Ancestor Buddha by Brigitte Rondeau


Ancestor Buddha through Lilliya
December 21, 2006




Dear Beloved upon the Spiritual Path,


It is Ancestor Buddha that greats you today and wishes to share a little about my journey so that there will be understanding and a new direction born that will not make the same mistakes that I did.  Mistakes are not wrong; they are how the human species evolves, grows, learns, and chooses another path and another means of finding their way “home”.  The means that I chose to ascend is not wrong; however there were complications that led to an incomplete ascension; this then created a photonic biology upon the fourth dimension that became ill as not all the systems were completely constructed.  This is why our channel Lilliya along with the Earth Mother focuses so heavily upon the concept of creating a “Complete Ascension” each phase of the way, as it is only as this is so that a complete photonic set of biology is created in the dimension above.


Why was my ascension so incomplete?  As it turns out and in recent months Lilliya discovered that the hologram upon the surface of the earth for my inheritance had been divided, with 65% of the information moving to the inner earth holographic planes. Holographic knowledge is a wheel of information from which one derives their photonic genetics from; and so the information I used to ascend to the fourth dimension was 35% incomplete.  This led to a body that became ill and I perished 8 years following my journey, and I died of liver failure under the same Bodi Tree that I ascended under.


For a long time the records of my ascension had been held suspended in another dream and were unavailable for review.  I made the mistake of blindly trusting the nonphysical that assisted in orchestrating my ascent.  It was as Lilliya entered the dream that I made my final momentums towards the fourth dimension that they discovered a copy of all of my ascension records.  This allowed for a more thorough understanding of what I had created at the time that I was alive, and an opportunity to begin to heal and release karma that I incurred in the third dimension due to creating an incomplete ascension.


When you incompletely ascend, a part of your consciousness is left behind in the third dimension.  This is what Lilliya, Oa and Earth call a “false god”.  So I left a part of myself behind that has become known as false god Buddha.  This part of myself is being retrieved at this time and reunited with the greater part of who I am.  This part of myself did not have enough information to lead an ascension movement in the physical; and has created great confusion leading to the development of religion rather than an pathway for evolution home.  This is what I am learning to forgive myself for; for causing the path to become so cloudy that evolution has been impossible the past 24,000 years since my ascent that all that could occur is continued falls into violence and nuclear annihilation. 


As a result of my karma, I am choosing to assist the Earth Mother in launching mass ascension in the East in the third dimension and shall work towards this goal with Lilliya and the Spiritual School of Ascension.  The map will be carved by a few related unto myself that are choosing to study with Lilliya and will allow a pathway to Bodhisattva level evolution to be orchestrated.  At this time there is little possibility of those in the East moving much beyond 2200 strands; and so this is necessary.  Earth chooses to orchestrate this with Lilliya as they have perhaps the most knowledge about ascension upon the physical plane of any other teachers in present time.


Let us say that Oa is a direct descendent of mine that I have watched in his choice to ascend for a very long time.  Lilliya is also related to my closest disciple who died upon my ascent.  She absorbed the part of my field that broke off and could not enter the fourth dimension; and this caused her field to shatter so badly that she died of a sudden heart attack the day of my ascent.  When Lilliya first discovered these records in the year 2000, she was so angry that she screamed at me for 2 hours.  I did not understand the anger nor did I know that this disciple that was so devoted to me and extended their life 200 years with me, and was to ascend to the next dimension had died.  I only knew that they and the entire group failed to join me in the fourth dimension as planned for.


The anger was the rage recorded in the biology for being violated in such a large manner leading to instant death.  As Lilliya yelled at me, she discharged the body level rage and this led then to peace and then forgiveness.  I did not understand this process and judged it harshly.  Let us say that Lilliya is like a lioness and will roar if she needs to in order to clear patterning or gain attention of those she requires assistance of, or fend off dark forces vying to destroy her.  Perhaps had my closest disciple done the same at the time that I ascended, she would have survived and then joined me in the next dimension.  This I understand better today than at the time that this occurred. 


You see ancestors have their judgments too.  In order to come to a state of non-judgment, I too must examine my own thought-form and then choose to transcend.  Because I have no physical body, I must rely upon those with my inheritance that are transcending.  It was through Oa that I could finally forgive Lilliya for being so angry at me.  Oa loves Lilliya deeply; he loves her more perhaps than he loves himself, although this too he is self healing in his continued ascent.  I too loved my closest disciple although we were not beloveds.  Perhaps if we had been beloveds that ascended together, we would have seen the incomplete ascension underway and taken strides to rectify it.  As such I am pleased that Lilliya are slowly ascending together, one step at a time, and seeing where I went wrong, and in so doing they will succeed where I failed.  Because Oa is my ancestor, all that went wrong upon the physical plane can be corrected, and he has been working upon this now for many years. 


