The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

May 5, 2003



Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


This is the first article in a new section “Messages from the Earth Mother II” upon our web site.  This section will include a series of 10 or more articles from the consciousness of Earth geared towards supporting those who are destined to ascend to 3000 or 6000 strands in the year and years ahead.  The Messages from the Mineral Kingdom will be united within this section as they are a part of earth, and Oa has committed to bringing through this series in the latter half of this year.


Earth is playing a more active role in human ascension at this time in history than ever before.  She has discovered that humanity provides beautiful examples of her own problematic energetic relations with Sirius A and B along with many other creations upon other dimensions within your Cosmos.  It has been the human map carvers that have given voice to the patterning of manipulation that so pervade the lost souls within your creation; and enough has been revealed that earth’s continued ascent is more assured than ever before.


At this time, earth is moving towards embodying the gold and silver tones of the Great Central Sun.  Gold and silver are created as all single, dual, tri and quad tones of the Language of Light are united and spun into a single silver and golden vibration.  Silver and gold are also the tones of the photon energy and pervade the aura of the Great Central Sun, and is prevalent in increasing amounts in each star gate that earth enters. Earth must match the gold and silver tones in order to pass through a significant belt of energy known as the photon belt that surrounds the skin of the Great Central Sun.  The photon belt is a “mirror” will reject anything that does not resonate with the thought-form of the Great Central Sun.  Many planets and stars have combust in attempting to enter without adequate preparation. 


For a long time earth could not perceive her pathway to entry into the Great Central Sun.  As of late and due to human evolution, a clearer pathway is now perceived.  This pathway involves matching the thought-form and vibration of the Great Central Sun enough in all kingdoms upon earth, gradually over the coming 16 years, and to enough of a degree that we shall not combust, but pass through to a new golden era ahead.  Each species upon earth must also do their part to match these tones of creation in order to assure the successful entry of earth along with one’s own self and relations.


Humans have the capacity of understanding verbal thought-form.  Earth has existed in a non-verbal state of being since exiting the Great Central Sun as a 12th dimensional vessel some 24 million years ago.  Non-verbal thought-form can be equated to music without words, or symphonies without thoughts.  Earth had music that was beautiful as she exited the Great Central Sun; alas the music over time went sour causing fall after fall until now at entry point Earth returns as a 3rd dimensional vessel, and only 1/8th of her original size and magnificence.  A humbling experience needless to say.


Humans contribute verbal thought-form to the consensus known as earth.  Verbal thought-form adds words and definitions to the symphony of sound along with understanding and consciousness.  It is due to human ascensions that verbal understanding of earth’s history has come to be accounted for.  It is this verbal history that is required in order for the governance in the Great Central Sun to understand earth’s journey, and also assist with earth’s desire to return “home” and into the golden light again.  The Great Central Sun has reviewed the ascension records of earth as they were offered


In the assessment of the Great Central Sun, earth is not responsible for over half of the karma that has been pushed upon her.  Earth has begun a massive project now to return all karma from all dimensions and other creations that has been pressed upon her.  In so doing, there is not too much karma to be purified through global ascension in order to make entry into the photon belt.  In the assessment in the Great Central Sun, there is a definitive possibility of going “home” again, and this makes earth’s heart sing. 


Entry into the Great Central Sun would be possible without human participation in the ascension of earth.  For humans have given voice and understanding to the dance, and analyzed the patterning of earth as they have analyzed the patterning within.  It is through human analysis and in perceiving the dance as it is, that new boundaries could be constructed that allow for continued ascension of earth and a pathway home into the Sun again.  Ascending humans have therefore contributed greatly to this possibility, and are to be honored as such.


In parallel manner to earth who is learning to hold new boundaries in her ascension, humans that are ascending must learn to hold their boundaries against other humans who in the unconscious desire to take of one’s information, knowledge, grid work, lineages and holographic nature.  Why are humans so barbaric unto one another in the unconscious, shredding one another apart?  Such shredding is the result of an inversion of law in which destruction becomes the foundation of creation rather than evolution or ascension.


The coming times of cleansing are going to invert the destructive cycle back upon the non-ascending human masses.  It is only as this occurs that there is any hope for ascending children and adults alike to survive and live long enough to enter the photon belt and golden energy of the Great Central Sun.  Earth is choosing therefore to set boundaries between ascending and non-ascending humans that are stiff and penalties are high for crossing them.  This has been the only means that earth foresees that the gentle lineages buried in the humble humans global wide can live through the times of cleansing and bear witness to entry into the Great Central Sun.




In essence, earth has offered a level of protection for those who intend to ascend, and hold lineage to fulfill upon the task.  The boundaries earth offers occur as one continues to align with earth in the choice to ascend, each day, week and month of one’s ascension.  One must also be aware that it is easy to fall into distortion after a karmic encounter with another or a group of others, or if one has become ungrounded for any length of time.  As this occurs, one must first find their connection to earth; and then call upon the boundaries for ascending initiates, which shall deliver a group of angels that will assist in the repair of one’s field, and making sure that nothing occurred outside of karmic lessons one is learning in the choice to ascend.


Lilliya has brought through many materials from nature in particular that can assist if one finds oneself ungrounded and unable to connect.  Reading any of the “Inspiration from the Nature Kingdoms”, “Messages from the Dolphins and Whales”, “Messages from the Great White Buffalo” along with “Messages from the Earth Mother I” articles shall draw the earth and her kingdoms into one’s field, after which one can more readily connect to earth again and find one’s grounding and support.  Going into nature is another solution, for as one communes with the fields, trees, lakes or ocean, one will find one’s way back into connection also with earth.  It is only in the connection to earth that one may then have access to the Healing Temples for Ascension that exist in the aurora.




At this time, there are 28 healing temples in the aurora designed to support ascending humans. These temples are numerous, and new temples are added almost weekly as new patterns of distortion are revealed in the continued ascent of the map carvers.  Therefore what the temples are and do is not as important as connecting unto them daily.  The temples are holographic in nature and allow one access to information that shall continue to support one’s ascent.  Connecting unto the healing temples during meditation each day along with each night before retiring for sleep or dozing off for a nap will more greatly assure that one’s field is repaired as one rests to support one’s continued ascent. 


Restless nights are a sign that one is not grounded and not connected to the temples.  It is through the healing temples that earth’s angels provide a certain level of  repair to ascending initiates global wide in dreamtime.  Lilliya has recorded a lovely Synthesis Meditation CD that anchor one to the healing temples and assist in clearing the field that one can listen to in order to connect to these temples.  (See “Products” and “Spring Sale” for more information.)   Lilliya will also be recording the Elements Meditation CD in time for Jasper International Ascension Conference in July.


The bottom line as earth sees it is that ascending initiates will have to take conscious responsibility for one’s own internal state of being.  One must learn to synthesize daily, connect to the healing temples nightly, and repair the field of missing records and information, or one will simply fall off track in their ascension.  This serves earth not, nor does it serve one’s ancestry.  Therefore earth offers up some tips to assist each in staying on track with one’s goal of ascension, for it is only as enough humans ascend that earth too may fulfill upon this goal.




