Language of ONE

Crop Circle Interpretations

The Great Central Sun through Lilliya

WARNING:  If these symbols cause one to feel dizzy, nauseous or faint and uncomfortable, we guide you to return to the Language of Light section and master these tones first in one's personal ascension.  Please also read the Introduction section before utilizing the information on this page.  Focus shall cause a particular energy movement in the field that can be useful for releasing density as an ascending being.  However one must be prepared to receive the movement through ascension.

WHEN COMPLETE:  Please intend to disengage from the movement that each symbol fosters when you are complete with your focus.  We recommend using these symbols in small amounts a little at a time until one has embraced a flow that supports these tones.  These tones are "macro" commands that invoke the entire scale of the Language of Light single, dual, tri and quad tones all at once.  Also intend that one adjusts the movement to serve one's current level of ascent by requesting this of Earth's angels.  Earth is holding a dream to support the learning of the movement of the Language of One for all whom are ready for this next level of work.


Holographic introspection is the capacity for each attuning to holographic knowledge to search inward researching records of import along with karma to be released for continued evolution.  Holographic introspection is also the capacity of the entire hologram of any species or consensus to examine itself and make changes, release karma and integrate new information to allow for continued evolution of the whole.



Holographic rotation of field creates balance, harmony and unity.  It is through holographic rotation that each species or consensus finds their place in the whole and works to sustain the whole for further ascension.  Earth finds her balance in rotating her field in conjunction with the ascending multidimensional consensus that include dimensions 3, 5, 12 and 18 at this time which are all choosing to return "home" to the great central sun dream.  Within the new dream, this rotation allows the ascending multidimensional consensus to find its place amongst all other suns that exist upon other dimensions above and within the new dream.


Holographic records are kept in a tightly organized manner in which there is 900 times more memory than spiral based storage.  Holographic records allow for much more information stored in a more organized manner, not unlike current human data keeping on CD Rom that emulates earth’s field.  The increasing record keeping capabilities allow earth to retrieve lost holographic records and store them for reference or use in the continued ascent of each kingdom or the whole of earth.


Holographic knowing allows one to access all information ever understood at a particular bandwidth of frequency within one’s species or the consensus at large.  No information is withheld and nothing is missing.  All that is required to access the knowing is the right vibrations and keys and as long as one does not misuse the information in any manner, then one will have access to whatever one requires to understand in order to ascend.  So this is so for each species as well as earth as a whole.


Holographic gender balance allows masculine and feminine knowledge to be equally weighted and expressed in each species or consensus reality.  As humans move towards holographic gender balance, male and female equality shall be the result in all cultures upon earth.  Masculine and feminine serve a purpose in the great central sun; masculine energy is silver and feminine golden; the two work together with silver moving in one direction and gold in the other to retain balance of each kingdom or the consensus at large.



Holographic amalgamation is the process through which light and dark are united into a single rainbow of tones.  It is through holographic amalgamation that 75% of earth has crossed into the great central sun dream as of this year.  Amalgamation causes denser tones to be interwoven with lighter tones into a single rainbow of colors in which light and dark cease to be split or separate.  Through amalgamation, the dance of light and dark ceases giving way to a new state of being that is united and whole.



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