I also recognize that Lilliya is a lioness because she has been so viciously attacked by so many dark forces as she has has had to ascend out of a dark dream that I left behind in the wake of my own ascension.  I split light and dark dreams, ascending in the light and then inflating the dark, but the dark was not present for me to acknowledge.  This was left behind and rolled over humanity, leading to another cycle of decline in consciousness rather than evolution up to a lost level of unity.  In order to ascend within the dark dream, fighting becomes necessary and one will become a warrior or warrior-ess as this is a requirement so that the dark does not destroy you as a map carver.  Oa is a silent warrior or silent hammer; but he is just as strong and powerful in his need to offset the dark as Lilliya.  This too I have learned and joined him in the battle of, as it is the only way I too can understand the darkness that I created.  As Oa has forgiven the darkness that I created, so have I. 


Now Lilliya have entered a more balanced dream where light and dark are amalgamated.  This is a dream that resonates with the Great Central Sun that the Earth Mother is returning unto in her evolution home.  The new dream is the dream I should have entered to ascend within, and if I had, I would not have created darkness that was left behind; and perhaps in so doing my ascension would have been more complete to the next dimension and I would not have died.  For Lilliya have uncovered the lost 35% of my holographic knowledge that splintered off between inner and outer human factions,; and also have discovered another 60% of the holographic knowledge lost to Sirius as the Grand Masters were shattered to death long ago (50,000 years ago). 


Lilliya have made a commitment to having all photonic biological knowledge and carefully constructing a fourth dimensional form to ascend into, slowly and gradually.  Also they have committed to remaining in the third dimension long enough to assure that the map has been adequately carved for humanity to follow.  As such Lilliya will not ascend probably for 25 years or more ahead, although they could accomplish their ascent in a decade or so.  Here they have learned also what I failed to learn; and that is that the map for those to follow must be thoroughly carved, and then they too will be able to follow the spearhead. 


The spearhead is necessary and requires a very devoted life of a saint to fulfill upon; and this Lilliya demonstrate as their entire focus revolves around ascension and ascending others in their school.  This was also so for the group of ascending humans I gathered at the time I was alive.  Understand that I am no greater than you, nor am I any greater than Lilliya or any other ancestor.  All ancestors gather together at this time to fulfill upon the awakening of humanity and the ascent home with earth into a new dream.  In addition to my third dimensional work, I am also involved with the ascent of those few nations that have entered the fourth dimension upon the surface of the earth such as the Annassasi; and also the vast populations in the inner earth that also reside in the fourth dimension.  There are many who led these group ascensions in times past that are ancestors now and have far greater wisdom and understanding than I.  I am learning from them as all ancestors learn from each other. 


The outer earth fourth dimensional ascensions were also incomplete.  My work with these humans is to pick up the pieces of self left behind in the third dimension so that the darkness that they left ceases to afflict humanity.  Earth is vying to orchestrate a light and amalgamated dream for all humans to ascend within; and those civilizations that ascended incompletely left great darkness behind that has caused humans to war and live in conflict with one another. 


As each takes responsibility for all parts of self, and retrieves and reunites them into wholeness, then not only does a fractured state of being cease, but also one’s own darkness cannot override the dream of another leading to chaos.  This is perhaps the largest lesson that all in the fourth dimension are learning at this time; that it is what was left behind that has caused the third dimensional outer earth to fall and fall and fall.  And of course the outer earth cannot fall without the inner earth also falling; and so this has negatively impacted the whole of the human species along with earth. 




The dance of falling consciousness can be undone; there is nothing that cannot be healed.  This we are learning from the Tao, a force that sits outside of time and space and is guiding earth and the consensus she is within, that has extended into time and space and form to assist.  Without the guidance from the Tao it is doubtful that anything would ascend home and the extinction of earth would be the outcome.  This has actually already occurred, and the Tao is extending back in time to redirect this region of domain home instead.  As this occurs, lessons that the Tao has failed to learn in its own contraction cycles will be learned; and then a healing of a much grander order can be fostered for all.


The Tao is dying.  The Tao is dying due to what has occurred here in this region of domain, along with too many other regions of parallel nature.  Just as earth has a cancer upon her known as humanity, the Tao has a cancer within him that is related to destructive creations such as this one that implode downward, sucking the life force out of the Tao.  Everything is holographic.  What occurs here also occurs in the Tao.  Souls that have parts of self that have shattered to extinction here are going into patterns in the Tao that are self destructive, and they do not understand why.


