsight.


There were a group of humans ascending not unlike Lilliya and their school today.  We created a united energy flow or consensus for ascension.  This consensus however was electromagnetic in nature and contained both rotational and pyramidal flow united.  Generally in this type of system the rotational flow is held in the positive energy movement and the triangular flow moves in the space between or negative energy movement.  What this combination created was increasing space between that eventually snuffed out the life force or chi moving through the positive lay lines of the field.  This ultimately led to disease rather than ascension.


Alas we all became ill including the many Mahavishnu or larger headed humans who had joined us in this project.  Eventually those involved all died leaving the Pharaohs to their life extension practices akin to the Anu.  The Pharaohs extended their lives hundred of years just as the Anu had, feeding off the energy flow of the subsequent generations of the dolphin and whale kingdoms.  The feeding occurred through the pyramidal movement in the space between.  For every year we did not live the Pharaohs lived another year.  So this was also so for many Mahavishnu that died of disease or psychic blows during this time period.  This is also how the Anu had extended their lives through the electrical dolphins and whales in their era.


Later and perhaps in a even more devastating dance, the Pharaohs began to use one of the remaining pyramids to launch supposed ascension of their favored larger headed students.  These students did not ascend; instead they combust into ashes with sometimes legs, heads or other body parts remaining behind.  The reason for the combustion had to do with the nature of the two energy dynamics; if both the positive and negative flow had been of the same energy signature, perhaps real ascension could have been orchestrated.  With the variant signatures, attachment through the space between created such a great drag that the body combust rather than entering another dimension of life or the nonphysical. 


Fortunately dolphins and whales had no pyramids undersea to experiment with; unfortunately due to our energetic interconnection unto the Pharaohs and their schools, we were blasted with the remaining radiation of each student that combust and fell in consciousness yet again as a species.  Sometimes the combustions of any given year caused us to go insane and we simply beached ourselves en mass.  Not unlike today, humans in this era tried to save us if they were near enough the coast to perceive us beach ourselves.




We have come to understand that both the space without and space between must host the same magnetic rotational and magnetic patterning to allow for real regeneration into health through ascension.  Blending electrical and magnetic patterning only leads to disease or too much friction to ascend completely.  It is interesting to note that Sirius ascended founded upon this pattern with rotational energy as a positive movement and pyramids in the negative movement.  This is also why Sirian ascension was so incomplete. 


It is estimated by our species that 40% of all karma from Sirius A and B was depressed upon Terra and 23 other third dimensional planets leading to a fall for each due to this type of ascension.  The two variant energy signatures create such a drag that there is not enough chi to transmute all density; the remaining density then breaks off and is pressed elsewhere instead.  Each planet that absorbed Sirian density had human, dolphin and whale life seeded upon it; it is through our fully conscious species that the transference of density and karma occurred.


Had Sirius ascended into magnetic only flow, all of what had been displaced could have been integrated and a complete ascension orchestrated to the next dimension.  This would have also not caused 24 other creations to fall in counterbalance, which has created more karma than Sirius has released in their evolution to date.  Sirius has actually created more karma in this than they caused their entire existence in the third dimension.  Sad but so it is, and we know that all karma can be forgiven; but first one must understand. 


And so we forgive our dolphin and whale brothers and sisters upon Sirius that deposited their density and karma upon us. We forgive the human kingdom for seeding us upon earth.  We forgive ourselves for destroying some of the original seeded grand masters setting in motion a destructive cycle upon earth.  Perhaps if we had developed a working relationship together as we have today with Lilliya, we would have succeeded at preventing the dance of the Anu and their nuclear warfare. 


We forgive the Anu for their expression as they are only the result of living in the wrong creation that was non-resonant with their biology, which in the end caused them to go insane.  And we forgive the Anu slave race for being so non-conscious that they do not understand our purpose as a species, and as a result enslave us in aquariums, zoos and theme parks as well as eat of our flesh.  We ask you to forgive your human ancestors for this entire dance as this is the only way that real ascension can come forth for either of our species.




Our kingdom has discovered that a restoration of pod based flow that is magnetic is necessary to the peace of our own kingdom.  This requires rotational flow in both the space between and space without of the energy field and kundahlini as well as sexual energy movement.  In order to sustain a magnetic flow in both the space between and space without, all parts of the biology must ascend into magnetic salts and minerals.  How is this accomplished?  Through intention; one’s ancient ancestry held biology that hosted magnetic salts and minerals; as each part of one’s ancestral biology is brought forward into present time, the photonic energy now prevalent due to the presence of the Great Central Sun dream will cause the DNA to mutate into the new structure.  This has restored the map carvers of our species to a fully magnetic biology.