Synthesis is how earth holds her energy flow as an ascending vessel.  Synthesis is an alignment of the tones of creation into a rainbow that runs from the deepest to the lightest and color.  The colors of one’s field as an ascending human will range from primary tones of red, blue, green, violet, orange, yellow and magenta pink, to the pastels of the Language of Light, which are pink to pale pink, lavender to pale lavender, turquoise, silver, yellow to pale yellow and gold.  As one synthesizes, one will create one’s own rainbow that should contain all seven primary colors and all ten pastels of the base notes of the Language of Light.  As long as this is so, one will remain in enough balance that there is not gaps in the field that the dark can manipulate through.


A rainbow is a circle of colors without beginning and end.  There is no room for darkness, or in other terms, the tones of creation that are black, grey, brown or muddy, or white and electrical.  White tones of creation Lilliya has called “perfect pictures” because they lead to judgment of self and others.  White and opaque colors of any kind in the field denote electrical frequencies; electricity creates the emotion of “shame” and “blame” in a magnetic system, and it is why electricity leads to the experience of judgment within the human dance.  In the act of synthesis, one moves out electrical and dense tones to the degree that one can from one’s field.  In so doing, one will come to a greater level of peace within, and then are ready for the next climb “upwards in vibration” in the continued ascent.


Synthesis also leads to balance.  This is the purpose of this alignment of tones into a circular rainbow of colors.  The dark strive to cause a field to go imbalanced and wobble.  As a field wobbles, then the dark can push their way “in” and dominate, overrunning the souls supporting one’s ascension altogether, and begin to pull one apart in the etheric, taking of one’s records, grid work, information and genetic materials.  Lilliya and those in their Group Mastery encounter problems of this nature all the time.  The solution is to balance the field, repair the rips and holes, and push out the dark through the act of synthesizing the field into a complete rainbow of magnetic tones.  Furthermore, to the degree that one can remain balanced and synthesized in any given day, the less likely one will lose information or records at all, which far better serves one’s continued ascent.




One of the largest problems earth perceives is missing tones of creation within the ascension.  When one goes to attempt to synthesize a field and is missing one or more sets of tones, then there are gaps in the rainbow throughout the field.  It is through the gaps then that the dark crawl through and manipulate, taking of one’s grid work, records and ascension libraries.  As one loses records, then one loses more tones, and one can move rapidly into a downward spiral, losing vibration and sink rather than ascend.  If one loses enough vibration, one may end up with flu like symptoms; and this is a sign that one’s libraries have been raided.  This has been a hard issue for many in Group Mastery to recognize that the flu has nothing to do with a virus, but that one has had a karmic encounter through which one has been energetically stripped. 


As one intends to clear the karma with the raiders, and retrieve the tones of creation, then one can repair the field again and synthesize enough to hold one’s vibration in ease.  As this occurs the flu like symptoms disappear.  One then can retrieve and reweave all that has been lost.  However the back and forth of this dance has left many map carvers dizzy; why is it so difficult to ascend?  We take 3 steps forward and 2 back, and then 3 forward again, making only a little progress it seems for all of the manipulative patterns the dark are so good at pulling off.  How can we prevent this?


One solution earth recommends is checking one’s library of tones daily.  There is a lovely scale of the Language of Light available to be printed from the web site.  One can also utilize the Language of Light Tarot to see where one is weak in any given tone, the 10 base notes being the most important as these are then refracted in each of the 38 notes above them, plus each dual and tri tone.  (See “Language of Light Tarot for more information on these beautiful printed cards). 



See "Language of Light and Herbs” for a complete chart in text format.


One of our associates in Group Mastery has learned to muscle test and pendulum each day which of the 48 single notes and 48 dual notes she is missing.  There is a lovely chart available upon the web site under Ascension Transmissions IV known as a “Polarity Chart.pdf”.  This chart along with the herb and mineral charts is also contained upon the CD Rom included in the Language of Light Tarot Deck.  This polarity chart not only defines the 48 tones and dual tones, but the polarity thought-form that one transcends as each note is embraced in the ascending field. 

First this initiate checks this chart for missing notes.  Then she assesses the thought-form that must be transcended and intends this so.  Then she goes on to utilize the Herb-Language of Light chart to work with the herbal kingdom in the repair of her field. 


The herb kingdom provides information to ascending initiates to assure biological ascension.  Any missing note in the scale of 48 Language of Light tones means a portion of one’s form, or a system, gland or organ may not have become crystalline in biology.  Gaps in the biology will lead to disease over time in the continued ascent.  Cells that vibrate too low in vibration in association with the overall vibratory rate of the form tend to become cancerous in Lilliya’s own personal experience.  Working with the herbs daily more greatly assures that one’s biological ascent shall be complete, and that one will be less likely to ascend into disease. 


One can work with the herbs in several ways.  One can attune to the consciousness of one or a set of herbs in meditation and during synthesis, requesting of the herbs to assist in providing missing or additional energetic and vibrational information that one requires in order to ascend the biology.  If one discovers that a particular tone is missing on a recurrent or regular basis, one may also wish to ingest the associated herb and learn the note upon a biological level.  Herbs will provide biological transcripts to assist in ascension.  Earth recommends ingesting tinctures over dried herbs, and that which has been preserved in grain alcohol is best from her point of view. 


As one first purchases the herb or series of herbs, earth guides each to place the bottle in ones’ hand and attune to the kingdom, asking the kingdom to bless the herbs one is about to ingest during one’s meditation time to support one’s continued ascent, or ascend out of disease.  In so doing, the kingdom will adjust the frequencies to support ascension, as not all herbs upon the shelf of the health food store may be able to accomplish this task.  Alcohol is capable of holding many vibrations at once, and it is the grain alcohol in the tincture that will allow the herb kingdom to download missing tones to support one’s ascent in the ingestion of the herb. 


Take as much of the herb for as long as required and as one muscle tests pendulums.  The purpose of ingesting the herb is to learn the language of light tones upon a biological level.  Over time and after consuming the herb for a few weeks or months, one will have accomplished this task and probably not require the herb again in this lifetime.



See “Language of Light and Minerals” for a complete chart in text format.


One can also attune to the mineral kingdom in association with missing tones in the Language of Light.  The mineral kingdom teaches movement and shape of the Language of Light symbols.  Each Language of Light symbol must be learned and mastered by an ascending field.  Most dreamtime tests for ascension involve demonstrating an ability to move each single, dual, tri or quad tone in the Language of Light within one’s chakra system and subtle bodies along with light body.  To the degree one has mastered each of the notes, this determines the vibration that one rests at in the new consensus and the level of initiation one has mastered and embodied.  Therefore it is no mystery to earth at what initiatory level any given initiate may rest, as the symbols in the field show clearly this truth.