Once not too long ago, I witnessed Lilliya take the Solar Father to the Tao to show him the struggles of his own soul in its creations within the Tao.  The Solar Father’s soul in the Tao is going into the same downward spiral as we are experiencing, except within a much larger and vaster size creation.  The Solar Father was feeling depressed and feeling like giving up as ascension is so very difficult at this time for each consensus that is vying to go home.  In perceiving its own self elsewhere struggling due to missing understanding and records, of which the cause lies here, the Solar Father realized that he had to carry on.  He realized that the only way his own relations or souls elsewhere in the Tao will cease to go into such destructive patterning is if he carries on revealing the records so that all may forgive.  In the forgiveness the destructive records erase and the other parts of the Tao will then be able to work their own way out of distortion; and as such all will self heal and go home.


You see all are intricately and holographically related.  You cannot destroy any one part of self and not destroy the whole.  Whatever group of souls in the Tao chose to orchestrate this type of creation that was devised to be pulled apart so that the parts and pieces could be used elsewhere or for something else has made a large creational error; and they will be learning about this error for a long time to come in assisting in the healing of places such as the Earth Mother.


Humans upon the surface of the earth also have gone into vast consumption, pulling apart the Earth Mother to make this or that.  What is manufactured is not essential to life and is killing earth.  Therefore a new dream must be woven in which the consumptive nature of humanity is healed through forgiveness, and a new era be born where humans learn to live in unity and honor with their Mother.  This is what I Buddha am committed to bringing forth, and it is possible; however it requires more like those reading my information to step forward and choose to consciously ascend.  And so if you deeply resonate with what is written here, and you feel a calling, I invite you to join one of Lilliya’s study programs, and to choose to learn more about ascension via their materials and sharing.




I would like to begin by sharing about my early life and how it led to my choice to ascend.  There are some parts of the story of Buddha that are accurate, and there are others that were unknown as the records were unavailable in this dream.  I was born to a royal family in the grids over the region known as Beijing China today.  My mother was the only larger headed wife and descendent of the Grand Masters of the many wives of the king.  I grew up in luxury and a beautiful environment.  My mother tutored me separate from all other children and shared with me her spiritual insights about life.  This I was always grateful for, although I never saw her again as I left the palace at age 16.


At 16 I left and went outside the beauty of what I had known.  Outside was a sort of sad chaos of lack that was equally opposite to life behind the palace walls.  The lack taught me something about light and dark, and I chose to remain outside the palace as I was guided by forces that seemed to know what I needed to learn to ascend.  I was born at 18,000 strands, and this was a much higher vibration than most others, and so I had greater perception and understanding of thought-form that most did not understand in this time period.  You can say that the times were about the marketplace and survival in a system that did not have technology, but was perhaps much like Rome in its height.


I learned to live from the breath.  Now some have depicted me as starving but this really was not so.  I was a stocky 5 foot 8 inches in present time measurement, and did not lose an ounce of my stockiness.  The reason being is that I was born with a crystalline diaphragm and although I did not understand the anatomical details, any time I was hungry, I simply took a few deep breaths and my hunger subsided.  It was in this understanding that I could simply pack my things and leave as I had no fear of starvation.  I see that many ascending children and adults will survive the times ahead without much food source as a result of developing a crystalline diaphragm, and this is an important part of the map of ascension from my point of view as a result.  So please embrace your growing Buddha Belly, as Oa fondly describes it.  He indeed has developed as large a belly as I did at certain points of my ascension.


I left and headed for a region that is in the grids of the Himalayas in present time.  In this time period there were also pristine mountains.  It required crossing a large sea to get to.  So I went to work for a group of sailors that transported goods from villages on the other side of the sea to the kingdom I was from.  Soon I found myself on the boat and heading for another region, another region very much unlike what I was leaving behind.  For the region that I was leaving behind was experiencing extreme drought and the lack of rain was causing the crops to fail to grow, and the result was hunger amongst the poor.  Perhaps the hunger of the poor was no longer a necessary mirror as I discovered the power of my breath and was always filled.  And so I ventured to another region that was beautiful, magnificent, and not in lack of any kind.


I found myself choosing to remain in a village high in the mountains with many terraced fields that grew many types of beautiful herbs, teas and foods.  In the village, I took a job making pottery.  Through the clay, I found my connection to the Earth Mother.  I was guided to put as much of my love into each pot, plate or cup that I created as I could.  Those purchasing my works felt the love and would come to tell me about it, and purchase more of my creations over time.  In time I could afford to purchase the pottery store from the owner who retired, and this too felt good as it was an independent source of income. 


