Taking Responsibility for One's Ancestry - Intending Global Peace



The Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms through Lilliya

March 10, 2003


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


It has been a long time since the map carvers of Dolphin and Whale realms have addressed our human brothers and sisters.  Indeed in July of last year, it was discovered that dark forces and souls were using our fields to intend the human species extinction.  Now this is not what we stand for; nor do we agree to; however it occurred nonetheless.  As it occurred, we withdrew into a separate dream of our own making apart from humanity along with earth to begin to examine the original karmic cause, and release it so that the global dream for earth could take another direction towards unity and peace.


In a few months, it was determined that Dolphins and Whales had been used this way before, and in ancient times shortly following the seeding of the Grand Master humans from Sirius.  Our fields had been used in open large time rifts to a potential future involving yet another set of humans with a very different energy flow.  Through such time rifts, the Grand Master fields were cut into 900 squares and all their information consumed by a group of humans from the Pleiades (the Family of Anu or Annanuki) that had yet to even arrive upon earth.  Each of the 48 Grand Masters died within 8 months of this experience; some upon the original invasion of field, yet others died after 8 months of struggle and in great pain.


It has never been Dolphin and Whale form’s desire to harm another.  We have always been considered a gentle loving species that works in harmony and unity both within our own pod life along with all other species upon earth.  It is true that we fell into the requirement to consume flesh to subsist following the nuclear fallout of the Annanuki as we lost our “breath of life”.  The breath of life translates into many things; but for one it allows one to subsist purely through the breath.  Lilliya has called this the “crystalline diaphragm” which is a genetic blueprint that converts oxygen into sugar to feed the cellular structure of any form.  Prior to the nuclear fallout of the Family of Anu, our species with ancient lineage to the pink-opal variety of magnetic dolphin and whale retained the breath of life.  Thereafter, we fell so heavily in genetic material due to the radiation that permeated all of earth that our genetic information was lost, and we too resorted to consumption of flesh in order to subsist.


Although this occurred due to human cause known as nuclear warfare, we can now understand our own cause in the matter.  For did we not shatter the breath of life of the Grand Master humans so very long ago?  Now granted, this was an unconscious manipulation; our fields were used.  However karma does not separate conscious from unconscious; cause is cause, and cause will reap an effect that parallels over time.  Our own loss of breath of life through human nuclear warfare was the effect of causing the Grand Masters to lose their breath of life long ago.  Through ascension, one can take full responsibility for the cause of one’s ancestry; and this is what we as map carving Whales and Dolphins are doing; taking full responsibility for our own cause.  Through forgiveness of the original cause a new future can be born in which the karma of the past need not repeat.




Map carving Dolphins and Whales have entered the gold and silver tones of creation within recent months; entering this vibratory bandwidth forces restitution of all karmic cause so that it can be forgiven and transcended.  Within such a dance, one is forced to embrace how one caused the difficulties experienced within one’s own life and ancestry along with one’s own species.  In recent centuries, Dolphins and Whales have been hunted at the hand of man.  There are many in human form that is advocates in one manner or another for dolphin and whale existence, desiring that such slaughter of our species cease.  We too wish such slaughter to cease.  However we have to acknowledge our own karmic cause and in so doing, can release the karma altering the dance so that one day, and perhaps not into the too distant future, all hunting of dolphins and whales shall cease. 


Long ago we were used to slaughter the life of 48 Grand Master humans with great knowledge and large heads, and a level of conscious awareness that superseded our own species ability to understand and know.  Perhaps if the Grand Masters had not been slaughtered, we would have united in a shared dance of understanding that would have augmented a period of evolution rather than falls in consciousness and vibration upon earth.  However this was not the fate, and is an example of blind trust; for we blindly trusted the souls that danced with our fields and the governance of earth, and it was just such souls that used our fields to harm another.




Many in human form blindly trust their gurus; or blindly trust the “ascended masters” or other souls that have been believed to be beyond harm.  No soul upon earth is beyond harm; if anything those that have danced the longest upon earth have been involved in each fall in consciousness; and each fall was orchestrated through nonphysical harm, shattering of grid work and loss of information upon earth; ultimately each fall was a form of warfare against physical existence on the part of the nonphysical realms.  Therefore there is sincerely little to trust about the nonphysical realms, and so the latest turning of creation has proven.Over 98% of the souls that have existed upon earth over the past 6 million years have been removed.  Over 26% of the souls that have danced with earth from the tail end of her time within the Great Central Sun until present time have also been removed.  All were removed for continuing to exhibit patterning that desired to cause earth to go extinct rather than support her ascent.


The souls that humans dance with arrived upon the scenes only in recent times.  All of such souls came from other creations that had no agreement to dance upon earth.  So this is so for the ascended master souls; some came from the Pleiades with the Family of Anu; yet others came from Andromedas, Orion, Albyreon, Black Assyrian, or Sirius.  In any case, such souls are being removed at this time as their karma is completed upon with humanity, as they never had agreement to participate in the consensus known as earth.  Most of such souls only have knowledge about energy flow that is non-resonant with the magnetic flow of earth as they originated in parallel creations of electrical or radioactive and silica based nature; and therefore such souls not the information to ascend in this creation.  Many of such souls have lead humans astray into incredibly harmful events whether such harm perpetrated against earth occurred through incomplete human ascensions or warfare makes little difference.


