Language of ONE

Crop Circle Interpretations 79-90

The Great Central Sun through Lilliya

WARNING:  If these symbols cause one to feel dizzy, nauseous or faint and uncomfortable, we guide you to return to the Language of Light section and master these tones first in one's personal ascension.  Please also read the Introduction section before utilizing the information on this page.  Focus shall cause a particular energy movement in the field that can be useful for releasing density as an ascending being.  However one must be prepared to receive the movement through ascension.

WHEN COMPLETE:  Please intend to disengage from the movement that each symbol fosters when you are complete with your focus.  We recommend using these symbols in small amounts a little at a time until one has embraced a flow that supports these tones.  These tones are "macro" commands that invoke the entire scale of the Language of Light single, dual, tri and quad tones all at once.  Also intend that one adjusts the movement to serve one's current level of ascent by requesting this of Earth's angels.  Earth is holding a dream to support the learning of the movement of the Language of One for all whom are ready for this next level of work.


All scores of music require harmonizing with one another within and within one's field rotation.  Harmonizing is different from tuning up all scores as it has more to do with the subtler adjustments that creates beautiful music.  As one learns to master beautiful music, an inner state of beauty is restored from which one will call a beautiful dream into the dance of life with others.  Learning to harmonize together as a group creates a beautiful collective dream for each participating.  Harmonizing within the consensus allows a beautiful dream to emerge within the human kingdom or upon earth.  Harmony has been vastly missing due to all the sour music scores earth has played in the fission and nuclear annihilation in her history.  Now as the fission music has been more or less erased a new sound that is more harmonious is beginning to resound within Terra and Alfie's field -- the newly returned Earth Father consciousness.  (See "The Return of Father Earth" for more information.)




Each part of the field has a truth of the sound that should be produced as the energy flows or molecules rotate.  As each part of the field resounds in truth, then truth overall is sustained in the sound that one creates; and as such a dream associated with one's truth can be more greatly lived.  This movement aligns all parts of the field into the unique truth of sound that each is to produce; or aligns each individual in the group in the unique truth of sound that they are to produce to co-create a unique group truth.  This movement also aligns each kingdom in the sound of truth that they are to play with one another to co-create a consensus truth of sound.




As each part of the field sings its truth, the whole must learn to sing along in unison, much like a chorus of humans singing along together.  This movement helps each part of one's field to sing along together in unison and unity.  As this occurs one will be more likely to catch a dream of unity in the dance of life.  This movement also helps many gathered together playing various songs of truth to sing along together in unison.  It is as each learns to sing along in unison that then a group dream of unity can begin to unfold.  As each kingdom within the consensus sings along in unison with all others, then consensus based unity shall be born.  This is how over time all kingdoms will unify enough for entry into the Great Central Sun dream without combustion or turmoil.



All the sounds that one's field creates and as they harmonize and play in unison and in the unique truth with one another, one can begin to synthesize one's sound into a rainbow of tones.  The act of synthesis of field is one of the fist movements learned in early ascension; the act of choosing to synthesize sound is the first movement to be learned to master the Language of ONE within one's personal ascension.  Mastering Language of ONE requires learning all single, dual, tri and quad tone movements first of the Language of Light; and this then creates enough songs within the field to begin to synthesize one's internal music.  Synthesis of music causes a deeper and richer and more resounding sound overall to be played; and the richer the sound the richer the life dream one dances within. This begins to restore an internal state of fulfillment into the human dream.


As the sound synthesizes within one's field, one can begin to enter a consensus of sound as it resounds within the Great Central Sun dream.  The Sun's dream is founded upon sound, movement, tone and light.  Over time sound has so fallen upon earth there has been notes without movement like a chord playing without individuated melody lines.  The Great Central Sun dream requires sound playing individuated melody lines throughout the field to resonate.  As this occurs then one becomes a consensus of sound of one's own; and can enter the consensus of sound that the Great Central Sun holds for each to dance within.


As one masters one's inner music as a consensus of one, there is a need to tune up the consensus music upon a recurrent basis as sound is so subject to going sour so easily here upon earth.  This movement aids those mastering sound in tuning up their field as a consensus reality so that each part may play in time, rhythm, harmony, unison, truth etc. with all other parts.  This command is useful for those ascending therefore to tune up one's field or the group to tune up together to play together within more harmoniously; or for the consensus to tune up together as a whole.