Those who loved my pottery would come and visit and would listen to what I had to say and the guidance that I offered.  Over time folk begin to seek me out as a spiritual teacher and counselor for their life problems.  More and more of my time went into counseling in lieu of making pottery.  Those who received counsel began to bring me gifts that were enough to subsist.  So I stopped making pottery and began to teach.  Humans would travel long distances to hear what I had to say; and some received healing of physical and emotional nature in my presence.  Now I understand that I would command their music to become beautiful again as playing within their fields, and this would allow for a remembrance of another way of being that was non-diseased or disturbed.  Often Lilliya have such affect upon others this way today.


Some who were very wealthy also sought out my company.  I would guide them to give their wealth away as it would only lead to many lifetimes of poverty and struggle thereafter.  Few chose to do so, but some that did remained with me for a very long time. Over time many more chose to remain as they felt the calling to support me.  I put some of these folk to work making the pottery so that I had time to focus upon counseling, teaching and healing.  The group grew and I was guided to choose a select few for more intimate teachings that led to my vision and understanding that I was alive upon earth to ascend.  Those who came created a circle of students that held keys to this goal, not unlike what Lilliya have gathered amongst them over time.


 The group had many comings and goings, not unlike Lilliya’s own experience of ascension.  Some would come to contribute keys for a time and then would complete, and their life would take them in another direction.  Others would then join the group that would have the next set of keys.  Only a few including the ancestor to Lilliya remained with me many hundreds of years.  It was around this time that I recognized that I could not ascend without consuming certain herbs and vegetarian food sources that provided the nutrients I required to construct photonic biology.  So I began to eat heartily in this time period and really learned to enjoy food, music and drink.


It took me 300 years to ascend.  In the beginning, I built a very large body often depicted as a round or fat happy Buddha today.  Then as photonic information began to come forth, I did not require such a large diaphragm, and went back to the approximate size of structure that I held at the time my ascent began.  Lilliya have begun their ascent into photonic biology too, and each are also becoming smaller already; each having dropped at least one clothing size in the past year alone.  So this will continue as photonic biology does not require as much body fat to sustain its vibration.


What is photonic biology?  Photonic genealogy is form of biology that does not subsist from sugar, but rather from a light that is encompassed by all the cells that energizes the form, like a battery.  Over time the light emanates from the inside out and one begins to look quite ethereal, as those in the third dimension will see right through you as you near completion of the ascent to the fourth dimension.  This too will occur for Lilliya, but due to the choice to slow down the ascent to assist in making sure the map and dream for evolution of humanity is complete, this will not occur for a long time yet.  Lilliya cannot also figure out how she would type all of these articles and information yet to come through if her hands went through the keyboard either.


My ascension created increasing joy in my heart and ecstatic moments with others.  I ascended in a light only dream and so those that gathered around me experienced only the light side of the dance.  We did not understand that the wars and strife back in the kingdom that I had left was on the increase due to our own discord and darkness that was inflating in that region of domain while we inflated a light dream in the region that I lived.  Had I understood this, I would have intended to rectify the circumstance much as Lilliya have.


Lilliya have experienced the darkness that they inflated rolling back upon them and the school while they were in the third dimension.  This led to each of them becoming quite ill for a time.  As they worked their way out of their own disease, they found a new direction to unite light and dark, and perhaps this would not have come to be so without such an experience.  I did not experience my own darkness and ascended, and then the darkness that I had created rolled over those who remained behind in the third dimension.  The group I had gathered to follow me to the next dimension fell apart, and others of the wrong inheritances took over, and created the Buddhist Religion from my teachings.  The part of my consciousness that was left behind and failed to ascend melded with the Buddhist teachings.  Therefore those in Buddhism today will gain the benefit now of my direct attention as I am gathering myself up from this religion created in my name so that ascension can be launched in the East, as it is my karma to clear.


Following my ascent, my existence in the fourth dimension was very sad, for I did roll into a dark dream within the next dimension in counterbalance to the light dream that I had existed and ascended within in the dimension beneath.  This I did not anticipate and there were few nonphysical forces surrounding me that were at all supportive of my field.  This is why the field and biology broke down over time causing me to become increasingly ill.  I thought about suicide, but chose this not, and in the end died of liver failure.  The liver is key in photonic biology to the manufacturing of certain forms of lipids that hold photonic energy, and as they went sour I could not produce enough chi to sustain my body and the body simply died.




Today I am an ancestor to those related unto me.  I am willing to direct those who request such and are related to me.  For those who are not related unto me, there are many other ancestors who have ascended in times past that can assist.  Much like any ancestor, I am focused primarily amongst those who are related unto me only, as it is only if I am related unto you that I can sincerely release any associated karma.  Therefore it does not serve to spend time working with others as it would not allow my karma to be cleared.


