Language of ONE

Crop Circle Interpretations 19-24

The Great Central Sun through Lilliya

WARNING:  If these symbols cause one to feel dizzy, nauseous or faint and uncomfortable, we guide you to return to the Language of Light section and master these tones first in one's personal ascension.  Please also read the Introduction section before utilizing the information on this page.  Focus shall cause a particular energy movement in the field that can be useful for releasing density as an ascending being.  However one must be prepared to receive the movement through ascension.

WHEN COMPLETE:  Please intend to disengage from the movement that each symbol fosters when you are complete with your focus.  We recommend using these symbols in small amounts a little at a time until one has embraced a flow that supports these tones.  These tones are "macro" commands that invoke the entire scale of the Language of Light single, dual, tri and quad tones all at once.  Also intend that one adjusts the movement to serve one's current level of ascent by requesting this of Earth's angels.  Earth is holding a dream to support the learning of the movement of the Language of One for all whom are ready for this next level of work.


Holographic freedom in dream weaving
allows each to freely dream one's own dream and then live to experience the dream dreamt.  The only limitation to the holographic dream are the agreements that the consensus reality that one associates with holds to be so.

Syncopation aligns the heartbeat of each dream in the holographic consensus to the same timing.  As each aligns to the same beat of the same timing, divine timing is sustained.  As divine timing is sustained, all occurs in the appropriate moment and flow in each cycle of expansion or contraction "home" for each within the consensus, and between consensus realities.

Synthesis aligns the tones of creation into a rainbow from dense to light in frequency.  Holographic synthesis aligns each holographic truth into a rainbow within and without, from smallest to largest in size.  Each truth within a consensus reality is synthesized in this manner, and each consensus reality is synthesized within the whole of the consensus known as the Great Central Sun.

Holographic divine timing  is the foundation from which each holographic dream can take flight.  Divine timing is a state of being that is sustained through the ongoing synthesis and syncopation of each member of the holographic consensus reality, and each consensus reality within the Great Central Sun.  Learning to synthesize and syncopate with the dream of the great central sun is necessary to move into harmony in preparation for entry.

Each within the holographic consensus has a truth. Each consensus reality also has a holographic truth.  Holographic truth aligns each truth within a consensus and between consensus realities into a rainbow from smallest to largest in size.  One can think of this as a synthesis of truth within each consensus reality and between each holographic consensus reality.

Holographic consensus reality aligns all consensus realities into a syncopated movement and dream that is whole and united.  Everything has its place within the whole, and each part of the whole is necessary unto the whole.  The Great Central Sun is a holographic consensus reality of its own; in order to enter the dream of the Great Central Sun, Earth must find her place within the whole; so much each upon earth including each species and each human find their place within the whole of this new consensus.

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