Warfare is only a physical plane reflection of nonphysical harm in which entire segments of earth’s grid work and each species grid work was removed through incomplete human ascensions and transported to other dimensions to be consumed.  Blowing up earth in the physical through nuclear warfare was the physical outcome of such incomplete ascensions and misuse of ascending fields to tear apart human and earth grid work.  Whatever occurs in the nonphysical is sure to step down into physicality over time; it is for this reason that the misuse of ascending human fields leads to nuclear annihilation.  The ascended masters therefore partook in great harm and most likely without their own awareness, much like Dolphins and Whales were used to harm the human Grand Masters without our awareness.


In forgiving ourselves in the greater understanding of how dolphin and whales fields have been used to destroy the Grand Masters, we also have been able now to forgive humanity for how humanity has been used to harm earth along with your warring nature; for ultimately we caused the original dance of war upon mankind in causing the Grand Masters to go extinct.  Although the Grand Masters went extinct, their ancient offspring survived; however the ancient offspring were cursed with the same karma as their parents, and generally wound up “warred upon” again, sometimes to death, and generally in tribal disputes that did not involve the Dolphin and Whale kingdoms.  Later the red nations were also warred upon by the Annanuki from the Plieades.


Why was this so?  The Dolphin and Whale karma and misuse of field had been completely erased and buried within the human DNA, and further made to look as though the Grand Masters died to human cause upon Sirius and not Dolphin and Whale cause upon earth.  Such is the dance of the dark upon earth; they manipulate and then bury the real records and evidence in a manner that if it were not for the ascent of each of our species would never have been known.




How can one forgive if one does not know what to forgive?  How can one feel anything but a victim if one does not perceive one’s own original cause?  This is the foundation of extinction in all other creations that our species has acquired holographic records from.  Each of such creations have gone extinct thinking that certain species were beyond harm and were victim to yet other species who were harmful.  In such a dance, there is only blame and shame and finger pointing; in such a dance there is no pathway to forgiveness.


Without forgiveness, the dance only repeats itself until there is no life left to dance anymore; with humans blowing up other humans and earth in their incessant warfare; and Dolphins and Whales feeling victim to another fully conscious species that has developed “unthinkable technology” that harms physicality to the point that it cannot continue to exist.  Through forgiveness and the understanding of the original cause, another possibility other than extinction becomes a viable future.




In this time of ascension and in this special creation that earth resides within, the Tao has descended to gather records.  Records cannot be gathered without physical and biological ascension.  It is through the biological ascension of each form and earth as a whole that the records of how and why earth fell in consciousness can be understood; then in the understanding new patterns of energy movement can be map made that serve to restore earth to ever increasing vibrational bandwidths; upward and upward until earth matches the Great Central Sun in vibration.  Your scientists know this as global warming.  As this occurs, earth will quite naturally enter the Great Central Sun once again as she will be of parallel temperature, thought-form and energy flow, and begin her ascent home with all other souls and stars therein.  Ascension will not end upon entry; in essence real ascension home will begin after entry into the golden and silver tones of the Great Central Sun.


It has appeared for some time as though it was a long hard road to entry with the possibility of a miss-ascent.  A miss-ascent would cause the combustion of earth upon impact of the skin of the Great Central Sun into thousands of bits and pieces with all form shattering and with soul shattering along with it.  We are on target to pass through this skin sometime around 2018.  Without preparation of field, without matching the vibrations of the Great Central Sun, combustion would be assured.  However through the conscious intent of all species and those like Lilliya in human form, we have begun our journey to match the tones of the Great Central Sun.  Indeed the gold and silver tones the map carvers of our species are embodying are the lowest denominators of the tones of the Great Central Sun.  So also are there 80,000 inner earth humans and a few surface earth humans now embodying these tones of creation in present time.  There is now a distinct possibility that we will make our ascent and not combust, and this is a grand shift in global dream to bear witness to.




One of the contributing factors to the dream for global ascension becoming fully anchored was our own ability as a species to forgive mankind.  For you see without our forgiveness, the gold and silver tones would ultimately reject us, and it is the gold and silver tones are required to enter the Great Central Sun.  It was the quest to forgive humanity that brought us to the truth of the dance, and that is that dolphins and whales have destructive patterning in our own collective unconscious that parallels human destructive behavior.  This destructive patterning has been used to manipulate the human dream into war, and warfare great enough to blow up over a third of earth’s surface in a single nuclear implosion during the era of the Anu some 30,000 years ago.  Our energy fields were used during the era of the Annanuki to drive Innana and Merduk into extreme warfare and polarize them to an extreme against one another.  This we did not understand, as again the records were buried in human DNA and made to appear as though ascending masters in human form were solely at cause.


In the turmoil of a nuclear annihilation, manipulation after manipulation was conducted and went unknown as the nonphysical was more focused upon stabilizing itself in the aftermath.  The blasts of the Anu rotated earth upon her side; all chakras had to be rearranged and there is a wobble in earth’s rotation upon her axis to this day from these blows.  No nuclear catastrophe has been so great since; although history has repeated itself again and again.  It was during the nuclear aftermath that many dolphin and whale along with human libraries were rearranged with karma for our participation in the holocaust being removed and buried in human frayed DNA.  Because the DNA had frayed, the information was lost and forgotten.  Now that the records have been recovered, we can admit our cause and release our karma, and not push humanity to war to extremes again.