I do not wish to continue to be inflated into a deity.  If you have a statue of me or picture of me upon your alter, I request that you remove them and place a mirror in its place.  You are the real ascending master at this time and the mirror will be to reflect this, but also to allow you to understand the concept of mirrors as they are important to the goal of forgiveness and ascension.  Everything in life is a mirror of your own internal state of being.  If you see something in the mirror that you do not like, the only way that the life dance will alter is to go within and clear the patterning that has drawn the particular experience into the physical.  As you clear the internal expression that is mirrored in the external, then the external shall change and not before.


Mirrors are subtle and can include the smallest of detail such as the nature kingdoms or insects that cross your path in any given day.  This too I became well aware of in my own ascension and was guided by the mirrors primarily of those who came to study with me over time .  If those who came were destructive in nature, I looked at my destructive thought-form within.  If those who came hoarded to excess, I looked at the parts of myself that took far more than I gave.  If those who came were starving, I looked at the parts of myself that gave in excess of what I should.  If those who came emitted peculiar work habits, or chose not to contribute to the group, I looked at the parts of myself that were peculiar or did not wish to contribute.


Each mirror offered up an internal set of programming or patterning as Lilliya calls it that could be transmuted through love.  Love was key and the larger my heart chakra expanded the easier it was to forgive.  In order to expand the heart, I had to release the trauma that was held within my own ancestry, and there was much trauma from lack, fear, nuclear warfare and other incidents that had occurred in cycles preceding my own.  My understanding was that as I forgave such experiences, they were erased from the human archives.  In reality only a portion of what I forgave was erased, and the rest was used by nonphysical forces to press another cycle of destruction upon humanity that led to the era of the Pharaohs and their false ascensions, and then on to the era of Atlantis and the culmination of another nuclear war.


Whatever I forgave that was not erased or released properly has been corrected in the human holographic archives thanks to Oa’s tender care.  He too was suffering from karma that I had actually forgiven but had been reinstated, and he could not understand why it would not release.  As my ascension archives were finally opened, he could perceive what had been done, as it paralleled many manipulations to his own karmic archives in his ascent to date.  There were many manipulative patterns run through my field and against my field that I was unaware of at the time that I ascended.  As Lilliya and those in their organization have climbed out of the dark dream I left behind, each pattern has come to be known, and believe it or not there were over 1 million patterns that cause non-ascension or a shattering of field.  This was also because I created 1 million patterns in the light dream that sustained my ascent.  You cannot create one pattern in one dream without creating the opposite in another, and this I did not understand at the time that I ascended.


For those that are ascending, I invite you to look at you own mirrors.  What do Lilliya mirror to you?  Do you see love?  Then understand that you love within.  Do you see darkness?  Then understand you have darkness within.  Do you see hope?  Then you have hope within.  Do you see anger or discord?  Then you have anger and discord within.  As you clear your own patterning, then Lilliya will mirror something else to you.  Much as in my own ascension, when one purifies all destructive thought-form, and this Lilliya have accomplished to date, then one becomes a clear mirror that will mirror back the state that others exist within.  This is difficult as most think that all the darkness is somehow outside anyway, and many desire to point fingers in blame and shame rather than taking responsibility for their own dark karma and thought-form within.




The path of real ascension is about reclaiming all that has shattered off or broken off in your holographic wheel of knowledge.  Each incarnate is a part of a holographic wheel of information and possibility.  Over time the hologram has fractured and fractured and fractured, leading to those who only exist within 10% of the overall possibility of what a human being is at 2 strands of DNA.  Over time and as you integrate genetic materials and construct crystalline biology, you will climb out of such a severe fractured state of being and move into a new state which has 25% of the overall holographic possibility at 3000 strands, and 50% of the overall possibility is reconstructed at 6000-9000 strands or Bodhisattva level evolution.


What is the Bodhisattva?  Many have considered humans of this nature monks and this is not what I am speaking to.  Many have thought that Bodhisattva's wear orange robes and shave their heads.  This also is not what a Bodhisattva is.  Bodhisattva is a level of purity of field and flame within the heart chakra.  At 6000 strands, a flame ignites in the heart chakra that is representative of the return of the divine beloved within.  This is a beautiful experience to have, and many in Lilliya’s school have mastered this or are mastering this in this year to date; and many more will master this again ahead.  It is as the flame ignites and you can sustain this internal flame that you are considered Bodhisattva.


