Language of ONE

Crop Circle Interpretations 25-30

The Great Central Sun through Lilliya

WARNING:  If these symbols cause one to feel dizzy, nauseous or faint and uncomfortable, we guide you to return to the Language of Light section and master these tones first in one's personal ascension.  Please also read the Introduction section before utilizing the information on this page.  Focus shall cause a particular energy movement in the field that can be useful for releasing density as an ascending being.  However one must be prepared to receive the movement through ascension.

WHEN COMPLETE:  Please intend to disengage from the movement that each symbol fosters when you are complete with your focus.  We recommend using these symbols in small amounts a little at a time until one has embraced a flow that supports these tones.  These tones are "macro" commands that invoke the entire scale of the Language of Light single, dual, tri and quad tones all at once.  Also intend that one adjusts the movement to serve one's current level of ascent by requesting this of Earth's angels.  Earth is holding a dream to support the learning of the movement of the Language of One for all whom are ready for this next level of work.


Holographic magnetism has to do with thought-form holding vibrations which push and pull in a manner that sustains balance within the field of any consensus reality or between consensus realities.  Magnetism is key to ascension as a field that wobbles or becomes unstable fractures instead of uniting into greater wholeness. 

Holographic balance weights denser and lighter tones of creation evenly so that the rotation of field is smooth and even for continued expansion through ascension of any consensus reality or between consensus realities. Balanced field also sustains balanced relations between all species and kingdoms in the consensus reality or between consensus realities.

Divine union is a state of consciousness where soul merges with the energy flow generated by form or physicality.  In holographic flow, soul has a specific manner of anchoring in the energy movement of the consensus reality that supports and sustains the goal of ascension.

Holographic relations is created through holographic divine union between individuals, species or consensus realities.  In holographic relations there is only balance, and out of a state of balance there is harmony, unity, peace, honor and joy in all associations between individuals, species or consensus realities..

Keys are tones of creation that unlock knowledge within holographic libraries; each library has a specific key required to remember what was known long ago and before the key and information was lost in the many falls in consciousness experienced over time.  As each key is recalled, then a more expansive set of holographic knowledge emerges to support and sustain the next phase of ascension of each individual, species or consensus reality.

Each series of holographic knowledge is known as a library.  Each library holds information that is resonant and therefore unites together in common language and truth.  Each key that unlocks each library is a unique tone of creation and energy movement that is associated with the particular truth of information held therein.

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