If one is prone to losing notes in their Language of Light scale due to karmic encounters, and detects so through muscle testing or use of the pendulum, then one may call upon the associated mineral kingdom for assistance in replacing the missing note along with learning to master each note more fully.  One may even go on to add a particular mineral to one’s alter if one tends to lose particular tones within the scale of the Language of Light recurrently in one’s ascension.  The mineral will support one where one is weak until one has transcended the underlying cause of the loss of the tones of creation in one’s karmic ancestry.


The Language of Light are notes of creation that allow the form and field to ascend into a regenerative crystalline system, and then sustain the health and well being of the form into the future.  Missing notes will lead to disease over time if not attended to.  Therefore regardless of how far one can ascend, daily attendance to the tones of creation is imperative, as one will be losing such information to non-ascending relationships and encounters.  So this will be so until more of the non-ascending human populace is cleansed from the physical plane.




Humanity originally held gold and silver tones of creation, as these were the tones held by the Grand Masters seeded by Sirius upon earth some 50,000 years ago.  Humanity fell within 10,000 years into the pastel tones of the Language of Light; following the last Fall of Atlantis, humanity fell again and this time into primary tones of creation.  Primary tones are red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange and magenta respectively.  Those at two strands of DNA emulate primary tones in their chakra system and auric field, but much denser frequencies in the etheric body.  The etheric body of those at 2 strands has fallen into the tones of black brown, gray, and muddy red, which are electrical and pain based in vibration.  Over time and as one ascends, the etheric vessel begins to become primary toned in color again, and the chakras pastel in nature, particularly as one embodies 3000 strands of DNA.


Primary tones therefore are required by ascending initiates to hold together the etheric cellular structure.  Any missing primary note may translate into a biological problem, and is also a good thing to check for the presence of within the field and akashic records.  Lilliya in her experience of Cancer found that the primary note of blue and green would often go missing in the related etheric region of the form.  As blue and green were restored, so was the health of the crystalline structure.


Lilliya has defined the Language of Light in depth for those studying their web site and ascension information.  Primary notes have not been defined so greatly.  However the meditation at the end of this piece has an exercise that assists with retrieving and running missing primary along with Language of Light notes of creation.  Earth has decided to make this exercise a part of the Element Meditation Audio CD to be recorded in time for our upcoming International Ascension Conference in Jasper.  Earth wishes now to more greatly define primary tones in association with the etheric vessel.




Etheric cells will hold all seven primary rays to varying degrees; some humans are prone to being more red, blue, green, violet, orange, yellow or magenta upon an etheric cellular level prior to ascension.  One can equate this with the nature of the persona and old astrology; red and magenta folk tend to be ambitious, creative, dynamic and energetic in nature much like the fire signs of Aries and Sagittarius; orange folk tend to be grounded and centered such as the earth sign of Capricorn and Taurus; blue and green folk are emotional or healing in nature, much like Pisces and Cancer water signs; violet folk tend to be spiritual in nature along with inward focused much like Scorpio and Aquarius sun signs.  Yellow folk tend to be mental such as Virgo and Libra sun signs.  One’s color predisposition is associated with one’s nature from birth.


In ascension, one begins to balance out the tones so that all seven rays are available in the cellular structure.  Most by initiation 1024 will have small amounts of all seven tones available in the healthy crystalline structure of the etheric form.  Those areas that are non-crystalline with retain the old imbalanced energy colors, or be black, gray or brown in color if the region is decayed or scarred in the physical.  Children are born with over 80% scar tissue at 2 strands of DNA; such scarring will be black streaks in-between the healthy cells within the etheric structure.  This scarring is a reflection of missing genetic information due to the fraying of DNA in nuclear fallouts within human history.


As one masters the upper initiations leading to Bodhisattva, scar tissue and decay is addressed a layer at a time allowing what is black, brown or grey to become primary colored etheric cells that refract all seven tones.  As one pushes beyond Bodhisattva and into the initiations leading to Mahavishnu level awareness (15,000 strands) and Full Consciousness (36,000 strands), the etheric cellular structure gradually shifts from primary to pastel colors of language of light notes.  Such tones are pink to pale pink, lavender to pale lavender, yellow to pale yellow, turquoise, silver and gold.


Although the etheric cellular structure of an ascending vessel will be primary in color, the language of light notes prevail in the weaving of the charka system, subtle body and light body along with greater global auric field as initiations 2000-3000 is mastered.  As 6000 is mastered, the etheric body has evenly distributed primary notes throughout all cells, language of light tones weave the chakras and subtle bodies; and the light body and greater auric field becomes gold or silver in color as related to the gold and silver notes of the Language of ONE of the Great Central Sun. 

Gold and Silver are the result of uniting all single, dual, tri and quad notes within the Language of Light into a single golden or silver ray.  As the light body becomes gold or silver in mastery of Bodhisattva level evolution, one has earned the access to the Great Central Sun during dreamtime to review one’s personal ascension records, for counseling and in preparation for entry into the Photon Belt into the future.






Red is the color of anger and change along with life force.  Without the presence of red in one’s field, there may not be enough life force to generate the continued ascent, as ascension requires more and more life force to be present in order to facilitate an ever-increasing upward momentum in vibration.  Those in fear of anger often give their red ray to others; this leaves one without enough life force to catalyze one’s own ascension or carve one’s own boundaries.  In order to embrace red, one will have to make peace with one’s fear of anger and violence; as this occurs red is a good resource for protection and will assist in catalyzing one’s continued ascent. 


Anger only becomes violent if the red ray from another invades one’s field.  Lilliya learned this long ago and with her relationship with the father of her child.  Her ex would press all of his anger into her field out of his dislike of rage.  This would cause Lilliya to become “outraged” and want to kill him, or pummel his head against the sidewalk.  As Lilliya observed the nature of rage, she came to understand that violence is only the result of a lack of boundaries and how humans have become so intertwined due to the state of attachment in which they reside.  As Lilliya learned to ground out the rage of all others down her grounding cord to the aurora, including her ex, violence or the desire to violate another became an emotion of the past.  She also learned that her own anger when it runs feels exhilarating and energizing, and further allows her to set her boundaries, but never seeks to harm another.


Often the fear of anger is the result of being abused.  One then tends to give others one’s rage, only to find oneself abused as others go out of control having the anger of oneself in their field.  Retrieve your own anger, return any that is not your own by grounding it down one’s grounding cord, and one will hold one’s own boundaries with ease, and the other will cease to violate.  Boundaries are semi-permeable energy flow that allows only that which belongs unto oneself in one’s field, and retains everything else that belongs to everyone else outside of one’s field.  To the degree one masters boundaries at each level of ascent, to such a degree one also ceases to be manipulated by others, or manipulate oneself.


Anger is one of the primary colors that humans manipulate each other through.  Those gifted at dominion will generally collect anger from all others and then use the anger to puff themselves up into a bigger than life energy flow that no one dares to challenge.  Pop the bubble that such humans reside within; take back one’s own rage and the bully will lose his or her ability to remain in the dominant position.  In so doing, one will make peace with anger as one will learn that no one can really dominate over one’s truth or life choices again.