Bodhisattva level evolution is an important goal for those with ancestry to the larger headed humans that lived in ancient times.  For Bodhisattva level of mastery restores love as the foundation of one’s life and existence.  All patterns of non-love must be transmuted to master this goal.  It is out of a state of non-love that humans have fallen into such corrupt and abusive as well as diseased circumstances.  It is out of a state of non-love that humans abuse the Earth Mother and rape her so.  It is out of a state of non-love that human’s war to a point of nuclear annihilation.  As the state of non-love is relinquished through those willing to master Bodhisattva level evolution, then a new tomorrow can be constructed in which unity and honor are the foundation of human existence.


This is the goal that I Buddha fully commits to, and it is one that Lilliya and those in their organization have been working towards for a decade now.  It is not an easy goal as there are more humans that will never ascend into a state of love than there are those who are capable of fulfilling upon this goal.  Much of why this is so has to do with other humans from foreign creations coming to earth and breeding humans that could not love, and having them expand in populations into the billions, much as today. 


These humans related to those incubated in a laboratory are only a fractured bit of a human hologram that originated in the Pleiades and do not have enough information to evolve; and over time will go extinct as there is no other possibility available in their dream.  This is sad, and it is why there will be such a large time of cleansing ahead where those of this holographic nature retreat out of the physical plane.  However they too will contribute greatly to a yet larger lesson learned by the human species and Earth Mother alike, which is that humans should not create genetically modified humans (or any other species for that matter) with less than enough information to evolve home.  As we collectively forgive the scientists that came before and created the paired down human in a laboratory, the lesson will be learned in full and the need for humans related to the associated holograms will fade, and the cleansing shall begin.  The karma is due to be completely released by 2012 which shall herald the birth of a new dream ahead.


Real ascension requires the ability to look inward and access your own holographic keys to reuniting lost parts of yourself.  There are many types of focuses useful in this goal.  The Earth Mother has discovered that focusing upon the inner family and inner beloved is a useful tool to search out patterning that is non-unity based as well as for missing parts of self to be retrieved.  She wrote a beautiful essay on this subject and also is included many inner child focuses in her “Complete Ascension Workbook.”  This information from the Complete Ascension Workbook I, I guide those sincere about the path of ascension to work with, as it is probably the only written document that will support this goal available at this time.  Part II of the workbook will be released at the end of next year and will have even more focuses that will lead to purifying one’s truth and igniting the flame of divine union in the heart chakra.  (See also “Healing the Inner Family” for more information.)


There is also an ascending energy field that one constructs that creates an increasingly powerful field that rotates in a manner that assists in transmuting density.  It is the transmutation process that is also necessary to ascension.  In transmutation, the kundahlini flairs and burns off the denser or darker parts of oneself that one has retrieved from the past.  Past parts of self can include those from this lifetime, but will also include those in one’s ancestry related to one’s biology and genealogy.  As the denser parts of self enter the field, they can create great disruption; the more powerful the kundahlini the easier it is to burn off the density and then integrate the lost part of self into the greater wholeness of one’s field.  Therefore developing a strong kundahlini and balanced energy flow is a necessity to ascension. 


Most of Lilliya’s meditation CDs are geared to assisting those willing to walk this path in the focuses necessary to build a strong kundahlini and energy flow to ascend.  (See “Products” for more information.)  In my estimation, there are few other offerings in the human dream upon the surface of the earth that will have even a small parallel effect.  This is simply the truth of what I see; as Lilliya have ascended and they know how to assist others to do the same, just as I could at the time I was alive.  At that time, recording meditations was not possible, and I could only work with those who came to be in my presence.  Today, although technology is troublesome in some respects, there is also the opportunity to share information with others around the globe that was not possible at the time I was alive.  This perhaps is what will offset the problems of the toxic circumstance underlying this technological era as more ascend as a result of the sharing of this information, catapulting earth into a cycle of self healing ahead.


As more ascend, the fields are to be united to create a new dream for humanity.  This requires many ascending children to enter the world first, and these little ones will also trigger ascensions in their families.  In the East, families are united in a complex set of geometry that cannot be separated.  We are discovering as such that families in the East must ascend together, whereas in the West, you can ascend easily as an individual.  However in order to assure that this does not create more harm unto earth, it can only be those families with lineages that are red nation or grand master and harmless in nature.  As those families with genealogy for ascension do ascend in the East, then they will assist in weaving the dream for all others that will lead to a new day of unity and hope ahead.


There are also many regions that have both Eastern and Western energy movements within them such as Hawaii.  Through Lilliya and their organization, we are discovering compatible movements for both those of Eastern and Western ascension patterns; and this too will lead to the healing of the rift between the East and the West, leading to world peace over time.  Ultimately the current state of affairs is completely reflected in the energetic dynamics of the human dream; as the dynamics shift then so will human relations.  You cannot underestimate the nonphysical; as any single action upon the physical plane first occurs many times in the nonphysical and has an energetic set of dynamics associated.  Change the nonphysical and you will change the physical, and not the other way around.