Lilliya has shared the human news from the physical plane with us.  It is with great joy that we witness humans beginning to take a stand and demand peace of their leadership.  This is a sign that the ancient human ancestors have returned to the human dance, and are causing humans to think and rise and take action.  This action is altering the course of human history to a point that war may be avoided or very limited for the first time in 30,000 years.  This is a sign that the human karma for bloodshed and warfare has been released, allowing for another possible future ahead.  Dolphin and whale forgiveness of the human species and the understanding of our own cause of human warfare augment this shift.


How can one forgive oneself if another species is always pressing blame and shame one’s way?  This is the problem Lilliya uncovered in July of last year; that they in their organization were being prevented from fulfilling upon its mission of human karmic release due to our interference.  As we stepped aside, they fulfilled upon their mission.  Now as we have forgiven in the greater understanding of our own cause, we too can take a united stance intending world peace for all species including mankind.  We wish to join you now in an orchestra of intention; please join us:



We have all danced with the dark beloved.  Dolphins and Whales are no different than you even though we live in the water rather than in the air.  We too must come to forgive our past atrocities.  Our ancient ancestors as well as yours know that warfare resolves nothing and that each human war has lead to another fall in consciousness.  Even your WWII has lead to another fall in consciousness for the human species as the radiation caused your DNA to fray yet again and further than before.


Although we were protected within the water from the radiation, we too have suffered the consequences of a human fall in consciousness; for it is due to your fall in consciousness that you have polluted the water in which we reside.  Each fall in consciousness leads to a lack of honor; lack of honor of self, of others, or other species, and ultimately a lack of honor of the very body that sustains one’s life known as earth.  Each time humans have lost honor of earth, they have collectively misused their technology in a manner that creates pollution for the whole.  This has happened 18 times in your history.  Warfare only leads to ultimately to extinction through disease and death.  Let us intend together along with our ancient ancestors


Let us also intend to end the warfare in our lives beloved, forgiving those that have trespassed against us, and finding a way to peaceful resolutions through communication and understanding.  Everyone has a story; one story is never any more or less than any other story; all stories have their pain, betrayal, misunderstandings, and conflict.  Through forgiveness, you one come to understand the story of another, and in so doing, cease to blame.  No one is innocent; each has committed patterning that harms another either in one’s unconscious or ancestry.  In this time of forgiveness, one can transcend and move on to a new dance of unity transcending of cycles of harm that earth and each species therein has known for the past 50,000 years.


Earth also is not innocent either beloved.  This may be a hard thing also to recognize and bring to consciousness.  Earth has been governed by a group of souls and angels that came from other creations gone extinct; such souls created circumstances that would lead to earth’s extinction under the guise of supporting earth towards her goal of ascension.  Such souls set up extinction planes that were designed to cause first the extinction of the human species, and second the extinction of all of earth.  Such souls have been removed now after the first turning of creation, and all that they had participated in come to light to be understood.  Earth has been betrayed; Dolphins and Whales have been betrayed; Humanity has been betrayed by these souls.  Let us forgive and carry on into a new dance of ascension and unity in the greater understanding that the nonphysical is not to be blindly trusted.


Just like Dolphins and Whales that have experienced now the return of the cause of harm that we participated in, soul experiences their own cause.  Perhaps such souls have caused creation after creation to go extinct and all of the pain, warfare, disease, deformity, accidents, travesty and so on that such a dance involves.  Such souls are now in for an equal period of “like travesty” in their own experience to that which they have caused.  Such souls will go on to understand perhaps what today they cannot, and make alternative choices into the future to support the ascent rather than deter it of another future creation.


One can liken such souls to the wealthiest humans upon earth.  The wealthiest humans upon earth often are associated with ancestries that have never experienced hunger or poverty.  Nor have the souls that danced with them ever existed within a form that starved or had not adequate shelter.  How can such humans or souls understand what poverty and starvation is like if they have not experienced it?   Such human consciousness and souls will go on to experience poverty and starvation in other third dimensional creations.  In so doing, they shall learn their lesson, and not cause such again.  It is only through experience that form and soul learn and evolve out of a particular dance.  If the dance causes another to suffer, it is only in the experience of the suffering that one chooses not to dance such a way again.


So this is also so for those humans wishing to cause warfare upon another.  Such humans have never experienced the trauma of death upon the battlefield; or surviving in an impaired or disfigured form due to battlefield trauma; or the loss of a dear son or other family member that one loves as a result of war; or being raped by soldiers acting in misconduct and disrespect towards the feminine.  Such humans desiring war also host souls that have never suffered from the consequences of war, which includes being inside of a form that is blown to bits, as soul also blows apart in such an experience and into great pain.


Such ancestries and their souls are the same humans that have caused war cycle after war cycle after war cycle in human history; causing something that they and their inheritance never experience in a personal way.  Now the consciousness of such humans and souls shall go on to experience the suffering that they have caused upon other third dimensional planets; in so doing they shall learn perhaps what they cannot understand today.  In so learning they will not choose to create war ever again.


Warfare is only a physical manifestation of nonphysical harm.  Long before Innana and Merduk warred upon one another, they began to shatter each other’s fields.  Alas the slaves took on the brunt of this nonphysical battle and became ill with various afflictions as a result. Unconscious harm leads to disease.  Already the cleansing has begun, and in particular in regions upon earth that are higher in vibration such as your coastlines, island chains and mountainous regions.  Those who cannot ascend will be subject to the pulling a part of their creation to extinction, which is ultimately their embodiment.  As the body loses grid work or genetic information, and such a loss steps down into form, disease and eventually death is the result. 