Opaque or muddy red is an electrical vibration that can often be associated with computers and other electronic equipment.  Such forms of red are painful to the form and cause deterioration of the crystalline structure if one surrounds oneself with it for long periods, or pulls such tones from others into one’s field and etheric form.  It is for this reason that preoccupations that retain one in an electrical environment are not recommended for ascending initiates.  We have an associate in Lilliya’s Group Mastery Program that could not ascend beyond 2200 strands without leaving behind the preoccupation of computer programmer.  As this initiate traded in this job for a position delivering bread and stocking other items upon the grocery store shelves, not only do they make an equivalent income, but the physical movement on the job and time outdoors has allowed them to complete Bodhisattva level evolution this year as an initiate.


When any non-moving energy first moves within the etheric vessel, (which is generally black, brown or grey in color) the energy generally turns red as it first begins to move.  Often the emotional feeling of outrage or anger may accompany the release of energy, or pain and the requirement to cathart.  The rage is simply a biological response associated with a present life or past life violation.  The natural response to any violation is to get angry.  Most humans have learned to repress their rage out of the fear of violence, and in so doing, press the natural response into the etheric body.  Over time this leads to disease as the anger turns to pain and causes the energy to cease to move in the associated part of the form.


If one is in fear of anger, then one may not release their pain or traumatic patterns recorded in the cellular structure in ease, which in essence will prevent one from ascending much beyond 1024 in this lifetime.  Therefore choosing to make peace with anger is a good intention on the part of ascending initiates.  Red is also a lower octave of pink, which is associated with forgiveness and unity in the Language of Light.  If one masters not anger and the red ray, one will be hard pressed to learn to forgive or master unity in their ascension.  Initiates require all tones of creation present in order to ascend. 


Running the vibration of red in large crowds such as when one is traveling through airports or train stations, or at the grocery store or mall, will have the affect of causing others to mind one’s boundaries.  Most entitles of the dark are in fear of anger themselves; they therefore leave one alone if one chooses to run red or infuse red throughout one’s chakra system.  For many years, this is how Lilliya protected themselves in their travel and day-to-day life with the old consensus by infusing their fields with red and orange, which would ward off the dark and their relentless manipulations.




Cobalt blue is the color of body health.  When cells are vibrating in health in the crystalline form, they will have a cobalt blue shimmer surrounding them.  When cells are decayed or dying, they will be coated in black, grey or brown tones of creation.  Black is pain, entities and karma; gray is a denser level of electricity than the muddy red variety; brown generally denotes drug energy and entities of both a prescriptive nature along with those drugs used for pleasure.  Alcohol before it is blessed is often filled also with black, grey and brown tones of creation.


Underlying the black, gray or brown in any given etheric cellular region is generally a trauma recorded from either one’s present life and childhood or a past life of one or more ancestors.  In the act of ascension, chi is pushed down the lay line into the black, gray and brown regions of the etheric cells; as this occurs, the pain releases, the entities move out, and the karma underneath can be accounted for and released by one’s soul, oversoul and source.  As the karma is released, the region will begin to become crystalline in the etheric.  As this is accomplished, the region will have a cobalt blue shimmer surrounding it denoting cellular health.


One can choose to run cobalt blue to cool down an excessively hot kundahlini energy flow.  In times past, Lilliya would heat up to a dripping sweat as their kundahlini surged in association with karma that required clearing, or holding space for events.  Sometimes the sweat would drip not only off of their foreheads, but also down their backs.  The flaring kundahlini also brings about an ecstatic feeling of divine union, and although physically uncomfortable, is emotionally satisfying.  However if allowed to carry on too long, it could begin to fry the cells of the nervous system.  Lilliya learned to cool down such surges through intention with the use of cobalt blue in frequency.




Green is the color of harmony, peace and growth.  In Lilliya’s early work with BPI Psychic School, students would clear patterning until each field would turn emerald green.  They coined the green “growth period green” which denoted a period of integration that would follow all of the release work that the group had accomplished.  This integration period would allow new information to integrate in the field as the old programming dissipated.  Lilliya learned in her early days of clearing and reading the public to work with someone only up until they went emerald green in their auric field; in so doing the cycle of patterning that required releasing was complete, and the field returned to harmony.  Once in a state of harmony, Lilliya knew that the old patterning released would not be drawn back into the field, as there is no room for such in a state of peace.  Therefore the green ray can also be perceived as a stabilized state of being that allows for growth and change in harmony and peace.


Cobalt Blue and Green are a lower octave of Compassion in the Language of Light.  One must embrace Blue and Green as primary notes before one can embody Compassion as an ascending human, as they are all related.  Compassion is a state that transcends codependent thought-form.  Codependence is associated with giving oneself away, or one’s information, grid work, chi and life force along with ascension records; or in other terms trying to carry another down one’s path.  As one embraces compassion, one leaves codependence behind allowing one to become more sovereign in energy field and flow and enter the dance of unity with all others. 


Codependence is a form of false compassion or false love that humanity has fallen into as a result of the intertwining of DNA.  As the DNA frayed, one became intertwined with one another as the circuitry interconnected outward rather than inward creating what is known as “attachment”.  Attachment can be seen at the edge of the etheric body as portions of the grid work that should be woven inside to sustain the health and well being of the form has been pulled outward and connects to other people, places, objects, possessions, pets or plants. 


One will see that there is scarring associated with each region in which the attachment is associated, and underlying the attachment are “ownership signatures”.  Such ownership signatures are generally black in color and hold in place an opening into the etheric body through which one looses chi on an ongoing basis.  . As the attachment releases, the skin of the etheric vessel heals; the holes seal over and the etheric skin becomes crystalline, and one ceases to lose chi at one’s current vibratory rate.  The Compassion Tone in the Language of Light or the combination of blue and green are necessary to the release etheric attachment.




Orange is the color of healing and action.  Healing is an act that requires action.  In order to heal, one must be willing to release the pain and karma of the past and allow those who trespassed oneself in any manner to be forgiven.  Forgiveness precedes healing, along with anger.  First anger may hit; as one acknowledges the violation that occurred as one or one’s ancestors were trespassed upon; then as the anger passes, healing begins as one releases the emotional trauma enough to forgive.  In the act of forgiveness, the region may turn orange and as the forgiveness is fulfilled upon, harmony returns and the field or region turns emerald green.


Orange much like red is a good color to run when one is out and about in the shopping mall or grocery store or the density of the city.  Orange is perceived as power by the nonphysical forces of the dark.  Lilliya would often use a blend of orange and red when traversing through crowded airports and train stations; this had the affect of minimizing the damage that might have occurred or the entities that might have attached to her field otherwise.  In order to accomplish, one must make peace with orange as thought-form, letting go of false concepts associated with dominion-based power.