Causes are useless in my perception as a result.  Causes cannot change the energy flow or dream.  Ascension and forgiveness can alter the energy flow and dream so that permanent change is created.  Lilliya met their goal of forgiving warfare karma in 2001, in an event that occurred only a month after 9-11.  The karma was released, and 9-11 did not lead to a nuclear holocaust, which it would have otherwise.  The dream changed as the karma was lifted and the physical plane dream was directed in another direction, which was a limited war with other lessons to learn and forgive.




Each who contributes to the dance of forgiveness also allows for the changing human dream.  The more humans that choose the path of forgiveness, the more rapidly that the dream will change for mankind; each that forgives adds their cleansing of the overall karma to the collective human hologram.  Today there are more choosing to forgive than there were a decade ago.  This appears as a lovely pink light that shimmers in the human holographic archives.  This light needs to grow and grow until it is the dominant light; and this will occur through the incoming ascending children and through each that chooses to contribute to the goal of forgiveness through ascension.  Lilliya add a strong light along with the Earth Mother to assist in redirecting those accessing holographic information towards forgiveness.


Forgiveness requires opening the heart and budding of the 1000 petal lotus of the Bodhisattva.  As the heart chakra opens, the spinning of the lotus creates the movement necessary to love what was unlovable.  It is only through love that forgiveness occurs.  Sometimes forgiveness requires understanding, and this is fulfilled upon as one brings their spiritual lessons to consciousness.  Spiritual lessons are an ongoing part of the path of ascension; where one learns what one’s ancestors failed to learn at the time that they were alive.  What did your ancestors fail to learn?  The failed to learn to forgive and it is the grudges that they held on to that created karmic debt.  The fewer ancestors that could forgive, the larger the karmic debt has grown.  The karmic debt for most ascending humans appears too large almost to clear; however through love anything is possible.  It was through the love of the Tao that Lilliya realized that over 60% of her karma had been added in holographic manipulations; and as this lifted the rest could easily be forgiven.  Lilliya have forgiven all human karma upon earth, and now are going on to forgive human karma that occurred in other creations or multi-dimensionally.


Lilliya are restoring what the human species was designed for, which is to hold the human dream and dream weave for themselves along with the collective of humanity.  Lilliya are too small a force to hold the entire collective human dream; and so they only manage the dream only for their organization at this time.  Earth is choosing to hold the collective human dream as she has a large body and it is easy to do; she relies upon Lilliya to mirror to her the necessary changes and karma to be cleared to assure that the collective human dream moves towards evolution rather than extinction in the coming times ahead.  This is a sometimes tough job on Lilliya’s part along with Earth’s as there is much yet in the energetic flow of the solar system that desires to obstruct this goal; and the battles rage nightly with such forces.



With the assistance of the Tao, a new direction is beginning to occur that is very exciting to witness.  Holographic archives from the Tao are beginning to be restored within the holographic planes of Earth and each ascending part of the consensus.  The new archives are leading to an energy flow that I will call “free love” or “free energy”.  In free energy magnetism, magnets are opened that are self sustaining to a degree beyond anything that anyone has known within this region of domain.  The magnets then purify the flame of divine union within the Earth Mother’s heart chakra and aurora along with the heart of the entire ascending consensus.  The free energy magnetism also purifies the heart of Lilliya along with each who is ascending and has mastered Bodhisattva level or beyond.


The free energy dynamics allow us to understand that the love we have known has been tainted.  We are familiar with love that goes away; or is hoarded, or exists in one region and not in another.  Much like the region that I lived within when I was born that experienced starvation through a drought, and the region that I ventured to that had plentiful rainfall and abundance, this is a reflection of love in one region and not another.  Love that is not constant is not love.  This we are coming to understand now due to the new free energy dynamics of the Tao.


Power that is not constant is also not power.  We are also familiar with power that accumulates in one person and not another, leading to inequality in the dance of life.  We are also familiar with equality that was sustained in other time periods and particularly amongst red nations tribes.  However sooner or later the equality fades and one or more rise to power over the group; and then move into conflict with others rising to power in other groups, leading to war.  Constant power on the other hand would lead to constant equality.  Constant power would not allow anyone to rise to the top and therefore would alter the dream in such a manner that war is no longer feasible.