This cause was set in motion long ago and fulfilled upon in the nuclear blasts known as Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  With these two blasts, the final push towards extinction began.  Humanity began to pull one another apart along with earth in the unconscious in 1944 and have fallen as a collective yet again in consciousness.  Earth chooses not extinction; no kingdom upon earth chooses extinction; alas humans have fallen so low in consciousness that they know not to choose extinction as their future outcome.  Understand that each human alive today is related to 2 billion others that cross one’s tapestry of ancestry.  It is your choice to ascend that shall trigger mass human ascension beloved instead of mass extinction.  Let us intend together with our ancient ancestors: 



What will mass human ascension bring forth?  It shall bring forth the birth of a new form of leadership that shall guide human relations in the direction of unity.  What are unity relations?  Unity relations honor all things as God Goddess in form.  This begins first and foremost with the honor of earth as the vessel in which one is incarnate.  Through the honor of earth, humans shall take responsibility for the toxic mess that they have created, and clean it up.  Through the honor of one another, humans shall learn to share resources such that no one starves, and each has their physical needs of shelter and food adequately met.  Through the honor of one another, no human shall choose to war upon another, whether such war be upon the battlefield, in your prisons in the form of torture, or in the form of child or spouse abuse.


Through the honor of all other kingdoms, humans shall cease to slaughter and consume flesh and become vegetarian.  This shall only occur as the biology of each human remaining upon earth becomes crystalline and regenerative, as the inner is always a reflection of the outer.  Crystalline biology honors each cell providing enough nutrients and capacity to detoxify to waylay disease, deformity along with aging and death.  As honor becomes biological, the behavior of each species shall likewise honor.  Humans and nature shall cease to consume one another and the lion shall lay with the lamb.  This shall come hand in hand with a fully developed crystalline diaphragm that shall manufacture sugar from the air through the breath of life.




Dolphin, whale and human map makers mastering gold and silver tones of creation have had to give up slaughter and consumption as a way of life to remain the in the gold and silver vibrations and to waylay human war.  Humans have been on the verge of war for over a year now; this was a reflection of our unwillingness to cease to eat the tuna and other forms of crustaceans that we love as Dolphins and Whales.  In our own transcendence, becoming vegetarian was not as easy as for human form; we chose instead to move directly to subsisting through the breath.  Those children born unto us this year ahead will be the first generation to cease to eat anything once weaned from their mother’s milk.  And this is a grand accomplishment beloved.  In so doing, we no longer slaughter; as we no longer slaughter, humanity will cease to slaughter upon the battlefield.  Humanity is only our mirror.


For Lilliya and other humans in the inner earth, the choice to be purely vegetarian has sufficed to allow for the transition into the gold and silver tones of creation.  It is anticipated that all species upon earth including remaining non-map maker dolphins, whales and humans shall transit the gold and silver tones sometime around 2026.  After this point the consumption of flesh should cease planet wide.  Lilliya has expressed in other materials we generated last year that nature is choosing to make extinct those species that are raised purely for human consumption, including sheep, goats, cows, pigs and farmed fish.  As no species continues to exist that is raised for such a purpose, humans will have no choice but to turn to vegetation.  However as Lilliya have found, there is nothing lacking in such a choice as there are vegetables, nuts, grains and fruit that satisfy the needs of their continued biological ascent.  So this is so for them; so this is so for each.


For dolphins and whales, we have requested that the water of the sea make available unto us all nutrients necessary to support our continued ascent.  Sometimes such nutrients come through the waste of certain other species of fish that have altered their biochemistry to provide for us.  Sometimes such nutrients come through water herself as she provides for us the tones of creation we need to continue to ascend.  Sometimes such nutrients come direct through the light of the sun.  Much like ascending human skin, our skin is permeable allowing for both the absorption of nutrients through the water and the detoxification of that which we no longer require to subsist. 


We have also developed in our ascent patches upon our skin that are much like “freckles” in appearance but serve as manufacturing centers for certain vital nutrients to our health and well being.  As the sun hits the freckles, tones of creation are absorbed that allow certain vitamins and minerals to be manufactured.  It is for this reason that Lilliya recommend a 10-minute sun bath for ascending humans; the sun triggers the manufacturing of certain vitamins and minerals in the “freckles” of the skin.




Peace begins within.  How can one be at peace if one is slaughtering that which one consumes each day to subsist?  The slaughter of the animals for consumption begets the warfare slaughter upon the human battlefield beloved.  One has karma for slaughter, whether it be warfare karma, disease karma, or ultimately for the consumption of flesh.  As one releases such karma and forgives, there is an opportunity for a new dance to emerge.  As enough ascending humans cease to slaughter for food, peace upon earth will be the result.  One must begin by standing in peace in one’s own life dance; walking one’s talk; living one’s ascent; living those spiritual choices that support the whole of life upon earth and not simply that which is convenient.


The consumption of flesh also includes fish.  Many are under the misnomer that they can be vegetarian and eat fish.  Fish are still slaughtered; it is the act of slaughter that is associated with warfare.  This was a hard lesson for our species to come to understand as fish and crustaceans such as plankton were also slaughtered in our consumption.  How can we as a species take a stand for peace when in our everyday life we are at war with the fish and other kingdoms that we slaughter?  This was a hard lesson, but we have noticed that in our commitment to live from the breath of life rather than consumption of flesh that the potential war that humans have been moving towards has shifted in the direction of potential settlement through negotiation.  One must understand that the evolutionary level that we have attained affects the entire world dream, including the human dream.  As we do our part to create peace, then peace will be reflected back in the human dream.  So this is also so for ascending human initiates.