Dominion based power seeks to control and manipulate others into doing one’s bidding; in such a state there is no free will, or even the choice to ascend or evolve; as one’s evolution will always be subject to others who will “allow” it, as they hold the power to determine one’s fate.  In ascension, one is forever retrieving power lost in one’s ancestry either to others in human form, or the nonphysical, or earth, or other creations upon other dimensions that were perceived as “god” but were really false gods.  Only false gods would have to strip the power of another in order to be powerful. 


If one fears the color orange, one is in fear of one’s own power.  Sometimes one may have abused power in one’s ancestry; as the karma is released, one will make peace with orange and then utilize this tone of creation as another means to hold one’s boundaries as an ascending being.  As one makes peace with orange, there will be enough power present to embody authentic power, which is peach in color in the Language of Light.  Authentic power allows each their dance within the dance of life without judgment and without the requirement to control or dominate.  Those in a state of authentic power learn to simply stand in their truth.  Power is both orange and peach in color, and therefore are good tones of creation to intend to embody as an ascending initiate.




Yellow is one of the few tones of creation that is both primary and Language of Light based.  Yellow is a note that is held in your solar sun, and it is the main tone of creation that supports life within your solar system.  Because yellow is beamed upon earth each day and all that live upon her, it is difficult to lose such a tone of creation.  Therefore humanity and nature alike have retained the yellow tone throughout each fall in consciousness, which is related to “Breath of Life” and “Freedom” in the Language of Light.


In human relations and prior to ascension, yellow is generally associated with humor and happiness along with laughter.  Long ago, Lilliya discovered that any event that she held went along far more joyfully if she filled the room with yellow.  Students laugh easier; humor prevails, and in a state of humor, it is always easier to digest one’s spiritual life lessons.  Those reading this information can experiment by filling the office or meeting or family gathering with yellow as a vibration, and see what happens!


The Breath of Life tone in the Language of Light is associated with the ability to consciously breath.  Breathing in and out cause one to align in present time.  In the present, one begins to live in the moment, and in the moment there is greater freedom, as one is less subject to the patterns of the past.  Breathing and laughter often go together; some humans rarely breathe until they laugh in any given day.  Perhaps this is why humorous sit-coms are so popular upon TV.  It allows those watching the sit-coms to laugh, and in laughing one breathes, and in breathing one comes into present time, and in so doing one feels better.  Rather than watching the sit-com, try infusing one’s field and kundahlini with the vibration of yellow and breathe.  One will “lighten up”, and the load will not feel so great.


So many ascending initiates in earth’s estimation carry the “load of the world” upon their backs.  It is simply that one feels so deeply the pain of nature and earth perhaps; one also may feel the pain that one’s fellow human is in.  The pain will dissipate beloved; the times ahead of cleansing and the birth of the golden era is coming.  Let go, breathe, laugh and be in the joy of the moment, and one’s ascension will unfold in greater ease.




Violet is the color of spirituality.  Spirituality at 2 strands of DNA is primarily founded upon dogma.  Dogma holds thought-form that is right and wrong, truth and non-truth based that pits humans against one another; it is dogma that ultimately has lead humanity to war again and again.  Dogmatic tones are released by initiation 1800, however religious programming may be so deep that it requires the ascent to Bodhisattva to transmute in full.


Religious programming generally carries a purple or violet vibration in the field.  Violet tends to lock oneself or others into rigid behavior that can be judgmental and shame based in nature.  As religious programming is released, lavender or pale lavender replace it, which are the vibrations of Structure and Divine Union in the Language of Light.  Divine Union in particular leads to a new form of spirituality that is personal and one’s intimate experience of the communion of soul, body and earth.  One’s temple or church becomes one’s body along with all of nature in the dance of communion.


Pale violet or ultra violet as it shines through the sun is the tone of erasure.  Erasure is a transmutative tone that allows that which one is complete with to be dissipated and released in the field.  Erasure is the foundation of the act of transmutation of all karma, pain, anger, fear and trauma in ascension.  Violet is simply a lower octave of erasure that became solidified in a sense in the fall of earth and mankind.  As one transcends violet, one enters a greater level of spiritual freedom where transmutation and transcendence become the foundation of one’s life dance.  It is the transcendence and transformation of all thought-form associated with this creation that will ultimately lead one “Home” as body or soul.




Magenta is the color of passion and sexuality.  It is also like the red ray a lower aspect of the forgiveness and unity rays of the Language of Light.  Those who have passion for projects and causes tend to run a lot of magenta in their field at 2 strands of DNA.  For those who lack this particular vibration, ascension to 1024 allows for the restoration of all primary tones including magenta.  Ascension to 1024 allows humans to recover their sexuality, sensuality and passion for life as a result.


It is passion that drives the dream of any human or creation.  If there is no passion, it is difficult to bring a particular manifestation into physicality.  Therefore for those striving to become the dreamer and the dream through ascension, recovering one’s passion is paramount to one’s ability to manifest one’s hearts desires.  So many initiates in Lilliya’s program do not know what they are passionate for, perhaps other than ascension.  Ascension can be a good passion, and it allows one to fulfill upon the choice to evolve that has been a non-option for so long within one’s ancestry.  In so doing, one is fulfilling upon perhaps an ancient passion held in one’s Grand Master lineages.


Passion for ascension will lead to ascension.  Passion for anything else will lead to whatever one wishes to manifest; karma allowing.  Karma often dictates what one can or cannot manifest.  Often it is for this reason that humans give up upon those things that they feel passionately about, as perhaps the karma of their ancestry blocks such a manifestation from occurring in the physical.  Through ascension, one can release the karma that prevents the manifestation of one’s hearts desire.  But first one will have to find their passion again, as it is the passion that calls the dream down the dimensions so that it can be experienced in one’s life dance.


Unity and the unity frequencies of pale pink hold a passion of their own.  The passion of unity is to create unity relations with all others, which is founded upon each receiving equal to what they contribute, the greater good of the whole, and equality amongst all members.  In unity-based passion, one manifests only that which serves the whole of one’s community or tribe, and ultimately earth as the consensus reality that one resides.  It will be as humanity ascends more into unity-based passion that humanity may begin to clean up the toxic mess that he/she has created.


Much like the red ray, if one fails to master the magenta ray, one will be hard pressed also to master forgiveness or unity.  Therefore perhaps it is a good idea for ascending initiates to choose to embrace their passion, and discover what one feels passionate about, and then strive to manifest one’s hearts desire.  After all, this is what ascending initiates are present in the human dance to teach; that one can become the dreamer and the dream.




The Language of Light Tones has been defined in great detail in prior materials.  We refer those who know not about these tones to the “Language of Light” section upon the web site.  Single, Dual and Tri Tones have been defined in full.  Quad Tones will be defined later this year.  The Language of Light are the tones that shall lead one up in vibration and into the new dance of unity with all species.  The Language of Light is the chosen language for communication for all species upon earth at this time.  Therefore as one opens to the Language of Light, one will be able to communicate with all kingdoms, including plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale. 