We are also familiar with truth that shatters and does not sustain the thought-form that it is designed for.  Over time holographic thought-form has shattered so deeply that there is no truth remaining.  Repairing the hologram and retrieving and restoring truth has been an ongoing focus not only of Lilliya, but many in the fourth dimension that are also ascending at this time.  It is only as the reparation of the hologram that truth will be restored; and then out of a state of truth evolution “home” can be launched.  Free energy provides constant truth that does not fade, shatter or leave.  Free energy provides the foundation from which all the pieces of truth lost over time can be gathered again and reunited into the whole of what we once knew within the Tao.  For what we have known in this region of domain is less than 1% of what the human species understands within the Tao.  We are operating on such little information it is amazing that life exists at all, from my point of view.




I thank Lilliya for something very special to all humans incarnate today.  In 2002, she was at her wits end and could only see a dream of death ahead.  She persevered into her hologram deeper and deeper and deeper, and said there has to be something more.  Her intention suddenly opened a vast library associated with the Tao, and from this she came into connection with the human hologram within the Tao.  As this occurred, the information she needed to transcend and move out of disease began to be uncovered; it still took her 2 years to fully clear the diseased parts of her biology; but the continued work with the Tao has now been extended unto the Earth Mother and all Kingdoms, along with all other parts of the ascending consensus that earth is apart.  The Tao is now directing all of us home.


Lilliya also came into contact with a part of the Tao that was very beautiful, which she calls “The Heart of the Tao”.  This part of the Tao is devised to heal through love anything that has become fractured or lost.  Often Lilliya ventures here in dreamtime and simply sits and receives the love she needs to carry on.  Lilliya took me to the Heart of the Tao some time ago, and I realized that this energy was not unfamiliar.  That somehow in my ascension our little group tapped into a future part of the love of the Tao and began to expand upon it.  Alas whatever love of the Tao that had been anchored upon earth in my ascent was rapidly moved elsewhere as I left the third dimension.  This too has been retrieved now thanks to the special work of Lilliya, who restored what I had anchored in present time.  You see nothing has to be lost forever, and the mistakes that we make can be corrected, and this is accomplished through each willing to ascend, willing to forgive, and willing to learn to love again as a human being.


The Heart of the Tao has asked I Buddha to make available a special blessing unto each that reads this piece.  I will anchor the pathway to the Heart of the Tao for each that desires to experience infinite love.  In so doing, I feel I contribute to this time of ascension in a way I would have liked to when I was alive, but could not.  In so doing, my heart heals of the tremendous feelings of guilt that I have carried for how the human dream went sour following my ascent.  This was not my intention, and I also ask for your forgiveness.  As you forgive me, perhaps you will also forgive you for whatever part in this creation that you are also responsible for.  Allow the love of the Tao to assist.


This is all I have to say at this time.  I have told Lilliya that I may write again in 3 years time as there is more to say to those who are ascending and study their materials.  I thank Lilliya from the bottom of my heart for allowing my karma in the third dimension to begin to be released.  Through their consistent push forward, they have transcended the darkest of dreams and found their way to a balanced dream where light and dark are unified; and from this now to a new form of energy or free energy that will make the ascent of the rest viable.  For up until the anchoring of free energy, there was not enough chi to ascend earth much further.  Now with ongoing chi, there is plenty of chi, and plenty even to clear patterns that had been put on hold or in the background because there was simply not enough to do it all.  Therefore earth’s long drought or lack of chi now ceases; and in time so will all regions in drought be drenched in love and rain, as there will be enough energy to foster love everywhere upon her global body.


This too I offer to you; as you sit in the love of the Tao, intend to drench your cells with the love that it has longed for.  Understand that this intent will raise many patterns and emotional issues that can then be cleared.  For as you sit in the love and the truth of the Tao, anything that does not belong must be cast out; as such, the shadows that haunt you can be released through love and forgiveness.  This I suggest as I know that many of the shadows those attempting to ascend within are a part of the dark dream that I inflated over the course of my own ascension.  The dark dreams are not entirely my cause, only 8%.  There are others in the inner earth that also split light and dark in their ascensions that are responsible for the other 92% of the dark dreams hanging over mankind.  They too will be speaking more of their truth in messages to follow this year including Quan Yin.


Last, I ask you to allow the love of the Tao to flow through you to the region that you live.  Where you live is just as sad as you own internal state of being.  As we share the love of the Tao with the earth, then she too may begin to self heal.  Although this is made available unto her, the land requires conduits of this love in order for it to flow.  So intend to become a conduit of the love of the Tao and anchor it everywhere you go.  As this occurs enough, the Earth Mother will begin to heal more of her outer body.  You also will trigger the awakening of many around you.  This too is necessary to support human evolution home beloved.


Many Blessings
Ancestor Buddha


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