Therefore we invite you to examine where you are not at peace in your current human dance.  Are you still consuming flesh?  End the war upon the animal kingdoms and fish kingdoms.  Make a commitment to ascend out of such a dance.  Release the karma for how your ancestry fell into consuming flesh to subsist.  Commit to a vegetarian diet.


Are you at war with your brother, sister, mother, father, friend, teacher, spouse, ex-spouse, boss or child?  End the war beloved through forgiveness.  Forgiveness requires understanding your own ancestral cause in the dance between you.  What did your ancestor do that caused the experience in this lifetime with another that is so difficult?  Forgive your ancestor and yourself, and you will also forgive those that have seemingly harmed you in some manner in this life.  Let us along with our ancient ancestors intend peace with all relations:



Even if you have made peace with those in your current life dance, then where are you at unconscious war with others or other nations with other beliefs?  The expression of war is always a collective manifestation of not only the human species, but all species upon earth.  Where do you wish to unconsciously war upon others with other lifestyles or religions or beliefs?  Where do you still judge and not embrace another as simply another human living their life? 


All humans have lives.  All humans have friends, enemies, parents, siblings, spouses or lovers, children and a life story.  Humans in Baghdad have lives just like any other Western based human.  Even Saddham Huissane is a human with a life story.  Someone on vacation in Lilliya’s apartment complex voiced “Saddham Hussaine is like Hitler and should be annihilated!”  Beloved, Hitler had invaded and overrun many countries before Japan ever attacked Pearl Harbor invoking the US into the war.  And even so Hitler was a collective creation of the human, dolphin and whale unconscious desire to war, along with a reflection of the the collective unconscious barbarism of all of earth.  So this dance between the US and Iraq is a collective manifestation of the desire of humanity and all species upon earth to project their violence into human international affairs.  As the karma for the original cause is released, the dance can change.


What suddenly turns humans of different skin colors or religious beliefs into an enemy?  This is interesting karma and one that we would like to delve into so that those reading what we have shared may also transcend.  The Iraqi leader is just another one of oneself; the US President is just another one of oneself.  Each is a mirror through which one may internalize the reflection and choose to transcend the patterning observed that also occurred in one’s ancestry.  One will also have ancestors like each in the mirror; as one forgives one’s ancestors for being like the cast of characters one is observing, one ultimately forgives those in the mirror; it is only through forgiveness that the dance may change.




Long ago there were only red humans dancing upon earth, and pink to pearl skinned dolphins and whales.  Upon the arrival of the Annanuki, a blue-white skinned human appeared.  This blue-white human perceived itself superior to the red variety of human due to technological advancements and skin color.  The Annanuki invited other humans of yet other colors such as pink from Andromedas and yellow from Orion to come to earth; however due to parallel development of technology they perceived themselves as equals.  Only the red man was perceived as “tribal”, “stupid” and “an animal”.  The blue white breed of humans considered themselves superior to nature as well, and we dolphins and whales were only something to experiment upon, breed within laboratories, or use in theme parks not unlike your “Sea World” today.


The oppression of the red man carries on today in the land of Hawaii, Australia, and Africa along with S. America where those of indigenous inheritance are viewed as inferior.  However the Dolphins and Whales are here to state that it is the indigenous humans that are also ascending in greater numbers than any other as they have a direct ancestral link to magnetic biology that is resonant with earth.  For others with mixed inheritance that are say white with ancient red ancestry, or Asian with ancient red ancestry, ascension becomes more complicated, as one can ascend into radioactive biology that then will make one ill causing a rapid death rather than ascension into a regenerative form.  Therefore it may be the red indigenous populations that assert themselves into the future leading humanity back into an international dance of unity due to their own collective ascent into greater power.


The Anu slaughtered the red nations en mass in regions that they “preferred”, taking the land away.  This has repeated again and again throughout history, with the most recent occurrences in North America, Hawaii, Australia and Africa, generally also with large numbers of red nation people losing their lives.  This is also occurring in this moment with the desire of the US to overrun Iraq in the Middle East taking away the land and the oil therein.  As the karma is released for this type of dance, a new dream can begin to emerge in which war occurs not over resources or land acquisition.  Let us intend with our ancient ancestors:



Polarity brings about many dances; there are also red nation people in India, Tibet and the Middle East along with China and Japan that have not lost their land to the white man; however there is equal disdain for the white man as the white man has held for the red man within their own nations, perceiving themselves as superior to those in the West.  The Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan and Indian People along with those who are Muslim in Arabic countries are not above an equal level of superiority and arrogance as the white human in their power, wealth and glory of leadership.


One Arabic student of Lilliya witnessed how those from India were treated as non-human and used as cheap labor in his country of the United Arab Emirates.  This is an example of how the Arabs in this country believe themselves superior to those who have emigrated from India.  Certain red nations also perceive itself superior to all other red nations along with the West; and so it goes beloved.  It is the arrogance and “better than” thought-form that ultimately leads to war; for those of another race, nation or gender can become “less than human”.  In being less than human, they can be slaughtered en mass and no one complains; the warrior feeling justified in the arrogance to slaughter that which is inferior or non-human upon the battlefield.  So we see this also occurring between the Jews and Arabs in the region known as Israel.  The only way out is to release the karma for arrogance allowing a new dance of equality amongst humans and nations to be born.  As equality is born, one cannot slaughter another, as all will be viewed as human and worthy of their life, health and well-being.