Why and how is this so?  The Language of Light is both non-verbal and verbal in nature, and a unique creation not found anywhere else.  Humans are verbal in nature; nature is non-verbal.  Nature will speak in the symbols only; however if one understands the symbols and has assigned words unto them, then one also understands the symbols nature may send one’s way and translate them into words.  This is how Lilliya has been able to channel each of the nature kingdoms in the many articles offered upon their web site.




Lilliya talks to everything around her.  As she goes on her walk, she speaks to the land, to the sea, to the birds, and the bees along with the trees.  Most inform her about her own ascension process that they are in observation of, or warn her of difficulties ahead that perhaps she should pay attention to.  They are an intimate “friend” and “companion” in her ascension journey, as is Oa.  So can initiates learn to pay attention to nature and what the kingdoms may be telling oneself.


Often times a dead bird upon Lilliya’s path or a dead animal upon the road as they drive is a sign of death karma.  Lilliya always checks to see if there is either death karma up to be processed, or if someone has added death karma to their fields.  If so, she releases the karma or returns the karma to sender.  In so doing, she avoids having an accident.  Bees are special to Lilliya and often speak to her of her dream weaving and gathering for the events that SSOA produces.  Often a dead bee in the pool is a sign that there is a problem with their dream or the schools dream, and Lilliya then takes a look and repairs the problem if need be.


Dragon Flies are special also to Lilliya that perceives them as representatives of the dragon souls governing ascension at this time upon Earth.  Often they will fly over her and around her while swimming in the pool, offering up messages and guidance that support her continued path of ascension.  The point here is that nature is sincerely willing to assist in human ascension, and provide the role of inner guide.  One simply requires learning enough of the Language of Light to understand what nature is saying; then one can interpret nature through one’s own common use of the same language.


For so long, humanity has felt cut off from earth.  This is simply because humanity brought with it languaging from Sirius and the Pleiades that nature upon earth did not use nor did nature understand.  In the early ascent of the first wave of map carvers, a common language was created so that all may understand one another.  In parallel manner, earth is now embracing the language of the Great Central Sun so that we too may understand one another.  It has been as enough gold and silver languaging was embraced by earth and upper level ascending dolphin, whale and human initiates that our records could be finally shared, and a map drawn for earth to re-enter the Great Central Sun into the future.


Distortion creates a circumstance where one falls into a language that no other creation or soul understands.  This is what occurred upon earth, in your solar system, in your cosmos, and in your creation of 360 dimensions.  All fell into a language that no other creation understood.  Underlying this experience is a deep loneliness and separation along with a desire to reconnect.  This is what ascension brings forth beloved; an ability to reconnect and leave the feeling of separation behind.  In so doing, one’s heart may mend and one may learn to love again.




Earth is learning to love again, unconditionally and from a non-attached state.  Earth extends her love to each ascending human, thanking each for the contribution to the verbal understanding of my records.  For a long time, earth sought to reject humans, as humans have a reputation of destroying every creation that they enter.  Earth has made peace in the greater understanding that she drew humanity unto herself to assist in her ascension home; for without your verbal understanding, no ascension of any species upon earth or earth as a whole would be possible.


Earth asks each who is willing to join her to come to our “International Ascension Conference” events.  All are welcome who are studying Lilliya’s materials and are devoted to ascending in this lifetime.  There is much healing that is required for the continued ascent of all species.  Jasper Canada is a special place that contains records of all seven human root races; coming to Jasper International Ascension Conference is an opportunity to heal the discord within one’s own inheritance and find a greater level of peace within.  Jasper International Ascension Conference will also allow for a deeper level of healing between all species, as karma for consuming flesh is released by the group.  Hilo Hawaii holds records of unity and unity based community.  For many, Hawaii International Ascension Conference will lead to a greater opening of the heart and the future possibility of creating community with one’s fellow human ascending brothers and sisters.


Earth recognizes that many ascending initiates struggle with manifestation issues.  Lilliya do too; often they produce just enough to cover the cost of their travel and events, and little extra.  They have learned however to put their manifestation needs into earth’s hands; in so doing they have always had enough to go where earth required them to be to support her global ascension.  So this can be also for you; and therefore earth invites initiates not to worry about money.  Intend to join us for these special events, and allow earth to provide the means.  Many last year manifest donations for themselves also to cover International Ascension Conference fees.  This was helpful if funds were too tight that one could not attend otherwise.  Contact Oa at for more information.


The following is a meditation to attune to each primary note and Language of Light note necessary to hold one’s vibration in one’s ascension.  Filling oneself with all tones of creation creates a more greatly balanced field that will be less subject to manipulation.  It is for this reason that earth shares of this meditation.  This meditation shall be included in the Elements CD that Lilliya are to record and make available this year.



pdf of Meditation


1.                  Sit quietly. Dim the lights.  Play some soft background music that you love.  Light some incense.

2.                  Breathe and release.  Let us begin by clearing the home and property in which one resides (or may be visiting).  Let us first ground the foundation of the home to the aurora of the earth while creating seven sets of grid work between the foundation and the top of the aurora.  If one lives in a high rise, one will also create one set of grid work under each floor underneath oneself.  If there are 18 floors, one will create 18 sets of grid work plus an additional 7 to the aurora to augment the grounding of one’s residence, office or hotel room.

3.                  Breathe and release.  Now let us intend that the energy run “down” to the center of the earth through each layer of grid work, like a large waterfall that begins from above one’s head.  If there are many floors above oneself, one may also wish to create grid work upon each floor above, directing the energy down through one’s apartment to the center of the earth from above.

4.                  Breathe and release.  If there are upward moving vortexes from the drug use of neighbors, let us close this down now.  Most of such vortexes are simply spirals of energy that flow upward.  Reverse the spiral spinning it downward until it dissipates.  Not intend to close all such upward moving spirals or vortexes that interfere with the grounding of one’s home, office or hotel room in the neighborhood that surrounds oneself. 

5.                  Breathe and release.  Now imagine a big gold and silver ball of energy above one’s home.  Press the gold and silver ball down into the premises running it through each room and then pressing it down the grounding cord to the aurora.  Underneath the gold and silver ball will be all that no longer resonates or is dissonant unto oneself at one’s current level of initiation.

6.                  Breathe and release.  Let us ask earth for Marias or angels to anchor in the four corners of one’s home.  Request of the angels to dispensate ongoing showers of language of light tones blended with gold and silver to retain a peaceful environment that can become one’s sanctuary.  Invite one’s nature kingdom friends to co-anchor the space along with the mineral and herbal kingdoms.

7.                  Breathe and release.  Now ground yourself firmly to the aurora by creating a waterfall of language of light energy movement that pushes down through one’s home, through one’s etheric body and chakras system along with subtle bodies and to the center of the earth.  Allow all that does not belong unto oneself or has attached to oneself to fall off to the aurora for transmutation purposes.