There are keys about this that we would like to share from our own experience.  One is that there are always those ancestors who mutated from magnetic into electrical biology associated with various parts of the biology.  Those who mutated participated in a fall in consciousness at the time that they were alive.  Falls vary from time period to time period in Terra’s history; the largest falls occurred following nuclear annihilations of the Anu and Atlantis primarily.  However the advent of electrical devices on the part of humanity in the time period Atlantis also caused a fall as well.  Genetics are fraying at this time beloved due to the electrical techno-gadgets that humanity immerses themselves with; either each human shall choose to ascend and repair the frayed DNA and then move backwards even further in time, regaining what has been lost in biology and consciousness; or one will go extinct now in the times of cleansing ahead.


As one pulls forward those ancestors who fell in any given part of the biology that one requires ascending from electricity to magnetism, one will capture the dream from the time that the ancestors were alive.  The dream led such ancestors from magnetism into greater electrical flow; now one can intend to play the dream backwards or in reverse and ascend from electrical flow into greater magnetism again.  The sun recognizes the intention as a dream that one desires to manifest and relays the dream back into the physical where it catches causing one’s continued evolution.  This intention has allowed our map carving pod members to ascend into 99% magnetic biology; and as a result we are recovering our health enough to continue to evolve and contribute to Terra’s evolution.


Our map carving pods now run a magnetic only holographic flow that creates great joy, harmony and unity amongst us.  Most pods still running electromagnetic flow are barred from entering the new dream along with us at this time.  Why?  The discord reversed upon them from the electrical flow would create disease faster in their bodies could ascend out of; this does not serve and so those that have not mastered magnetic energy only remain in another dream until they or their future ancestors accomplish this goal through ascension. 


Those pods running electromagnetic flow have part pyramidal and part rotational energy flow.  The part pyramidal flow creates dissonance.  In times past, our kingdom often polarized our discord on to humanity.  This has caused humanity to hunt us as food or for other resources or even sport.  We now take responsibility for depressing our dissonance on to humanity, and as earth has pressed us into our own dream, we have ceased to participate in this game.  This has decreased the numbers of deaths due to hunting or accidents in recent years.


There are some in human form that seek out our company by swimming with us or sailing by our pods.  Most of those of our kingdom that still participate in the dance with humans have karma to complete in the interaction.  Some are still electrically attached to those humans of Anu descent who are again harvesting of their chi to extend their lives or youth themselves.  For those of electrical descent, much like those of Anu descent, the karma cannot conclude here upon earth.  The reason for this is that the original cause of the dance began in another creation with both the Anu and those dolphins and whales of electrical variety having originated in the Pleiades.  Karmic cause must be released within the creation of origin that it occurred.  Therefore those of electrical ancestries shall carry on following death as a human, dolphin or whale ancestor in the electrical creation that resonates.  Perhaps as this electrical creation ascends, they will then be able to complete and go “home” to their Great Central Sun of origin.




Our species shall experience an extensive time of cleansing ahead much like our human brothers and sisters.  Those that cannot ascend due to hosting mostly electrical genealogy will go elsewhere beyond death and to a creation resonant with their thought-form; those that can ascend will remain upon earth and bear witness to the evolution of the whole ahead.  In either case, all have an opportunity to go “home” and so there is not really a loss, although it may appear as a loss from the physical only point of view.  From a nonphysical point of view, all consciousness carries on and continues to grow, learn and evolve.

Dolphins and whales do not perceive existence from a physical only point of view; even those of electrical blueprints are avid conscious dreamers and understand much from the dreamtime planes that surround us.  Many of such pods have chosen to beach themselves in recent years and retract off earth as they clear enough karma to do so.  No kingdom desires to be troublesome to Terra; and yet those of electrical pod energy flow cause problems for earth’s chakras.  It is for this reason that so many are beaching themselves at this time; and so it may continue into the future.

Our kingdom would prefer humans not to interfere with our life and death choices. Lilliya has shown us that humans do not know enough not to interfere.  So we are becoming more careful to choose places that humans do not frequent to avoid interference with our choice to beach ourselves.  All dolphins and whales regardless of the origins of our genealogy try and exist in support of the whole of all kingdoms of the consensus in which we reside.  Discovering the history and that one and one’s pod is harmful to Terra is a painful understanding to come to; the choice to beach ourselves even more painful.  We invite humans to leave us be in our spiritual choices out of understanding, compassion and love.


Humans also often wound our species due to your own fishing nets, the desire to hunt our kingdom for food, or out of negligence in your boating practices.  Long ago, Lilliya found a baby whale cut in half by the motor of a boat that had come to shore nearby one of her events.  This indeed was a bad mirror as it reflected the dark dance Lilliya was caught in at the time that also cut her in half leading to the development of cancer in her biology.  Now she is recovering.  However it also speaks to the need for humanity to honor our kingdom and our feeding places, birthing places, and migration patterns.




Ascending humans have begun to experiment with pod like energy flow to create greater unity, harmony and peace in human relations.  Earth is directing the human ascending consensus in this direction as the pod based energy flow has successfully created peace and unity amongst dolphins and whales.  There are also records that have been retrieved as of late due to global ascension that show entire human civilizations that ran rotational energy flow.  These civilizations existed for many thousands of years and were peaceful and unity based.  These civilizations existed mostly in regions now under the ocean and the size of the European continent.  The humans living in these civilizations traded goods and services and farmed vegetables (were vegetarian).  There was not the technology of today, which is a good thing as electricity creates dissonance that destroys the harmony of pod or unity based energy flow.