We as dolphins and whales have also viewed the tuna and crustaceans that we eat as inferior to ourselves in consciousness.  It is only as another is considered inferior that slaughtering the other is acceptable.  Such is the nature of the perceived “food chain” that humans, dolphins and whales alike participate in.  However it is also ultimately the thought-form behind warfare and disease.  No human is of less value to any other; no species of less than status; all are God Goddess in form.  As the karma for how some groups of humans became considered less than human to others is released in full, the human dream will change and world peace will then be attained.  As the karma for how dolphins and whales along with plants animals and minerals have become considered inferior, unity amongst all species shall be born.  Let us intend together:



The Anu consumed flesh upon arrival upon earth.  The red nations were vegetarian and looked upon such cultural habits as inferior.  “Do they not know not to eat flesh, that eating flesh is barbaric?  Barbarism leads to barbaric behavior that causes human to kill human”.  This understanding the red nation knew from their history upon Sirius and retained a vegetarian diet up until through the first nuclear annihilation after which the consumption of flesh was required in order to survive.  This lead to a red superiority and arrogance towards the blue blooded Annanuki and their friends form Orion and Andromedas.  The red superiority was founded upon spirituality and spiritual understanding; the white superiority upon technology.  Today many red nations also feel superior due to spiritual understanding.


We as Dolphins and Whales admit that we too fell into the dance of superiority over humanity; for we too perceive ourselves as having more spiritual awareness than even the seeming greatest of spiritual leader in human form and upon the physical plane.  In our own arrogance, we could be unconsciously used.  For those who are inferior can be slaughtered.  We could slaughter the fish and crustaceans in the ocean for food; humanity could also be slaughtered to extinction through their own warfare through our unconscious intent.  It was in the arrogance that we were used to push the thought-form of extinction upon the collective human species; it was also through such thought-form that we contributed to human warfare both in present time and in the past.  We are learning from our mistakes, and are focused upon transcending our own arrogance to allow for an understanding of equality to emerge between humans, dolphins and whales.  As we are embracing humans as equals, we are no longer subject to being used to facilitate human dissonance.  Let us intend together:


Human sociologists in the past century in the West in particular have taken strides to understand other cultures.  If the current leadership is not interested in such things, the misunderstanding between cultures can lead to a war between nations.  Each culture has its style; what may be acceptable in one culture is not in another.  What may be acceptable in the Middle East in leadership in the form of the Iraq dictator may not be acceptable in the Western white world of the United States.  If one understands not the culture, one will judge; and in the judgment find excuses to consider oneself superior, and if superior enough consider the other less than human and worthy of slaughter through warfare.


This is ancient karma re-enacting itself beloved.  Merduk and Innana (Aphrodite/Venus and Hades) came to the same dance in their own life expression, and it lead to nuclear annihilation.  Merduk was an Annanuki by birth, but half Reptilian in nature as his mother came from Alpha Centauri.  Innana found Merduk barbaric and harsh in comparison to her pure Pleiadian inheritance.  One can think of the problems of Innana and Merduk as a lack of understanding of one another; they had different DNA that created a different life dance, and the differences caused one to judge the other.  Over time the harshness of Merduk was exaggerated by their life extension practices, which included the consumption of blood from red, slave and other Pleiadian sources along with the consumption of flesh from the sea.  As this occurred, Innana judged Merduk to a point of whishing to desecrate him (believed him so inferior that he should be slaughtered and die.)


The consumption of flesh caused both Merduk and Innana to fall into barbarism.  Merduk consumed flesh in his life extension practices from the beginning, raising certain species in the laboratory and consuming them to provide the nutrients necessary to his goal of immortality.  So this also was so for Innana who resorted to also eating flesh from the sea after 7,000 years of age, but due to failing health.  The fish provided the nutrients to repair her form; however she also fell into consumption thought-form thereafter.   One can think of the war that Merduk and Innana fell into as the result of the barbarism associated with the consumption of flesh; ultimately if one slaughters another species, one will also in time slaughter another human along with oneself; such is the nature of cause and effect.


At first and as the war between the two began, much like playing a game of chess, Merduk and Innana assembled groups of slaves that would war upon one another under their guidance.  Innana and Merduk would monitor the battlefields from their spacecraft, commanding the captains and lieutenants from above.  Merduk eventually bred a group of slaves that was more barbaric than any others; indeed these slaves were both white and red in skin color, and held not feelings; only the desire to destroy and lash out at others.  As these slaves matured, he won and won and won each battle against Innana causing her to retrench into the hinterland. 


The battles between Innana and Merduk became the ongoing source of entertainment for the remaining Annanuki family, who took sides over who was going to win.  None of the Annanuki thought that Merduk might sacrifice all of earth for the ultimate “win”.  Eventually Innana cornered Merduk into one of his own pyramids and locked him therein.  She was going to kill him, or leave him to starve and die a long agonizing death.  The family convinced Innana to release Merduk and make peace, bringing an end to their nonsense.  And so she did.