8.                  Breathe and release.  Let us begin by moving the kundahlini energy up the spine and out the top of the head, slowly and much like hot lava.  Let us also open the chakras in one’s feet allowing the kundahlini to move up the side channels, infusing chi into every meridian of the etheric body.  Let us call upon the Earth Mothers Angels or Marias to support the movement of energy through the Kundahlini. 

9.                  Breathe and release.  Let us imagine the energy of the kundahlini moving up through the calves, up the thighs, and into the pelvic region, energizing all meridians and all grid work in the lower half of the form.  Let us now move the kundahlini up into the rib cage, chest, down the shoulders and out the arms and hands, along with up through the neck and into the head, energizing all meridians therein.  Let us charge the grid work and meridians with chi in the upper half of the form.

10.             Breathe and release.  Now let us begin to focus upon running the red ray throughout the etheric body and kundahlini.  The red ray represents life force and change.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to make peace with the red ray.  Red is not really anger; it is life force, but has been interpreted by the emotional body as rage if the red ray is not one’s own energy signature.  Let us drain off all anger and red ray that is not our own down our grounding cord, returning it to sender.  Let us move only red that is of our own vibration and essence.  In so doing, there will be enough life force and chi to sustain one’s continued ascent and boundaries.

11.             Breathe and release.  Let us intend to release all patterns, thought-form, entities and machines that prevent our full ability to move and embrace the red ray.  Let us also release all thought-form, patterns, entities and machines that cause us to either take on the red ray of another, or displace our own anger upon another.  The red ray is associated with the forgiveness and unity tones in the language of light.  If one cannot master the red ray, one will be hard pressed to learn to forgive or master unity as an ascending being.  Let us therefore make peace with the red ray.

12.             Breathe and release.  Now let us focus upon running the orange ray throughout the etheric body and kundahlini.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to make peace with one’s own power.  Power is required in order to fuel one’s ascent forth.  In it in a state of power that one takes action and causes life changes.  Ascension brings about major life changes, and if one has no power, one will be unable to fulfill upon the change, thus ceasing to ascend. 

13.             Breathe and release.  Let us return power that belongs to another to it’s source of origin, and gather up all power given unto others in one’s life dance including one’s family, friends, the boss, the employer, the bank, the church or other spiritual leaders, the grocery store, along with the region and country that one resides.  Let us also gather up power that our ancestors gave away in times past to all others and intend to release all karma associated.  Let us retrieve our power so that we may have enough power to ascend.

14.             Breathe and release.  Let us intend to release all patterns, thought-form, entities and machines that prevent our full ability to move and embrace the orange ray.  The orange ray is associated with the authentic power and the peach tone in the language of light.  If one cannot master the orange ray, one will be hard pressed to master authentic power and standing in one’s truth as an ascending being.  So let us make peace with our power.

15.             Breathe and release.  Let us now focus upon running the yellow ray throughout the etheric body and kundahlini.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to make peace with laughter and joy along with freedom in one’s life dance.  The yellow ray is associated with the Breath of Life and Freedom tones in the Language of Light.  Breath of Life allows us to breathe deeply and move more fully into present time.  Let us take a deep breath with the intent to come fully into present time now.  All cords of attachment of the past fall off as one enters the moment, and all energy begins to move again.  Let us intend to learn to stay more in present time each day.

16.             Breathe and release.  Freedom allows the past to be released and the attachment to be pulled and rewoven into the etheric body, where it can better sustain the life of the form.  If uncomfortable, where is one unable to free oneself from the past?  Make peace with the past through forgiveness; forgive those who have wounded oneself in the greater understanding that one’s ancestry wounded theirs, and this is simply an old rerun of an old pattern.  Release and be free beloved.  Let us intend to release all patterns, thought-form, entities and machines that prevent our full ability to move and embrace the yellow ray.  In so doing, one will become free to ascend.

17.             Breathe and release.    Let us now focus upon running the green ray throughout the etheric body and kundahlini.  Green is associated with harmony and peace.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to make peace with oneself, choosing to leave the agitation and fear behind.  Often the agitation one feels is not one’s own but fear pressed upon oneself by others.  Let us drain off the fear of others down one’s grounding cord.  The green ray is associated with compassion in the Language of Light.  It will be difficult to master compassion in action without first embracing the green ray.

18.             Breathe and release.  Let us intend to release all patterns, thought-forms, entities and machines that prevent our full ability to move and embrace the green ray.  Green underlies the ability to synthesize the field into a rainbow of tones.  Synthesis is another form of harmony and peace that is more advanced than the green ray, and is associated with the balance of all tones within the field.  One will be hard pressed to learn to synthesize and balance in this manner if one has not embraced the green ray in full.

19.             Breathe and release.  Let us now focus upon running the blue ray throughout the etheric body and kundahlini.  Blue is associated with body health.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.   If uncomfortable, intend to make peace with one’s embodiment as one’s temple and creation to experience the third dimension within.  Many initiates have associated spirituality with the requirement to separate spirit from form.  Ascension requires the embracing of one’s form and the grounding of spirit into the embodiment so that it can be resurrected and reconstituted to the crystalline structure.  Let us intend to release all patterns, thought-forms, entities and machines that prevent our full ability to move and embrace the blue ray and ground fully into the Earth Mother. 

20.             Breathe and release.  Let us now focus upon running the magenta ray throughout the etheric body and kundahlini.  Magenta is associated with passion and sexuality.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to make peace with and embrace one’s passion to live and create, along with one’s sensuality.  Life in the physical is a sensual experience.  The water caresses one’s skin as one swims; the breeze touches one’s face; the grass feels cool and nurturing under one’s feet.  One is a part of earth, and living upon earth can be far more joyful if one allows for the sensuality of the experience.  Magenta and the movement of the sexual energy is the mechanism through which spirit anchors to form, and earth connects to one’s embodiment.  Therefore no sexuality, no grounding or connection to soul or source either.

21.             Breathe and release.  Let us intend to release all patterns, thought-forms, entities and machines that prevent our full ability to move and embrace the magenta ray.  Much like the red ray, one will be unable to embrace forgiveness and unity as an ascending being, as magenta is a lower octave of these tones within the Language of Light.  Moving one’s sexual energy and kundahlini in ever increasingly forceful amounts is also a requirement to ascend, for it is the sexual energy that supports the expanding auric field, light body, subtle body and chakra system as each phase of initiation is mastered.  Therefore let us intend to make peace with our sexuality and sensual nature, as this is also a prerequisite to ascend.

22.             Breathe and release.  Let us now focus upon running the pale violet rays of structure and divine union.  Notice that we are not focusing upon the primary ray of violet bur rather the octave above it, as violent tends to illicit dogma and religious programming in the field.  Pale violet on the other hand is a form of erasure that allows pain, programming and machinery to be transmuted.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable with the pale violet ray.  If uncomfortable, intend to embrace one’s ability to transcend and transmute, giving a new definition to spirituality other than religion or religions preferences and dogma.