It is not enough for the Great Central Sun only to play a symphony of sound within one's field to enter this consensus; one must also produce a light show. The light is generated by certain algorithms that move through the sound creating sparkles of photon energy that then sustain one's own field rotation and vibration along with dissipate density.  Lilliya have learned to create light in their field movements and sounds and this has allowed them to cross into the new dream in ease.  So this will be for each.  At this time Terra and Alfie are experimenting with ascending groups like those in SSOA to create sound and light together at events.  As sound and light can be sustained by a group, then the group can cross into the new dream even if the individual has not mastered enough to do so alone.  This is also how most kingdoms have crossed as a collective and if they are vegetarian and by producing sound and light within their fields.  Most of the kingdoms that have crossed into the new dream exist within the inner earth at this time; but in time not to far into the future all kingdoms upon the surface of the earth shall also move into the new dream; and those humans who have learned to produce and harmonize sound and light within their collective fields will cross with earth and nature into the new dream.




In order to produce light, certain algorithms that create waves must flow through the field of the individual or the collective.  Waves host a different form of element of fire, water, air and earth along with inverse elements of smoke, vapor, ether and lava; they are elements that are wave based.  Those entering the new dream must reconstruct their elements to be of wave nature in order to resonate with the Great Central Sun dream.  This algorithm will assist each ascending in anchoring the wave based elements into the etheric structure that more greatly resonate with the sun's dream.  Transforming the field to wave elements is the first step to anchoring light within one's inner sound produced in one's field rotation.



There are masculine and feminine waves that are gold and silver in color that are produced through opposing wave movements.  The male and female waves create balance of light between lower and upper half along with left and right, front and back and within the energetic flow.  In the balance of waves then light flows evenly throughout one's field or throughout the consensus.  This is important as too much photonic energy will cause parts of the etheric body to ascend too fast; and that which is lacking will ascend too slow leading to incomplete ascension ahead otherwise.  This algorithm will help balance the light waves to be even throughout one's field; even if most of the light one is receiving is generated through the star gates of the Great Central Sun at this time and not produced within one's own field.



Divine union is a state of being that sustains soul within the field and dance of life.  Within the Great Central Sun, there is also a divine union flow that creates an interconnection between the consciousness of the sun and all that dance within it's dream.  The divine union wave flow is the manner in which one sustains an ongoing state of union with the sun's consciousness.  This movement is useful to anchoring more light into one's current divine union flow so that one may perceive more greatly where one is out of balance within the male and female within; or within the interconnection between body soul and earth so that it can be transformed into a deeper level of divine union yet.



There is a new algorithm that the Tao has aided Terra and Alfie in co-creating that causes natural world healing.  This algorithm will trigger one's own body to uncover the pathway to fulfill upon it's own healing within.  For nature this algorithm will allow many new agents to evolve to help clean up and clear the toxins out of Terra's land or waterways for the biological ascension ahead.  Spinning this algorithm therefore upon the land where one lives will aid the land in self healing.  This algorithm became global thought-form due to the goals of International Ascension Conference being met in Big Sky Montana this year and as a result of the group mission and goals being fulfilled upon.  This algorithm will dovetail with the algorithm of the Love of the Tao and should be run together to foster self healing of anything that ails you or the land around you.  You can see in this that the ascending map carvers are beginning to create algorithms of their own that are perceived as necessary to the ascent of the whole.  (See International Ascension Conference for more information.)



A large part of the mastery over full consciousness is not only learning to dream one's dreams and fulfill upon them, but to envision the dreams that are required for the next steps of ascension ahead so that they too can be dreamt and lived.  This algorithm restores vision so that the dreams one perceives to be dreamt align with one's goal of evolutionary fulfillment ahead.  The vision centers of Terra and Alfie are under repair at this time to include the vision of the Tao so that the Tao may direct the visionary fulfillment of the consensus in a direction of homecoming ahead.  This movement will invoke the vision of the Tao to perceive through one's personal path so that one may guided in another dream that we will call Tao Dreaming.  It is only in Tao Dreaming that the journey of homecoming can be born as the dream otherwise is only for the journey to extinction in this region of domain.  Therefore in envisioning one's dreams with the Tao then one begins to take the first steps towards Tao Dreaming and can construct a pathway for one's own evolutionary journey ahead.

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