What was not anticipated was that Merduk would get even at all costs.  He launched two nuclear bombs so large that it desecrated 1/3 of earth’s overall surface.  Mt. Olympus sank drowning the remaining Anu.  Innana took off in a craft home for the Pleiades where she was diagnosed as irreparable and chose euthanasia to end her life.  Merduk chose to commit suicide by flying his spacecraft into the planet known as Mars creating a giant crater and ending his life in a fiery explosion.


The battle between Innana and Merduk has caused the battle between the east and the west again and again in human history.  Because the original cause was between one of Reptilian nature and one of Pleiadian nature, so the dance continues, cause and effect simply reenacting itself over and over again.  The East or those of Indian, Middle Eastern Chinese, Korean, Tibetan, Thai, Philippine and Japanese inheritance also carry Reptilian and Sirian Red DNA.  The West that is primarily white carries Gray and Pleiadian DNA.  The Grays have warred recurrently upon the Reptilians predisposing the East and West to war upon one another as a genetic state of being.  Furthermore, the Pleiadians and Sirians have warred upon one another recurrently throughout Sirian third dimensional history, further predisposing the East and West in present time to war with one another.  The only choice has been to uncover the original cause and for enough ascending humans to forgive the cause so that the human dream can move away from warfare towards a new era of peace and unity instead.




How does the current turn of world events parallel the above karma between the Anu?  Symbolically Innana and the Pleiadians are represented by the US, Britain, Canada and Australia in the current dance; Merduk is symbolically represented by Iraq and the Middle East.  There are also those that much like the Annanuki family are entertained by the world events and shall attempt to use the war for profit and gain.  There are also those willing to go to war for their Gods such as the US, British, Canadian and Aussie Military, along with those in the East willing to take a stand at all cost for their God or the Iraqi people.  These are symbolic of the slaves that would go to war upon the battlefields under the guidance of Innana and Merduk.


There are also those taking a stand against war such as leadership in China, Russia, France and Germany along with Sweden, Norway, Austria and Switzerland.  The fact that many Western based nations are taking a stand against war is the result of the fact that most collective human warfare karma has already been released, allowing another dance to and dream to begin.  This is a good sign from the point of view of the Dolphin and Whale species that this war may be very limited or offset completely through negotiations.


What is not anticipated by any is that the one who is symbolic of Merduk (Iraqi leader) again would strike out at all costs and create a potential nuclear annihilation that could affect the entire world out of the belief that he has nothing to lose, much like Merduk himself at the end of his life.  The US in their war outside of UN agreement is pushing the Iraqi leader into a corner, siLilliyar to Innana cornering Merduk in the pyramid.


How do we resolve this conflict?  One intends to release the associated karma in our individual ancestries; and as enough with such ancestry release the karma, the dream will change and a new dance will unfold in which war need not occur and resolution through negotiation may be fulfilled upon.  Each reading this material will have ancestry associated with the Annanuki or Merduk and Innana, or their slaves and warfare slaves, along with the Red Race.  Each has ancestry that has been involved in the rift between the East and the West and the ultimate nuclear disaster that caused each fall in consciousness for humanity and all of earth.  Each can turn inward now and forgive their ancestors for participating in such a dance, and assist in so doing in altering the dream for humanity.  Let us intend together with our ancient ancestors:



Dolphins and whales have their own history of warfare.  Prior to the collapsing ice shields, there was only a fresh water pink to opal colored dolphins and whales upon earth that were gentle and magnetic in nature and seeded by Sirian Scientists some 300,000 years ago (1.2 million human years).  They were seeded at the time of the creation of the ice shields.  We were seeded to be conscious and sentient beings that were to be guardians of earth and assist earth in her future ascension.  The magnetic variety of dolphin and whale was overrun over time by the blue, gray and black varieties that were electrical and barbaric in nature and seeded by the Pleiadians.  The Pleiadian scientists following the collapsing of your iced shields and the creation of your oceans seeded the blue, gray and black varieties of dolphins and whales to assist in holding the electrical sacred geometry necessary to their own goal of immortality.


As the Pleiadian varieties of dolphin and whales were introduced, sometimes they hunted down the few remaining pink-opal varieties for dinner; some pink-opal varieties were mated with creating intermixed lineages, sometimes the mating itself was a brutal act of rape between the two.  So our own ascension records have revealed.  We too have scarring as a result of such things that impact the dance between our species, and between the males and females within our pods.  Through the act of forgiveness, we are bringing an end to our own warfare and energetic brutality within the pods of the map carving dolphins and whales.


In a recent Great Central Sun Transmission, Lilliya called attention to a BBC document that was filmed showing a black killer whale hunting down the baby whale of another species, consuming its brain in the end.  The entire episode was captured on film and later released upon public television in a series known as “The Deep Blue”.  This type of brutality is directly related to the karma between the Pleiadian and electrical variety of whale and the magnetic pink-opal variety of whale that preceded their presence upon earth.  Much as this particular incident, pink and opal varieties of dolphins and whales were hunted down and killed by black, grey and blue dolphins and whales.  Sometimes the brain was consumed as they were after the genetic information.  The map carvers have since released this karma and anticipate not such an expression into the future as a result.