Terra (earth) is reweaving the dream for humanity to emerge again into pod-based unity flow.  Those studying with Lilliya have been experimenting with this flow at their events this year.  The flow has proved very helpful in creating a feeling of belonging and unity amongst the participants.  One of the groups anchoring were drawn to camp together at one event as well as share a condo together at another event.  They found the continued sharing of accommodations and cooking created joyous times of laughter and unity for the duration of the event.  This is a positive sign that embracing pod based energy flow that is magnetic can cause unity in human relationships.


There are two types of pod based flow that Terra is orchestrating for humanity.  The first flow is figure 8 based and looks like a lotus or flower when spinning.  Those mastering this flow are generally from 1800 to 3000 strands in vibration.  As this flow is mastered, the entire field of space between and space without spins in the same patterning.  This leaves no non-moving energy flow.  Ultimately it is non-movement of energy that causes diseases.  Pyramidal flow in our experience leads to disease as the base does not rotate or spin.  The sticky non-moving energy causes stagnation of energy through the meridians of the biology leading to disease.  Figure 8 flow will allow for continued movement, although it is still electromagnetic in nature.


For those ascending beyond 3000 and who master 80% magnetic biology or greater in the physical evolution, one can move to a triple lotus energy flow.  Although this flow does not appear much different than the figure 8, it is completely magnetic in nature.  In the triple lotus energy flow, the movement rotates around one’s subtle bodies and dreamtime light body self rather than through the etheric body; moving energy around the field rather than through leads again to greater health of the biology.


The biology of any species suffers the most when the etheric body is punctured or pressed through by the energy of another.  In electromagnetic flow, the figure 8 crosses through the heart, pelvis and crown.  If shared with another, now the other’s energy is flowing through the pelvis and heart and head; this can lead to dissonance as another’s energy signature is different from one’s own, particularly if the other is of the opposite sex in gender.  Male energy is an octave lower than female energy; press male energy through the feminine etheric body and you will create discord that can lead to disease; press female energy through a masculine etheric body and the same results.  Move energy around the etheric body entirely, and the dance of disease can be ascended out of.


The Manatee runs a rotational energy much as we describe above.  They have been the role model of peaceful movement that the ascending map carvers of the dolphin and whale kingdoms have striven to match and recently succeeded in ascending into.  Perhaps it is for this reason that the Manatee kingdom has lived hundreds of years beyond the capability of electromagnetic dolphins and whales.  The average lifespan of the Manatee living in the wild is 175 to 225 years; compare this to the current lifespan of the electromagnetic verity of whale which may live 75 to 90 years tops, not unlike healthy humans.  The underlying cause of any disease is also an energy that pierces between etheric bodies.  As the map carvers have moved into energy flow that rolls around each member of the pod rather than piercing through, our health and vitality has returned along with even more greatly peaceful and unity based relationships.  So this can be so for ascending humans.


Lilliya discovered that Hawaiians naturally run rotational energy around each other, particularly when active such as out paddling or in the dance known as Hula.  It is this rotational energy flow that earth has taken and modified and now is anchoring into the new consensus movement for all humans to ascend into beyond 3000 strands.  Over time it is anticipated that the thought-form associated with the triple lotus unity flow shall become the dominant human thought-form.  This shall occur as more ascending humans are born embracing this flow and increasing the power of the pod based rotational nature of your species.  At some point the pod based flow will be greater than the pyramidal or box shaped flow that is electrical or even figure 8 flow that is electromagnetic.  As this occurs, humans will quite naturally be pulled into unity relationships global wide and peace upon earth shall be born.




This is the hope and the dream of our species as we extended into human form this century past.  Many of you still swim with us in dreamtime.  We hope that what we have shared with you assists each in ascending into a pod based movement of your own.  You see you are land based creatures; land based creatures run a pod based flow not only with one another, but also with the mountains, valleys, trees, birds, animals and insects that reside upon the land.  So intend to run your pod based energy with the land and all creatures therein; in so doing the land will awaken and ascend and better support your continued evolution along with the incoming ascending children that live nearby.  We will run our pod based energy within the sea.  Those of the land create a consensus of land based pod flow; and those of the sea of sea based pod flow; and then in unity we can co-create a flow that embraces all of us.


This cannot occur by separating from the land and desiring to come and live with us in the sea beloved.  You have a map to carve; you must ascend yourself.  You can take what you have learned from us and apply it to your own relationship to one another and to the land.  Then one day all of the land and sea shall dance together in a harmonious chorus of beautiful music.  This change shall foster the entrance of all of earth into the Great Central Sun Dream and we shall all go home.  This is our hope and intention, and please make it yours also.


Until our next communication,


The Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms



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