23.             Breathe and release.  The lavender structure tone brings forth a new structure that is spherical in ascension to replace the electrical sacred geometry associated with the mer-ka-ba.  The mer-ka-ba patterning is left behind the further that one ascends and replaced with the triple sphere and flower of life patterning.  It is the spherical patterning that creates harmless relations in which ones field rotates around another, embracing another, rather than piercing another with cords of attachment.

24.             Breathe and release.  The pale lavender divine union tone allows for a new form of communion to develop in which one is interconnected to earth, soul along with one’s form in an ongoing dance of energy and communication.  This new form of communion replaces the conventional spiritual practice, as it opens oneself up to communication from all kingdoms that then become one’s spiritual guidance.  One recognizes in this new spirituality that each kingdom is God-Goddess in form; each has something to contribute, and that one is a part of the whole in the dance of life.

25.             Breathe and release.  Let us intend to release all patterning, thought-form, machines or entities that block the full embracing of the pale lavender tones of structure and divine union within the Language of Light.  In so doing, one will move into a new spiritual foundation that is based upon ongoing communion with God Goddess all that is.

26.             Breathe and release.  Let us now focus upon running the pink rays of forgiveness and unity throughout the etheric body and kundahlini.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to embrace one’s ability to forgive and live in unity with all other species upon earth.  Forgiveness allows for the ties of the past to be released so that one may complete one’s karmic debts.  As karma is released and completed upon, new possibilities open as to what one might manifest next in one’s life expression.

27.             Breathe and release.  Unity allows for a new type of relationship to surface in which one no longer controls, manipulates, judges or competes.  In a state of unity, one allows; one allows all others their dance in the dance of life, and one’s own dance in whatever journey it may take one upon.  Let us intend to embody unity and forgiveness.  Let us intend to release all thought-form, patterns, entitles and machines that block the full embracing of the pink ray.  It is only as enough learn to forgive and live in unity that the birth of ascending community becomes possible.

28.             Breathe and release.  Let us now focus upon running the turquoise tone of compassion in the Language of Light throughout the etheric body and kundahlini.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to embrace oneself unconditionally and give birth to compassion within.  Compassion is first born internal to self as one acknowledges one’s own humanness.  One has been “all things human” in life experiences of one’s ancestry.  One has played all roles from the devil to the preacher, from the rapist to the raped, from the soldier to the wounded upon the battlefield; from the lover to the rejected, from the diseased to the deformed, to those who nursed and looked after such humans.  It is in acknowledging one’s own humanness that one learns to have compassion for all others in all other circumstances.

29.             Breathe and release.  Let us intend to release all thought-form, patterns, entitles and machines that block the full embracing of the turquoise ray of compassion.  Compassion is a prerequisite to mastering the upper initiations of the Bodhisattva.  Compassion is the foundation of the non-attached state of being, in which one learns to allow all others their truth.  One also recognizes that there are many roles to play; and that each role is as important as the next the unfolding drama that leads to evolution of the whole of humanity.  In a state of compassion, one no longer judges the role another or oneself plays; but embraces it unconditionally as a necessary part of the dance.

30.             Breathe and release.  Let us now focus upon running the peach tone of authentic power through the etheric body and kundahlini.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to embrace oneself as God Goddess in form.  The human vessel was designed to house God Goddess and be an expression that soul could dance with and evolve through upon the physical plane.  In accepting one’s own God-Goddess-ness, one can then accept the God Goddess within all life forms along with all other humans.

31.             Breathe and release.  Authentic power is embodied as one recognizes one’s own God-Goddess-ness.  In recognizing that one is God Goddess, one chooses to stand in one’s truth rather than allowing others to manipulate one into doing what one really does not wish to, or is not one’s truth to experience.  As God Goddess in form, one also chooses to allow all other their experience and chooses likewise not to manipulate another into doing one’s own bidding.  Let us intend to release all machines, entities, programming and thought-form that does not allow us to embrace the peach tone of power in full in our ascension.  In so doing, one will become God Goddess in form as an ascending human.

32.             Breathe and release.  Let us focus now upon the silver ray of non-conditional love within the Language of Light allowing it to run through the etheric body and kundahlini.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to learn to love oneself unconditionally.  As one learns to love from within, one will quite naturally extend love unconditionally to all others.  Learning to love requires the opening of the heart chakra, which in time buds into the 1000-pedal lotus of the Bodhisattva. 

33.             Breathe and release.  Opening the heart can be painful; but the further that the heart opens, the more chi one can generate to allow for one’s further ascent.  Much like the sexual energy flow of the kundahlini which generates the chi necessary to spin one’s light body and larger chakra system, the heart is also a conducer of chi that amplifies the presence of God Goddess in one’s vessel.  It is through the heart that soul, oversoul and one’s I Am presence communicate and bless all others.  Let us intend to release all machines, entities, programming and thought-form that does not allow us to embrace the silver ray in full.  Let us also intend to open the heart to the degree required in each phase of ascension.

34.             Breathe and release.  Let us now focus upon the gold ray of non-conditional governance within the Language of Light allowing it to run through the etheric body and kundahlini.  Pay attention to whether or not one feels uncomfortable.  If uncomfortable, intend to embrace oneself in the leadership role that one is destined.  Those that ascend are the leaders of tomorrow that are here to demonstrate a new form of governance founded upon unity.  Each who ascends is a leader, whether or not they are ever acknowledge as such.  Embrace yourself beloved in the leader you are becoming as an ascending master.

35.             Breathe and release.  What does this leadership entail?  Only what you may wish to contribute to your fellow humans.  Perhaps you will open the door or provide the key to another’s awakening.  Perhaps you will shed light upon an issue another is having trouble with.  Perhaps you will step out as a teacher of ascension.  The path and dream is up to you to weave.  Let us intend to release all machines, entities, programming and thought-form that does not allow one to embrace the golden ray in full.  In so doing, on will allow oneself to guide and lead others towards their own awakening.

36.             Breathe and release.  Now that one has moved all tones of creation through one’s field, let us synthesize our entire chakra system, kundahlini, subtle bodies and light body into a rainbow of tones, from densest to lightest and without beginning and end.  Let us syncopate the chakras in rotation and size, balancing the entire field from top to bottom.  The Marias from the Earth Mother shall assist.

37.             Now let us sit quietly and attune to our soul, oversoul and source, along with the Earth Mother and nature kingdoms.  What does your soul have to say to you today?  What does earth and nature have to report?  Allow the communion, as in a state of synthesis and balance, one sits in peace, and in a state of peace, earth and nature along with soul can more readily merge with one’s biological consciousness.


We hope that you have found this meditation useful upon your personal path of ascension.  Learning to retain all tones of creation within the field and balancing the chakras, subtle body and light body shall allow one to dance in one’s day to day life in greater ease as an ascending being.  It is for this reason that the earth offers up this information to those dedicated to the path of ascension.  This is the first of a series of articles directed at those mastering 3000 strands along with Bodhisattva level evolution in this lifetime.


Until our next communication,


The Earth Mother



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