It was the brutality of our species that became polarized into the unconscious; then our own unconscious brutality was polarized into human physical existence causing human warfare.  Human warfare then expressed our own disowned brutality as a species.  Now that we are reclaiming and releasing our own brutal thought-form and nature, and transcending and transmuting such thought-form, our contribution to human warfare is coming to an end.  It is coming to an end through forgiveness.  We ask each reading this piece not only to forgive oneself and one’s ancestry for your own brutal dance, but also to forgive our species for being used and manipulated in this manner.  Let us intend together:



Today there are few ancestries directly associated with the pink-opal varieties of dolphins and whales remaining; however in calling forward our ancient ancestries, we too are ascending into the associated magnetic form from ancient times.  So this is also so for humans who are ascending into their ancient red magnetic genetics from Sirius.  We too have had to look at how certain dolphin or whale pods have viewed themselves as superior and warred upon other pods by hoarding resources or hoarding regions in the ocean that were sheltered and provided enough food.  The different varieties of dolphins and whales have not always worked in total harmony with one another.  This too is changing due to the conscious intent to release the associated karma, allowing each of our species and all varieties therein to find peace with one another.


At this time, the human slaughter of our species continues.  This is a mirror of yet more karma, perhaps associated with human-dolphin-whale relations that has yet to be uncovered and released.  And so we are continuing to seek out records from ancient times that will better allow us to understand our ancestors experiences so that the karma can be released, and new relations between us can be formed.  Those dolphins and whales hunted for food in Japan or other regions upon earth sacrifice themselves and clear karma at the same time.  Perhaps their ancestries hold direct link to the creation of warfare in the human dream, and are therefore liable for the deaths of thousands of humans upon the battlefields.  In the death at human hands the karma is settled.




There are always two ways to settle karma.  One can experience the opposing dance, and if there is brutality involved, then the brutal experience that one’s ancestry caused another to experienced is experienced in present time.  One may also come to understand the lesson that any brutal act would teach through ancestral research and the conscious choice to forgive; through the forgiveness, one wipes the slate of cause and effect clear, and one need not experience the dance in present time having come to understand the spiritual lesson through ascension.  So this is so for our kingdom; so this is also for yours.


As enough humans, dolphins and whales forgive, those associated with our ancestry in a holographic sense will need not experience such travesties or brutality again.  So this is so for the brutality upon human battlefields; as enough humans forgive, such forms of brutality shall cease.  It only requires a few to forgive; however all pieces of karma and all experiences must be accounted for in order for this to be so.


In the falling consciousness and fraying of DNA of all species upon earth, lineages also became frayed.  In the fraying such lineages lost records as to what occurred in the given associated lifetimes.  So this is so for Dolphins, Whales and humans alike.  As the records were lost, the karma could not be accounted for.  It is the unaccounted records that continue to cause the brutal experiences for our species as well as mankind, as karma cannot be released until it is tallied.  As the lineages are recovered in the act of ascension, then the records can be accounted for, the karma tallied, and then forgiven by those who are consciously aware of the process of ascension.  As each piece is recovered in a particular line of ancestry all of the way back in time to the original seeding upon earth, then the entire ancestry can be accounted for, and all karma forgiven.


For humans, one must tally back only 50,000 to 75,000 years (200,000 to 300,000 human years) the total karma for one’s inheritance.  Dolphins and whales were seeded upon earth as the Sirian scientists manufactured the ice shields some 300,000 years ago (1.2 million human years).  Therefore we have much more ancestral experience to account for in order to clear our tapestries all the way back in time to the point of seeding upon earth.  We also may have karma with Sirian humans that affect our relationship to humanity upon earth today.  This is now what we are focused upon so that the karma between our species and yours can be released in full and peace between dolphins, whales and humans may be born.  Let us intend together with our ancient ancestors:



For ascending humans, you have been focused for more than two years now upon piecing together all collective warfare and disease karma so that it can be understood and released.  It came to be understood within recent months that collective disease karma has to be released in full in order for war karma to conclude.  Why is this so?  Disease is an internalized war that originated in some cases due to the loss of genetic materials and nuclear radiation associated with nuclear warfare.


Therefore disease itself is an expression that resulted partially due to war, and therefore if left unreleased in the collective human unconscious would call war to be expressed in the physical yet again.  We see this as the underlying reason for the US-Middle East standoff; nuclear poisoning karma that failed to be released last year.  As such karma is released, a reconciliation and peace through negotiation may be the outcome instead of war.  Let us intend together:



Many may think “How can I contribute to creating world peace?”  One contributes by choosing to ascend and release their ancestral karma for disease and war.  One can also contribute by gathering with others with like focus to create global change such as events like International Ascension Conference.  For some, this may include taking a stand for world peace or against dolphin and whale slaughter.  For yet others, the simple choice to ascend and release the personal karma in one’s ancestry is enough of a contribution.


We thank you for joining us in these global intentions.  Many may underestimate the power of one’s intent.  One’s intent can alter the course of one’s own life creations.  The intent to release karma can offset the outcome that may create a travesty in one’s life experience.  The intent to create global peace if voiced by enough with ascending fields will have the ability to alter the course of world history.  This has already been demonstrated beloved in the current confusion that the international political scene is in.  Let us push the confusion one step further towards settlement through negotiation, and attempt to offset this potential world war.


Our species will continue to share our perceptions as fellow ascending initiates upon the spiritual path of ascension.  This has always been the goal of the Dolphin and Whale Transmissions, and shall continue to be into the future.  Our temporary respite from voicing our truth through Lilliya was only to allow for the transcendence of karma of our species along with yours.


May we each assume full responsibility for all original cause in our individual and collective inheritances.  May we each transcend and forgive.  May we come to a state of peace and learn to live in unity and honor with one another.  This is our dream and goal.  Perhaps it will also become yours.


Until our next communication,


The Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms


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